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General Discussion / Re: Battlefield 3
« on: 08:20 AM - 10/15/11 »
It was the same thing when Steam first came out, Valve forced users to use their software.

competition = good!

so you think its good to be forced to use a bunch of different stupid apps for each game to be able to play it? by the way: dont forget the EA Origin license agreement. this software is a full spyware application that collects data like ALL hardware and software information you installed on your computer AND EA is everytime able to turn off your origin account with ALL the games you bought on it

no buddy, there is absolutley nothing good about this

General Discussion / Re: Battlefield 3
« on: 04:02 PM - 09/29/11 »
now there is nothing working on xbox and ea servers now. cant connect to EA server. well, i got BF3 for PC as well and i can confirm, that caspian boarder kicks @#$% compared to metro. but dont think that they will provide caspian while open beta period on consoles because 24 players will not make much fun on a 64/64 map

General Discussion / Re: BF3 vs MW3
« on: 07:01 AM - 09/21/11 »
comparison? i never really hooked up in battlefield games but in BF3 you at least can see innovation, extremly good graphics, real life like animations, destroyable buildings, very good sound atmosphere and incredible fighscenes .... MW3 instead is just the next same CoD copy like every year. *CoD Fanboy shitstorm incoming 3 ... 2 ... 1"

racing games = gamepad. sure. when playing racing games on pc i use the xbox360 controller on pc/windows

Die Amis schielen mit Argwohn auf diesen teutonischen Thread. Sie mögen es nicht wenn zu viele Krauts sich hier einnisten

its never 112€ custom fees. its "just" around 20% of complete payment (xim3 + shipping) depends on eu country. also note for germany: EVERYTHING that passes the boarders into germany FROM OUTSIDE EU gets first into the international airport and customs at frankfurt am main! absolutely EVERYTHING gets through the screening first and the customs pick out then packages randomly. notes like "gift" doesnt care them, they even let them look closer to the package. so pls dont use "gift" if its not a gift with a small value. customs arent dumb, they screen the package and see something that looks like a smartphone and never believe the small value or they just type in "xim3" in google and the first target is this homepage here with the exact value/xim3 price. USPS ships to germany, at germany DHL takes over and DHL doesnt ship international packages direct to your home they first need to wait till german customs free the package or not. if your package went through straight to you then you were just luckily because your package went through the customs without beeing picked out randomly. the chances are 50:50 ;)

well .. now there shouldnt be any expensive xim3 offers on ebay anymore soon lol

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: RDR ST and GTAIV
« on: 02:28 PM - 04/24/11 »
I've never really heard anyone comment on wanting a remake of RDR

i did  :P

there is no comparison to ST's for blops, mw2 and so on for example. the RDR ST is really crappy. also its confusing me that it seems like the RDR ST works with GTA4 even better than with RDR itself. there is some kind of big delay.

a friend of mine even thinks about to sell his xim3 again because he just bought the xim3 because of RDR and GTA4 and i play RDR with controller again as well

this video shows: worst programmed hitboxes ever

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: Controller vs. Keyboard and mouse
« on: 05:53 AM - 04/04/11 »
pro controller player vs. pro k/m player = 0:1

controllers are just more inacurate than k/m because of technical facts. deadzone, low acceleration/turn speeds etc. with mice you can targeting with your whole hand, the desk simulates 1:1 the screen so you can directly aim on the fly where you want while with the right stick you have to push indirectly the crosshair through the whole screen first to get to the target. its about milliseconds and seconds but this milliseconds decide between life and death. play with controller any FPS shooter on PC (you can use your xbox360 controller on windows systems as well) and youll have absolutely no chance against most of k/m players

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: Next Gen Gaming Systems
« on: 01:49 PM - 03/28/11 »
thats right. i prefer a game like RDR for its genius gameplay and story than a techdemo without "soul". but for me its not just about graphics. its about technology. means physics, cpu/AI, memory. with better technology youre able to develop games that offer much more possibilities in gameplay.

without increasing hardware technology we would still playing tetris  :D

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: Next Gen Gaming Systems
« on: 04:58 AM - 03/28/11 »

back to the one's who have brains topic:

yes of course the GPU of the consoles are lame atm and will only get worst in the future... but it is also true that crysistech are almost the only one's who can achieve to work consoles to near 100%. Plus you do realize that a new console would mean game devs to update their work and that my friend for the momento would spell apocalypse for M$ and Sony. it comes down to this, you want:

- new consoles without more than 3 new games a year
- old consoles with a few hundred new games a year

it's this simple.
and don't take it from me, just gather official MS and Sony statements about the matter.

just for the one thing about crysis before: that isnt right. nearly all actual multiplatform games (especially) since GTA4 reached the hardware limits of the consoles. just need to compare to the pc systems (for a good example even crysis2). all multiplatform games got much better scaled textures on PC compared to the console version, much more view distance, physics, details, there is AA/AF AND there are no limits to the frames per seconds while for example more and more games are limited to 30 frames per second on consoles. dont forget 720p only stuff. console games are already limited since few years that knows everyone who play games on an always actual pc system. why should developers extremly downgrade their games for consoles if they dont reach the "real power of an console"? there is no power, consoles are outdated since few years

what youre telling is truth, its an main issue of console systems and thats why the next generation of consoles should be completely changed. they need to be upgradable but not that "difficult" like on pc with 982752934 different configuration possibilities because a lot cant handle with it. just hardware and firmware like youre today already able to change the harddisk. you can for example upgrade the CPU/Graphics Unit by "plug & play" princip, the firmware downloads automaticly or whatelse and game developers can offer for those one more graphics/physics by options. M$ and Sony should develop a system that combines the advantages of an PC system and consoles but if i think more about it i more and more think that there is no future for consoles if they stay like they are. M$ and Sony definetly need to change. sitting in front of the TV and playing with controllers? i can do the same with a pc as well. in way better scale, graphics, details and possibilities, not just gaming and i even dont need a big pc towser with tons of cables, just an high end gaming notebook

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: Crisis2 Fun Factor
« on: 05:44 PM - 03/26/11 »
The autoexec.cfg file you refer to, is that something already in the system or do you create it?

you create it yourself, just a notepad file ... you insert commands like

g_battleDust_enable = 1

and save the file as autoexec.cfg and put it into the main folder of crysis2. then you start the game and enjoy. you also can open the console ingame while playing and write down those commands. every day there are more and more commands in mod/3d tweak communities

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: Next Gen Gaming Systems
« on: 09:44 PM - 03/25/11 »
... and you say the consoles are outdated?

they are. definetly. especially in 5 years. dont get me wrong, i use myself a xbox360 and like to play exclusive titles but your post is just console fanboy yelling. there already are few game developers that say that consoles already reached their limits and call for a new console generation. face the facts: just compare the xbox360 hardware and games with the actual PC hardware and games and then think about the possibilities. just one example: xbox use a 512MB graphics memory and DX9, there are already a while DX11 GPU's with 2GB memory and development goes further while xbox doesnt move and the next one will come when ... 2015? what we got then on the other side? DX12 with 4GB memory GPU and 16GHZ CPU's? comon. you cant tell me that they wil still be actual then.

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: Crisis2 Fun Factor
« on: 09:08 PM - 03/25/11 »
Hey tequila, what vid card are you running?

Intel QuadCore @3.0GHz + NVidia 280 GTX 1GB

Its not even a high end system and still running with about 50fps

the advantage is to be able to play with the commands in an autoexec.cfg file. i turned off all that blur stuff and edge AA, instead i turned up AA/AF in my grafics card. all those blur and depth of field stuff let the textures looks low-res. Thats why some cant see the difference between the console version and the pc version. So i turned them off also there are commands that improve mouse movement.  i got now the perfect balance between performance and optics. It looks really impressive, no compare to console version

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