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General Discussion / Re: Tapatalk still working ?
« on: 01:46 AM - 03/12/18 »
There's a XIM App for Ios and Android and I think 90% of the User are having a Smartphone and the percentage of User who are using Tapatalk could be also very high. It's much more comfortable and easier with Tapatalk. Would be really, really nice that Tapatalk can be fixed. Can someone of the Admin Team give a hint if there'S a chance that it'll be fixed? Thank you!

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: xim community on Tapatalk
« on: 04:10 AM - 11/09/17 »
Can an Admin give a clear statement please if this Forum get Tapatalk access again?

On the Notifications page, there should be a list of threads and/or forums you've elected to be notified about. Use the checkbox to the right to select them, then hit the Unnotify button to unsubscribe from notifications.

and I got an email...


Below is a summary of all activity in your subscribed boards and topics at XIM Community this week. To unsubscribe please visit the link below.

The XIM Community Team.

I f I unnotify threads I can't follow them anymore and can only use "recent unread topics" and not a filter for reading my marked threads.

In other forums I can mark topics that I can follow them without getting any email notfications.
In these (standard) boards I have notfications on, but can chose to get notfications only internal of the board and no email notfications. In the Xim-Forum I can just unnotify, but then I can't follow my marked threads in Tapatalk. Hope it's clearer know what I am trying to say.

In short words: I want marked threads to follow these in Tapatalk (which isn't working atm), but I don't want any email notfication.

I had marked some threads with notifications for following these threads in Tapatalk. I want just mark some threads and won't get any email notfication which is standard in all forums I know. But in this forum I have only the selection "For topics and boards I've requested notification on, notify me" instantly/daily/weekly. How can I turn this off that I don't receive any emails?

How can I turn off these Email Notifications?
"For topics and boards I've requested notification on, notify me"
Really hard to believe that this isn't possible???

Beta / Re: XIM4 Firmware 20161127
« on: 07:05 AM - 02/28/17 »
I am using latest Xim4 beta fw with my ps4 pro and if i start the ps4 pro with the ps button of the ds4 the mouse, sound (distortions), keyboard connection get lost after some minutes. I remember that this issue occurred for the ps4 also 2 years before.
Workaround atm just reboot ps4 pro after starting it.

Deutsch / Re: Kaufst du die PS4 pro?
« on: 07:09 AM - 11/02/16 »
4k interessiert nicht, aber stabilere Frameraten bei 1080p in Multiplayer und das ist ja gegeben.
Pro Patch= hochskaliertes 4k oder auch nativ noch mehr Frameraten bei Singleplayer?

Beta / Re: FEEDBACK: XIM4 Manager/Firmware 20160405
« on: 09:11 AM - 04/14/16 »
This upgrade was made to fix compatibility issues with some Samsung phones (some S7 users had problems running it, or, if they could, UI responsiveness wasn't great). Also, it fixes a compatibility issue with some lower-end PC integrated graphics chipsets.

But, given the general nature of these changes, its benefits likely apply to other devices out there too that we aren't aware of.

Dear OBsIV, can you please, please mention the changes between the beta version in the latest firmware thread i.e. http://xim4.com/community/index.php?topic=46144.0

That would be really helpful!

Beta / Re: FEEDBACK REQUEST: Racing wheels
« on: 03:49 AM - 04/06/16 »
I have a G25 too and would like to help.

Commander / Re: Xim4 on PS4 Logitech Momo Racing Wheel
« on: 06:22 AM - 01/15/16 »
Hey, can anybody can give some  help how can i get this working?

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