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Sony and MS need an app that overrides game setting. Need to be able to set our own deadzone, curve, deadzone shape, etc..

Nah I @#$% hate Treyarch. They aren't good devs at all. A good studio wouldn't fill 3 games to the brim with 3 lane rinse and repeat maps. They just don't get it. I honestly can't think of another game that spawns you where the fuk ever on a team based mode. Also consistently flipping spawns is a recipe for disaster on a 3 lane linear map.

Look at this effortless flow around the map. You don't get this with 3 lane linear maps.
You'll never capture this type of flow from a Treyarch game

Lucky for us the mfer who made this map and understands this is heading mp development at IW. Also made comparable maps in Titanfall 1 and 2.

Of course it's garbage. When has Treyarch done anything remotely positive in the PVP aspect of COD? They rode the backs of IW and once they were gone the originality was lost. Treyarch became the influencers and rode this franchise into the dirt.

No gameplay?

Game Support / Re: Battlefield V Beta ST?
« on: 12:43 PM - 09/08/18 »
How long does it take to release an ST AFTER release in November?

Couple of days. BF1 will work fine if they correct the bug. The panzerfaust feels great using the BF1 ST.

Not going to get excited until next year. Guy who created Backlot, Crash, Strike, Pipeline and a whole bunch more is now Multiplayer Design Director at IW. Notice how the maps i listed arent dog crap 3 lane linear maps like treyarch makes. They all are very different from one another.

Game Support / Re: Battlefield V Beta ST?
« on: 05:47 PM - 09/06/18 »
Bf1 st feels great with the panzerfaust. Aim is broken when you use anything else. Lame devs aren't responding.

Tweet https://mobile.twitter.com/tiggr_

Flood him with tweets

Game Support / Re: Battlefield V Beta ST?
« on: 10:06 PM - 09/05/18 »
Easily the most broken thing in the game. Whatever spiderman is almost out...fuk this beta.

Game Support / Re: Battlefield V Beta ST?
« on: 04:58 PM - 09/04/18 »
I can't really say if it sucks or not when ADS is all @#$%. Grand operation sucks compared to orignal though.

@#$% Activision.

Wait...where is this generic st? Might be nice for super mega baseball

Nvm had to update got it now

General Discussion / Re: Black Ops 4 beta
« on: 08:26 PM - 08/04/18 »
Treyarch sucks. The only glimmer of hope this franchise has is that a handful of ex IW devs are back. One of which is now leading MP design.

in the new jack frags video he mentions something about a setting that disables a rendering feature to allow true raw input which BF1 didn't have. Wonder if they'll have this option on console.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Fortnite new Update
« on: 05:42 PM - 05/31/18 »
What's good about the update? I may reinstall and try the game out again. The aim assist was outrageous so i dropped it.

General Discussion / Re: Battlefield V Reveal
« on: 12:18 AM - 05/24/18 »
Apperently the max regen health changes after you take some damage. Not sure that's a good idea.

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