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General Discussion / Re: Xim edge (Opie & Anthony)
« on: 09:59 AM - 01/27/13 »
You also have to realize that most of the discussion here was for the radio show, not to legitimately argue about the XIM.

Thats the problem, they have a good platform to voice there opinions with many people listening and they dont know what the @#$% there talking about atleast research it before talking about it or @#$% till u know what ur talking about.

General Discussion / Re: Xim edge (Opie & Anthony)
« on: 09:30 PM - 01/26/13 »
Stupid people shouldnt voice there opinons, retard knows nothing about using the Xim but thinks we can turn faster? talking about the same playing level, yeah no one uses 3rd party controllers or turtle beach headsets, what a @#$%.

I want to punch that tard till i feel like ive punched the stupidity out of him

Cheers toys, i'll give this ago today.

I'm still using ur other config which is amazing, think i might have to make the hip alittle faster tho.

Thank god this is the internet and not ur country where you HIDE info

ofc it needs a valid reason, theres absolutly no point in using a standard config on halo titles
the deadzone is neither circle nor square, it doesnt matter what value you use it will feel awfull

halo is a game that only works with smart translator, which is why theres no point in knowing the deadzone unless you are a xim2 user that has no other choice
or there is some valid reason behind it

you will ruin your mouse experience a lot and i dont want other people to read that stuff and get the impression that standard config in halo are something to try out lol

So a xim2 user needs to know the deadzone but using a deadzone is pointless? so why even mention a xim2 if you cant really use it?

I'd rather test everything myself, i keep getting told to always run the ST but i use toys standard config on black ops and its much much better and i tested a standard config for bf3 and it was really good but i changed back to the ADS ST for both hip and ads.

i have plenty of time on my hands and even if the deadzone is pointless i would still like to see what i can do with it.

Cheers glenn for offering to help, no pm yet

are you using a xim2?

if not theres no valid reason for why you need to know about that
the game performs awful with standard configs, please use the halo 4 smart translator
so for the case you have a xim3 or xim edge, you have set the wrong configuration profile
it needs to be Smart, not Standard
on Smart theres none of those values to type in

if you do use a xim2, then yes i can tell you the value

No i'm not using a xim2, i dont need a valid reason, if u dont want to give me it then fine, ill ask elsewhere instead of being given some @#$% reply

what deadzone does this game use? i'm playing around with the settings now and im struggling to find something comfortable

TDM is fun...

Drives me nuts how that jerk David w/e his name is, denies that lag comp/terrible spawns are a problem.... IS HE PLAYING the same game?

I pulled Host in nearly every blops 1 game i played, i have a fiber line which i get 76/20MB with 22ms ping to google.co.uk and some other sites, my friend on an ADSL line with 8/1.1mb and gets around 38ms ping to the same sites and still he gets host alot more than i do and even then some people are 3bar lol.

I've had more 3bar connections in this game than blops 1, seems blops 1 could pick better hosts but blops 2 has a better hit detection

I play mostly Demolition and the Score Streaks are good, i usually get AGR/Chopper/VSat every game, with that setup i've had 298 choppers, 191 AGR's and 168 VSats.

Only had 16 Swarms but got 3 in one game of demolition a few days ago.

Mine done that 4 times yesterday then i unpluged my Belkin Transfer cable from the PC and plugged it back in again and it stayed on, weird.

General Discussion / Re: How fast do you play BO2 / COD
« on: 07:06 AM - 12/03/12 »
I run the same config as u toys (11k) so should be the same.

So u've tried a Standard Config? if not try Toysrme's config.

11000 - circle
-0.35 accel
1.75 yx
13 / 16


If you dont like that maybe some guys here will give you there settings for the BO2 ST and that might help you

They are for both Hip and ADS, the underlined numbers are your sensitivity values, first being Hip and 2nd being ADS

I've been trying to break it using the normal ST but havent had much luck, the aim slows down way to much when the crosshair is close.

But, i've been messing aroung with toys settings using a Standard Config with his 11000 Deadzone and while its ultra fast with a 16 sens i now have no problems with aim assist

Cheers for the update, i bumped mine up to 11000 from 10125, sens at 16 aswell and runs good :) no aim assist problems

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