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Support / Re: [ACTIVE] XIM4 manager to pc
« on: 07:24 PM - 09/14/19 »
Are you on the latest XIM4 firmware? It's located under Downloads under the XIM4 board.

Please pull the batteries from your controller and plug it in directly to your Xbox with the same USB cord you've been using. Does the controller turn on by itself and is also functional when directly connected to your Xbox? If so, then do you get the same behavior if you use different ports to connect your controller to the hub?

Support / Re: [ACTIVE] Adding Power to Hub
« on: 05:01 PM - 09/14/19 »
I wouldn't use an external power supply -- I'd try without it first.

Feedback / Re: Never buy the xim apex
« on: 03:54 PM - 09/14/19 »
Ok sorry to hear your hub failed like that. We can replace it. Please open an RMA by going into your store account and going into your order history and then opening an RMA. If you can't find it, you can use the Contact Us link off the main site. Let them know you talked to me and that we found that your hub is faulty. In the mean time if you'd like you can use another hub as there is nothing special about the hub that comes with your XIM APEX. It's just a standard USB 2.0 hub.

Feedback / Re: Never buy the xim apex
« on: 03:26 PM - 09/14/19 »
Ok was the hub having issues before you tried the AC adapter?

Do you see controller button presses in Manager?

Feedback / Re: Never buy the xim apex
« on: 03:01 PM - 09/14/19 »
Ok thanks for checking that. Yes, your hub is the problem. Did you buy your XIM APEX from us?

Are you using the firmware updater here?: http://xim.tech/latest

Feedback / Re: Never buy the xim apex
« on: 02:50 PM - 09/14/19 »
Like my phone connecting to the xim, nothing else

So your phone is or is not connecting? If not, please reboot your phone and power cycle your XIM.

Feedback / Re: Never buy the xim apex
« on: 02:40 PM - 09/14/19 »
Can you please plug each of your mouse, keyboard, and controller independently into your XIM APEX (no hub) and verify they can be detected and seen in Manager?

Feedback / Re: Never buy the xim apex
« on: 02:28 PM - 09/14/19 »
Ok. Can you test your hub independently by plugging your mouse and keyboard into it and plug the hub into a computer and verifying the hub is fully functional? Be sure to test out all the ports and let us know.

Feedback / Re: Never buy the xim apex
« on: 02:23 PM - 09/14/19 »
Do you mean it's never worked, or, it worked for 2 weeks and stopped working?

Feedback / Re: Never buy the xim apex
« on: 02:16 PM - 09/14/19 »
That's ok. I understand that your are frustrated. Yes, we try to let people know through multiple locations (store, quick start guide, etc) that we offer support through our forum here which has people monitoring it in order to offer help.

What state is everything in right now? What console are you on and you said everything worked for 2 weeks and now it isn't? Any additional information would help.

Feedback / Re: Never buy the xim apex
« on: 02:08 PM - 09/14/19 »
Welcome to the community. Sorry to hear you were having problems, but, I'm curious why you didn't ask for support earlier?

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