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I saw this when I was cruising around on overclock.net... I thought I should post it here because this concerns the future of XIM. Which if this does happen may or may not have an impact on XIM users... OBsIV are you aware of this? - please look into it .


XIM 3 Discussions / Re: Razer Nostromo vs Belkin n52te???
« on: 01:44 PM - 09/14/11 »
Razer Nostromo =  Macros (VERY useful wth a "Hand-Pad") Belkin = Same exact make , NO macros.

Now Go. I am done with you peasant! -__- (JK)

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: PC vs XBox + Xim3
« on: 01:38 PM - 09/14/11 »
My pc has been collecting dust and is now used for watching tv and movies. I have mw2 and blops for both but I don't even bother on pc anymore. I have more xbl and real life friends who play console only so...yeah.

I'm the oposite... seeing how mainly you really only gain a benefit from playing mostly FPS games my XIM3 is collecting dust... Sad ain't it? There aren't a lot things I can do with my Xbox... it just sits there really and if Its not competition then I don't need to use my XIM3, and will just use a controller to play Single PLayer. Computers do get out dated but that is because they are computers... Consoles are meant to last a long time, but if you know what PCs have in them now and what PCs are capable of... :P Of course you know this though.  I have nothing against consoles , but to me they are not as much fun to own as a computer especially if you custom build your computers like I do. Now, I would want to ask ... and this goes out to the creaters - Why not make the XIM3 serve a double purpose meaning you can use the XIM 3 to work backwards on the PC and let people who want to use Controllers for any game on the computer? That way some people could get more milage out of the XIM 3.

To be totally blunt I am no longer even playing Xbox anymore... mainly because xbox360  is not as handy and compact as my ASUS laptop here, plus I don't have to pay to use the online service on my computer :D.

So Look at it like that... Xbox 360 Vs. Gaming Laptop  ... now which would win ? haha

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: Question for obsiv
« on: 02:50 PM - 08/18/11 »
From a business perspective, the chance that mouse/keyboard will be available on the next console, in my opinion, is near absolute zero. :)

Are you saying that in reference to "official" support? Or 3rd party support like XIM?

I know there are very few details about the next-gen consoles, but do you anticipate them trying to squash the ability to develop things like XIM?

OB is always right... and let me further simplify it for you..

Tell your Xbox friend to hop on your computer and learn to play exactly the way he does on xbox but with two hands separated and at the same time achieve those same movements with your fingers and thumbs while maintaining your hand and eye coordination with speed.

Simply put, it is easy to pick up a controller and play a game but mouse and keyboard has a learning curve that is just too much for the average "I use my computer for solitaire and office, and the occasional illegal download of music * COUGH KAZAA COUGH* " person :)

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: XIM3 Newbie Questions
« on: 02:40 PM - 08/18/11 »
XIM 3 IS EXCELLENT!!!!!!! O_O!!!!! * Bursts into flames*

General Discussion / Re: MW3 survival mode
« on: 07:12 PM - 08/09/11 »
I dunno... I am really not all that impressed with the game at all...

here is why...

Hmm so they tossed in the usual side missions  but changed them a little bit, game still looks the same to me.

Guns really seem like that aren't all that ,but thats a guess, and Im mad because I know for a fact ! that the extra modes do nothing.. What would impress me is if they changed the ENTIRE stats system and added more little things and unlocks. But I know it wont happen, we just need more because I can see a hardcore player getting burned out in 2 months of play.

Still may buy the game because everyone will want it anyways but that vid didn't do it for me...

General Discussion / Re: PC Gamers Cry all the time!
« on: 07:06 PM - 08/09/11 »
I thought it would be fun to fire up some mw2 pc style and yeah it was fun apart from the noobs who just QQ about people hacking. I feel as if there are more people moaning about hackers than there really are.

My first game I go 60 something kills 8 deaths before getting banned from the server for apparently hacking, the second game I ended up going 103-13 on demo, it was a great game, spawn trapping turds on salvage but throughout the entire game I was accused of wall hack, aimbot and all kinds of wacky hacks, one guy even said he has recorded proof that I was aimbotting.

Do pc gamers cry to much?          ( even though I am kinda crying now ;D )

I feel better now, just needed to vent.

LOL Man its actually real funny to me.

My buddy Zeek I play MW2 with on PC sometimes freaks out when hes plaything that game... Like I mean cursing super loud in teamspeak and always saying someone is hacking. Its really rather funny to be grown me and let the kid in us run free lol

just showing how big of an elbow cooter you are dude.
again, windows mobile anything does not have memory leaks. poorly programmed software does. that's no different than any other platform. you're GREATLY showing how stupid you are by trying to push that topic...

Who cares toys :p , just hack your phone like 65% of Americans are already doing now haha. I like you Toys because you are gonna be yourself with no BS coating dude lol. You're winning toys... Winning :)

Meh and phones all have their downsides and the industry is no loner innovative man... You should know this better than anyone.

You know there is an Adamantium brick wall in there and if people aren't trying to make it faster then they are throwing more chips and memory at it or making what's already there slightly better. 

If you wanna be immpressed someone is going to have to break the mold on technology.

Couldn't find this topic after using the search tool...

Here's the 'official' announcement

No price mentioned but probably 1200pts like the previous one.

Are you going to buy it?

I'm probably going to wait until I see some youtube vids to see if I like the maps enough.

You already know the answer to this question :P ...

Yes people will buy the new DLC for BO, Know why?

Cause their friends will have it and their friends  friends will have it then you dog will have it and maybe your grandmother lol.

Just saying that if it's XbOx then expect almost everyone to have it for the most part... It's almost like peer pressure . Can't play with friends or Fam cause they have the maps and you don't -_- @#$% you to he'll CoD.

General Discussion / Re: New PC
« on: 09:44 AM - 04/16/11 »
To hitman, as great as that sound card is... Do a bit more research on sound solutions man... I would suggest like they got these headset amps that go into your PC man and there are more sound cards out there these days to choose from. Other than that Yeah @ the guy suggesting you get the ATi cards cause they are better and easier to customize and over clock. 

Apart from that Do Not Rush things!!

Do research on everysingle part you want and check the benefits to your set up. Plus the Mobi is KEY! Man I can't stress that enough... The wrong type of mobo can kill your whole system man. I know you know this... make sure there are enough slots and the USB ports are gonna work with your case and all sound solutions with that board don't conflict other things. Effing MoBos these days...

General Discussion / Re: New console 2012
« on: 09:30 AM - 04/16/11 »
Its sources say that the console is "significantly more powerful than the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360."

Nice. +1 Phil

Fools... They said the PS3 was way more powerful than the 360 and you see how that turned out. So what if PS3 has blu-ray... Cause that is about all it has when going against XBOX Live!  -hehe :p

If Nintendo  does not expand to Online play its gone fall off bad!

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: XIM inconsistent
« on: 09:24 AM - 04/16/11 »
So after testing the XIM few days now I must say that its great but pretty inconsistent. Means that if you move the mouse in exactly same way several times- the result on the screen will look different. I know it probably cant get better on Xbox, because its made for controllers. But honestly- saying that xim is exactly same as on pc is incorrect. I would say the mouse control equals about 78% of how it feels on the pc.

It will still make people aim faster, but it wont give you a perfect pc mouse feel. Ive tested several games (BO, MW2, WAW), different profiles and STs and different mice and mousepads. It cannot be my hardware or wrong XIM settings, as I only used Smart Translators with no customization.

When playing on PC I used to do alot of short mouse movemets like this:

Basically spinning the mouse and moving it diagonally at the same time, this is what the XIM "hates" most. It doesnt work properly, but this is probably limited by the Xbox itself. Maybe one day smart translators will be able to capture this type of movement and convert it correctly into the game.

Other than that it will allow me to turn around very fast, I do like that.

But the downsize is that doing an exactly same mouse movement at different time points will result in slightly different crosshair movements within the game. Dont know it its the XIMs fault or Xboxes.

Dude you are funny ... I have made this my sole purpose on the forums to NEVER EVER use call of Duty games as reference when testing or talking about XIM 3 because CoD games are not a great example.

Plus you said you tried : WAW,BO, and MW2 ... Dude them is the same game just re-skinned running on the same game engine. Your tests are not going to show the true potential of your XIM unless you try other games with it.  (Unless all you play is those games)

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: XIM 3 or Turtle Beach PX5s?
« on: 02:08 PM - 04/14/11 »
The best gaming headset is the Sennheiser PC360. It has excellent sound quality and a built-in mic.

Turtle Beach, Trittons, and even Astro headsets are mediocre at best. The Astro MixAmp, however, is an outstanding product and is what lets you use non-console headsets (like the PC360) with the Xbox. If you're looking at spending $230ish, the MixAmp with the PC360s is the best bet by a LOOOOOOOOOOONG shot.

Ok here I am about to talk about the Sennheiser pro 360 headset +Astro Mixamp combo...

Now yes both of them are expensive combined... At first I didnt want to purchase them both because of price,but said screw it and did it anyways. Man it was the best investment I have made from a gaming/entertainment stand point! They are an unspeakable combo in regards of sound and quality! I use them for both Xbox and my PC, and yes they sound 10 times better on PC than Xbox because PC had more sound adjustments like 24bit audio and other stuff. Man, dont get me started about blu ray movies with the headset combo, it sounds AMAZING! Soo it's nuff said on that Headset combo, now focus on getting your XIM3 and the rest should fall into place.

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: Xim3 thread on callofduty.com
« on: 08:05 AM - 04/12/11 »
Omfg Will you guys give this a rest?!? I use my XIM3 and to be totally honest HATE the fact that Black Ops is being used as a reference when brining up ANYTHING XIM3 related!!!

Come on! You all know that Black Ops Is not all that at all... For godsakes the network in that game is crippled so dame much, and if you think it's my connection... Wrong!!! Please see link under my name :).

Face it guys, BO is not the proper game to use as an example... As far as " Unfair Advantage" (uhhhg I hate seeing those two words together now!) I have found no Advantage when I play Black Ops... The network on that game cripples my gameplay so much! Plus the fact that for years us PC guys have been gaming on over 30 FPS... Even over 60 sometimes, people are nuts to say that your eyes don't get used to that. From where I stand it is all about the speed of them game for me, the fast and more responsive the better I can play Even though BO network IS total garbage and controller users can vouch for that one.

WAIT WAIT! lets not start this again...

Please refer to a thread I had started about a VERY similar topic.... its so informative that your brain might explode from the information.

This is about tommy's modded headsets.

And Elmo with the OVER HAND RIGHT!  x_O (Doh!) Well I heard to use the Xbox wireless headset. :)

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