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I LOVE PainKILLER! Me and my sis are SOOOO LOOKING FORWARD to a smart translator on this and SOOO hoping! O PLEASE! YAY! ;D ;D ;D

I have just seen on xbox a game that is a HUGE computer classic. BUT a remake! Yes painkiller is on xbox and I was wondering if we will get a new Smart Translator for it? I am REALLY excited about this and would love to hear about it. And second... I am wondering if Xim, the company is doing ok? Is there still a huge demand for keyboard mouse adpt? I really NEVER want to see this company go and would like to know if they will be leaving soon. Money is short and I am worried about a great thing going away. Thank you xim for all you do!

O WOW! I LOVE IT!  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

I NEVER KNEW! I got 3 xim3 for my xboxs but NEVER USED A SMART TRANSLATOR! OMG!  ;D

Now that im using my xim3 to it's full Potential I have 1 HUGE question if U don't mind? :P

I was going thru the list of games that you get with the translator and on a form of official supported games and noticed I don't have CLOSE to the list on the program.

Do you know where to download more Translators?

And lastly THANK YOU XIM3 and all you programers. I am really happy for what you do. So many hours of work is VERY much appreciated.  :D

If you could link where to download more Translators I would be SOOO HAPPY! Thank you much!   

 I really need help on this. I know there is smart translators and they are awesome! But 1 problem. I don't have a clue how OR where to get them!  :P

 I really searched this web site EVERYWHERE to find a place to download them, but just cant find them! Is it a file? Or is it like a sheet command I have to enter into my xim3?  ???

 I NEVER had got one yet so I have NO clue what to do. Can someone point me to the right direction? Im looking for left 4 dead 2 smart translator. If you can. Can you post a link to it? Thank you very much for the help! ;D

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