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the remote play downgrade the resolution or the fps ?

is better play on ps4 version or buy a beloader ? input lag is low or consistet ?

XIM APEX Discussions / i have a question ps4 game on ps5
« on: 05:04 AM - 12/29/21 »
Hello guys ,
i can play call of duty vanguard ps4 version on ps5  with xim apex ? ( no beloader)

and a second question is... beloader have a input lag?

thanks you all , and happy new years :)

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Xim apex dpi
« on: 09:24 PM - 11/26/21 »
Im older xim player and ....
For me 80% game feel best with 12000dpi ( no more no less )
Sometime have a exception , exemple cold war ( i use 4200dpi )
But generaly 12k feel best.

The importante point is the sensor of your mouse , optical ( hero , 3363 and steelserirs sensor )

My best mouse is the g502 hero and steelseries rival 600

Regard you :)

XIM APEX Discussions / Where i can purchase beloader?
« on: 01:09 AM - 11/25/21 »
Is avaiable the new adapter for ps5 beloader?

Black fridey is best moment for buy new mouse for my apex.

Best mouse (best sensor) for xim apex today?

Offerta: Logitech G PRO Mouse Gaming, Sensore HERO 25K, 25.600 DPI, RGB, Ultraleggero, Progettato ‎per eSport, 6 Pulsanti Programmabili, Memoria Integrata, PC/Mac/Laptop - Nero https://www.amazon.it/dp/B07L9FJS98/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_i_dl_E7B5508QPF70MH37XEE3?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

battlefield require dualsense or is playable with xim apex?

and is possible in the next week an update of xim apex for ps5 support ?

Cod vanguard is playable ps4 version on ps5?

Battlefield work with apex on ps5 ( 3d part controller) ?or no?

XIM APEX Discussions / I need new mouse for apex on ps5
« on: 11:03 AM - 02/13/21 »
My g502SE is broke.

Today , i need the best mouse for xim apex

No price problem , i need the best mouse , with the best sensor .

Thanks for the cooperarion

Beta / good configuration for black ops on ps5 ?
« on: 06:28 AM - 12/21/20 »
now with the beta is possible use the apex on ps5 games

share your config (hip ads ballistic curve ) and your mouse , dpi and polling rate for best feeling on bocw PS5 version

this is mine but i'm not 100% sothisfing :

g502 1000hz 12000 dpi

bocw ps4 ST

hip 14
ads 4.5

no ballistic
default Sync.

good job Team for the ps5 support :)

i use the hori mini, polling rate with my g502 ?  is best 500 or 1000?

Those having initialization issues. Can you try plugging your 3rd party controller directly into your XIM APEX (no hub) and tell us if things initialize correctly (i.e. you get the green init lights)?

with the nacon compat controller same problem , with and witout

with the nacon compat controller same problem , with and witout

yes confirm , the compat nacon controller dont work :(

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