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Game Support / Re: PUBG: Advanced Setup (Updated 1/15/22)
« on: 04:58 PM - 02/16/22 »
Interesting find with the year0 recoil method being used, the lower the deadzone on right stick the better it works even if kept at the same value of 8.. put your deadzone to the default 10 and go into training it barely does anything but when you lower the dz to 5 or 0 its drastically different.

Game Support / Re: PUBG: Advanced Setup (Updated 1/15/22)
« on: 10:38 PM - 02/10/22 »
Personally can't tell the difference between

FRS: 35
MS: 100

and the default:

FRS: 20
MS: 10

Is it  because I'm using a keyboard and not a nav?

Also is 60 delay / deactivation delay for ADS for DMR or AR?

Game Support / Re: PUBG: Advanced Setup (Updated 1/15/22)
« on: 09:25 AM - 01/22/22 »
Do you use SAB OFF because you use a stick? or you do suggest SAB OFF instead of SAB 0 (Default) even for keyboard user?

Game Support / Re: Battlefield 2042 profile
« on: 01:03 AM - 10/07/21 »
Whats your in-game settings? like Deadzones and Ratio etc.

@Maria if you were to use a Keyboard instead of a Joystick, would you use an SAB value on either Hip or ADS and if so what value for either or both?

When you say SAB OFF, you mean the default 0 or OFF?

For the PC Config, do you use Smooth Aim Transition or a delay? for ADS.

Shared Configs / Re: d1sable - Warzone - 17/09/2020
« on: 05:29 AM - 10/03/20 »
Wasn't asking the mouse polling rate which you gave us your value, I said the XIM hardware polling rate.

he stated is mouse hertz 1000 right under that xim polling 1000

1000 Hrtz
1000 Polling
4000 DPI"

i guess he coulda put "xim" in there to help clarify... but hes got 1000 on there twice so assume mouse an xim 1000 plus this is mjfame setup so cant have xim at anything but 1000hz with 20 smoothing

Yeah usually XIM Polling Rate or the likes so I was confused and it was very late I'd been up for 48 hours haha, never used mjfame setup so also had no idea that you couldn't use anything but 1000hz.

Shared Configs / Re: d1sable - Warzone - 17/09/2020
« on: 09:14 AM - 10/02/20 »
Wasn't asking the mouse polling rate which you gave us your value, I said the XIM hardware polling rate.

Shared Configs / Re: d1sable - Warzone - 17/09/2020
« on: 12:58 AM - 10/02/20 »
What XIM polling rate, I see mouse is 1000hz is XIM the same?

General Discussion / Re: Sony vs xbox
« on: 01:49 AM - 09/15/20 »
Xbox looks great this time around, but I played Blackout (CoD) on Xbox One X and switched to PS4 Pro and I can honestly say at least in Australia.. that Blackout died 3-6 months earlier on Xbox.

And it was like that for a majority of games here that Sony has a bigger online population, sucks because I really like Xbox but I also like being able to find games at odd hours, is it like this in places like NA/EU?

Does sensitivity multiplier matter in this CoD? not talking about in-game settings but on XIM settings itself we used 1.6 ratio on Blackout, I think 2.4 was older CoD etc. looks like your first post in like 1.38 Ratio? for the strong AA config.

Also do you use SAB for either of your configs? I used SAB in the MW BETA and noticed the world of difference.

Deactivation Key need to be set? or Right click automatically done.

@d1sable I notice you have 100ms delay for ADS, any reason behind that? is there animation delay like Call of Duty?

Difference between ADS and the "B" AUX? which do you actually use, also you state you use 5 in-game sens on page 3 but on page 1 you state in-game 6? Can you update the front page for latest settings please.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: XIM on PC Fortnite
« on: 05:54 PM - 03/05/19 »
Yeah I rebooted APEX after 125hz fix but I mean I never had this issue in the past is what I'm getting at, same USB ports even..

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