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Yes, that you can save the settings only x thousand times.

If you're talking about flash memory bits "dieing" out. There isn't much you can do about that. Most flash memory comes with controllers that will re-map blocks that have been written to many of times to less used blocks. I think it's called wear leveling (I think). I can't imagine you would ever exceed the number. A mobile phone will write and erase bits more than this XIM probably will ever see.  Assuming this is what you are referring to. If not, there's some fun facts!

23 Here, 24 in August. I started out with windows 2.0 and remember playing Doom through DOS in '94. (You guys must remember I was only 4 then.) And who could forget the simplicity of GOD mode for Doom. IDDQD!!

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Glad to join the party.
« on: 11:11 AM - 01/28/14 »
Welcome, glad to here there are people who played the Delta Force FPS. Delta Force Black Hawk Down was the game that got me into FPS and haven't stopped since. You won't be disappointed with this device.  I played PC up until 2011.
I bough an Xbox because that's where my friends were. I was lucky to get my XIM3 from the second batch (which was crazy).  Just be patient, it's worth the wait. Nothing compares.

If you really want to ADS all the time, just tape down LT on your controller. (I don't know if you die or not though if it will pull your ADS down.)  I normally don't continue to ADS after death, so I really have no clue if this would work.  Just a thought though.

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: Battlefield 3 Buttons Mapped
« on: 08:30 PM - 11/07/11 »
Left stick = WADS (Movement)
Left stick click = Shift (Sprint)
Right stick click = C (Crouch)
Right trigger = Left mouse click (Shoot)
Left trigger = Right mouse click (ADS)
Left bumper = Middle Mouse (Grenade)
Start = Esc/Enter (Game Menu)
Guide = F1
Back = Tab (Spot/Scoreboard)
A = Spacebar (Jump/Parachute/Change seat)
B = F (Interact)
X = R (Reload)
Y = 2 (Primary weapon switch)
Right bumper = V (Knife)  (Old CoD1 Habit)
Up D-pad = Up Arrow... (Flashlight)
Left D-pad = Mouse Back (MX518) (Gadget 1)
Right D-pad = Mouse Foreword(MX518) (Gadget 2)
Down D-pad = V (Fire mode)
Right stick = Mouse (Aim)

This works for me, try it if you like.

And thanks to SmartJoyFrag, I used your post as a template.

I think if you are below the maximum in game speed with your settings where they are at, it should further accelerate it, but, I'm no expert programmer (maybe novice at that). So I'm guessing for those kinds of calculations, it would be pretty tricky for that to happen. In theory I could only think of for each game there would be a "magic" number that would equal the the same as max speed and base it off that. I'm sure it's much more complex than that, but I like wishful thinking  :P. And if you are playing at max speed and that still isn't fast enough, tough nuts to you! Just a random thought.

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: XIM3 SUCKS!
« on: 02:05 AM - 07/15/11 »
i got called awesome so many times it got old, its like i already know im awesome, just waiting on gow3 and bf3 (PC)

Man, people just cuss me out and call me names and try to make me depressed while I'm slapping them around.  But I'm totally pumped for GOW3!  Blops is getting old with it's curving bullets and other fantastic features like that. (I guess it's just to help the 10 year olds with their joysticks?)

Release Candidates / Re: 707 Virus Fail
« on: 01:27 AM - 07/15/11 »
Hey, Sorry I've been rouge a while! Got caught up in work.  Anyway, I took the .exe out of the firewall thinking I could re-create the scenario, but it worked fine this week. I couldn't get it to think it was a virus >.< Anyway of what I can remember, the path was only directly to the beta's .exe and there were only 5 or less of "us" that this has ever been reported.  So I may have been the only one that something crazy happened.  Last week when it came out, it blocked three times in a row when I tried to fire it up.  Now it works just fine, maybe something crazy was happening. (I'll make sure to take screenies of any other problems I have for now on first  ;) )

FYI, Norton Security Suite detected XIMManager-20110707-BETA.exe as suspicious with it's SONAR product when I ran XIMManager-20110707-BETA.exe for the first time.  The program didn't load for awhile and I was then prompted by Norton that the process was stopped and submitted to Norton for analysis.  I had to undo this action and exclude it from future actions.

I'm not the only who's had this problem I see. Came from this thread.

Release Candidates / Re: 707 Virus Fail
« on: 09:39 PM - 07/10/11 »
AV software is known for giving false positives. If it isn't used by thousands of people safely then often times it doesn't like the app.

Yea that makes sense, better safe than sorry I suppose?

Would love to know why Norton believes it contains a virus -- which it doesn't. :)

I sure hope not! I completely ignored the threat  ;D  Anyway, just figured you should know, and also I still haven't come across any problems with the actual upgrade itself.

Release Candidates / 707 Virus Fail
« on: 07:01 PM - 07/10/11 »
Not really a bug with the build itself. I haven't come across any problems actually playing a game, the update is great. It was when I fired up the program, Norton stopped it and deleted it.  For me this was no problem.  I knew I could trust it and all I had to do was allow it and undelete it.  This hasn't happened with with any other builds, I was just concerned for some people it may cause a scare, and I also don't know if any other virus scanner would pick it up like that.  Just don't want any other people to not be able to enjoy the upgrade.

Release Candidates / Re: C:0 0/s T:0 0/s
« on: 04:59 PM - 06/09/11 »
I'm using a MadCatz controller, with a wireless headset, MX518, and a generic USB keyboard.  I played both Halo Reach and Blackops for at minimum an hour.  It stayed C:0 0/s T:0 0/s  the entire time.  That's about all I have to report on. Hopefully I'm not totally useless with this info. =)

Feedback / Re: A Karma system possibility
« on: 12:39 AM - 03/17/11 »
If you read my post, I said there would be no negatives or positives.  The only thing there would be would be a "Thanks" button.  The only way that could be abused if some got thanked a bunch?! 

Feedback / A Karma system possibility
« on: 11:35 PM - 03/14/11 »

This is the original thread, please read through it.  There was no "Reply" button, so I guess this would be a good place to put this. If not please move it to where it needs to be.

ANYWAY! I think that a "Thank You" button could be a good solution instead of having a '+' and '-' system.  The actual post itself could say who thanked the person(like directly under it), and maybe under the name and picture you could have a "Thanked XX times"  Just as a little thing so newcomers or something can know how "helpful" this person has actually been.  Also maybe not have Admins or Developers get thank you'd since if Obv were to post something like a new ST for the next CoD or something, the Thank You's under that one post would be a page in itself! Since we all know they have something good to say, I don't think they need it.  ;D

Just a thought.  Feel free to flame it or add to it, rip a apart, like it, whatever you feel like.

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: Where are all the XIM3 users?
« on: 09:08 AM - 03/13/11 »
I would never use a [XIM] tag, that would be just outright asking for a spanking from a good controller player.

I just enjoy playing my xbox now...good enough for me!


Exactly! I've come across a handful of controller people that actually just plain destroy me. They are defiantly in the next level up from nuts with it.  When they beat me, I really don't want to be running around flaunting that I'm using a mouse to aim.  No need to get get my @#$% kicked and then harassed about it!! I just want to have fun the way I know how, and that's with a M/Kb. :P

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: Where are all the XIM3 users?
« on: 09:48 PM - 03/12/11 »
I've yet to actually see someone outwardly showing they use XIM3, but I have come across a couple of people that might have one or are one of those amazing people I fear with a controller.  If I actually find a for one, I'll rush right here. =P  Also like said before, we are a very very small percentage compared to the the Xbox community in whole.

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