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XIM 4 Discussions / Re: I want my money back!
« on: 03:28 PM - 08/14/14 »
The reason to get a XIM is if you predominately enjoy Keyb + M over controllers.

I played a lot of Counter Strike series over a very long period in my life that shaped my preference towards Keyb + M.

Play what makes you feel comfortable. If you feel more comfortable using controllers, then continue using them.

It's even better to have preference for controllers over Keyb+M, cause you won't have to depend on a specialized hardware like XIM to be able to enjoy competitive FPS gaming on consoles.

I just want to make sure before placing an order on amazon (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00DVFLJDS/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_?ie=UTF8&psc=1)

Also, when is iOS version coming (approximate time)?

many thanks in advance

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: any one using an iogear kvm switch
« on: 09:25 PM - 08/10/14 »
I have both types of IOGear switches, the hub and passive versions. I can confirm that the hub version doesn't work with XIM3.

So I didn't even bother trying it with Xim4 and currently using the passive IOGear switch with my XIM4.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Micro USB cable?
« on: 06:01 PM - 07/28/14 »
You need a usb to micro usb for xbox one controller to xim4 and usb to mini usb for ps3 and ps4 controller to xim4. And xim4 comes with its own usb to micro usb for xim4 to console.

PS4 controller is micro usb (not mini usb).

I use my Xbox One controller micro usb cable on my PS4 controller.

then thats maybe no longer possible
anyhow the store will fix this for you since you wrote a ticket :)
Many thanks!, yes, the support just replied and corrected the address! (that was super fast response)

abd summarized it quite nicely ;)

contact the store http://xim4.com/about/contact-us

or edit the order in your orders page https://store.xim4.com/myaccount.asp

EDIT: many thanks!, the store support just replied to my ticket and corrected the address!  :)

Is it possible to update the shipping address of an order that is already placed? If so, how?

I just placed an overnight order and made a small mistake when entering the shipping address that I would like to correct.

many thanks in advance

XIM 4 Discussions / USB 2.0 Hub
« on: 01:02 PM - 07/25/14 »
Does anyone know if I could hookup a USB 2.0 hub to XIM4 instead of directly hooking up the keyb + m?

I have a USB switcher (to switch my keyb+m between my Windows & Linux PCs), and was wondering if I could use that with XIM4.

The switcher supports 4 PCs (4 USB cables comes off of it and goes to 4 different PCs) and acts like a simple hub where it allows sharing a USB keyb+m across those 4 different PCs.

Would be really helpful if I could use that with XIM4, so I was wondering if anyone knows whether or not this is possible.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Destiny Alpha [PS4]
« on: 02:02 PM - 06/14/14 »
I bought the game from PSN but didn't get the invite code yet

pre-ordering will be open on Friday April 4 12:00am EST 

This is great news!
lol, I'm just using April 4 as an example to get my point across.

Like say announcing pre-ordering will be open on Friday April 4 12:00am EST at least a day or two before April 4?

i.e. like when Apple announces when pre-ordering will be open to give somewhat a heads up for early adopters to purchase their products as soon as they go on sale.

The first batch will be in the 5 figure range. There will be enough for everyone (at a decent price) if you want to pay 5x retail I will gladly send you mine with a thank you note inside.
I'd take it you'd be okay if xim team does this?

Also, guys chill, I'm just saying this is applicable only if they run into shortages.

Don't worry, I'll be fake "group ordering" a high number of XIMs and selling them on eBay once the initial batch runs out
Yes, thank you. That's exactly what I am suggesting would combat.

It also, won't harm anyone. Taking out 50 pieces out of 1000 and selling them at higher price won't impact anyone.

I'm not saying it would be expensive for everyone. It would just be like say if xim team manufactured 5 pre-order batches, they put 4 of them first on sale at normal price and keep just one aside at 5x the price.

The more batches that come after those 5 would go at normal price (i.e. nobody would be harmed)

This would just give the "option" to pick one from the expensive batch for those who wish to get it early if there is high demand. So everyone wins.

Also, if this expensive batch runs out, xim team could keep another batch aside (just one batch) as well until the shortages are no longer an issue. So this is only applicable at the very beginning when there is high demand. And nobody hopefully would be harmed because of this.

Like say keeping only one batch of xim4 at say 5x the original price.

It won't impact early adopters that pay normal price, but it would simply give the "option" to pick a xim4 from this expensive batch for those who wants to get it early but didn't manage to pre-order it in time.

Also, this might potentially deter people buying a lot of xim4 just to put it up on eBay.

I've seen a lot of concepts similar to this on kickstarter like special thank you edition, prestige edition, etc.., they offer exactly the same product as the normal one, but it just comes with a silly note inside the box saying "thank you", or something like that.

So what do you guys think? Would you feel ok if xim team does that for people that don't mind paying extra to ensure getting one early?

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