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Lol Good luck with that  8) ;D ;)

General Discussion / Re: Capture Card Recommendations
« on: 03:10 AM - 01/05/17 »
Elgato HD60 S , works great with XBOX One S and ASUS VG248QE 24 , no issues

Game Support / Re: Titanfall 2
« on: 10:34 AM - 11/02/16 »
When Titinfall 2ST will be available? Does anyone know?

General Discussion / Re: can we rename XIM4 ?
« on: 06:16 PM - 01/25/16 »
This is a good feature request. Some OS's allow you to rename paired BT names, but, the issue is (as you've may have found) that Manager won't find the pairing record if the name is changed. Once we get the latest RC to Gold (thank you for testing it!), we look come back and look at features like this.

Thank you so much OBsIV

General Discussion / Can We Rename XIM4 ?
« on: 05:52 PM - 01/25/16 »
i have 2 XIM4 in my house one is using my Friend and second  me,
 when im searching on my pc for my XIM4 it gives me 4 XIM4,
what im thinking, can we get an option actual in XIM4 software to rename our XIM4 , when we will search for XIM it will give as a name XIM4 Downstairs , or XIM4 office,
its hard to guess when im pairing XIM4
, and it always giving me 4 XIM4 when my friend is playing and 2 when im only using XIM4

im using latest Firmware and Manager

General Discussion / Re: CSGO now on XBONE.
« on: 12:15 PM - 01/21/16 »
That's cool , can wait to try it out :-) thank you for a great news

Beta / Re: XIM4 Firmware 20160104 (Feedback)
« on: 07:36 AM - 01/10/16 »
Amazing, smooth on COD:BO3 , no issues, everything is great,

Wireless, or @#$%.
Same mouse but they added RGB Lights that's it I think

G303 smaller, I think

Beta / Re: Need feedback for 20151222 RC
« on: 09:59 PM - 12/29/15 »
No issues at all  Android 4.3, XBOX ONE, upgraded everything works great.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: PS3 on XBOX ONE
« on: 02:23 PM - 12/11/15 »
Yes, you will always need an authentication controller connected for the console you are using.

Thank you Mist I will come home and will try it after I'm done working

I haven't done it but I would think that it pairs like the Nav does. Attach the DS3 to your XIM4 into either port 1 or port 2, press the P button on your XIM4, press the PS button on your DS3, remove the cable when pairing is complete.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: PS3 on XBOX ONE
« on: 02:15 PM - 12/11/15 »
Do I need my Xbox One controller plugged as usual ? Can you explain me how wirelessly ds3 works with xim4 ? I'm just trying this thing for my GF she doesn't like Xbox One controllers ,

XIM 4 Discussions / PS3 on XBOX ONE
« on: 05:56 PM - 12/10/15 »
How to use ps3 controller on XBOX One, I need your help guys

Is this going to turn into a discussion about bringing back Standard Translators?
  nice one, hahahahah, people will always complain , no matter how hard you work to make it better.

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