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XIM Link / Re: XIM Link 1.2 is out
« on: 07:23 PM - 06/27/18 »
Does it still display the delayed packets message? I stopped using this app because it would give me those 1-6ms delayed packets every 20 or so seconds. Being a perfectionist, I thought there was something wrong with my setup so I just went direct.

I had to rollback to Windows 10 version 1709.

XIM Link / Re: Is it normal to have packet delay?
« on: 08:26 PM - 05/08/18 »
Yes, it's normal and has been happening to me since Link's release. I don't notice anything.

XIM Link / Re: Randomly deactivates
« on: 11:58 PM - 04/17/18 »
Click on the xim link window prior to hitting pause/break, making sure your mouse cursor is within its application window.. Took me a while to figure this out but I haven't been randomly disconnecting since.

XIM Link / Re: Welcome to XIM Link
« on: 09:49 PM - 04/10/18 »
I notice that XIM Link will randomly deactivate if the program is not focused on. I record my Xbox game play with Elgato and usually have the software running on my second monitor. Is there a work around to where xim link is always running on top regardless of other software that is running alongside with it?

XIM Link / Re: Xim link lagging
« on: 11:19 PM - 04/03/18 »
How many packets are being delayed for you? I get that warning delayed packets every 20 or so seconds, but it's just 1 packet being delayed.

XIM Link / Re: Welcome to XIM Link
« on: 07:53 PM - 04/03/18 »
What is actually occurring when it states that 1 packet is delayed? Is something wrong with my cable?  I know if i disconnect the cable for example is will display thousands of packets delayed. I'm wondering if anybody else is experiences 1 or 2 delayed packets or I'm the only one.

XIM Link / Re: Welcome to XIM Link
« on: 07:13 PM - 04/02/18 »
Tried it on a laptop and another pc I have and it does the same thing. Says warning: 1 packet delayed. Sometimes it'll say -2 packets. how is negative 2 packets possible lol

Otherwise, it's working fine and smooth, I just have OCD and was wondering if that's not normal behavior. Tried different usb ports as well.

XIM Link / Re: Welcome to XIM Link
« on: 02:02 PM - 04/02/18 »
Yes during game play, I get it every 20-30 seconds at random moments.

XIM Link / Re: Welcome to XIM Link
« on: 03:55 AM - 04/02/18 »
I keep getting WARNING: 1 packets delayed. Sometimes even 2 packets delayed. Is that normal behavior or is something wrong? I have my apex connected with a usb extension if that matters.

Game Support / Re: PUBG Official ST discussion thread!
« on: 09:52 PM - 03/26/18 »
120fps = Default or Off?

Game Support / Re: PUBG Official ST discussion thread!
« on: 05:54 PM - 03/13/18 »
Great curve RML! I'm only using it for my ADS and left everything else as is. It's awesome with the new beta ex0 as well

Beta / Re: Beta Exo
« on: 03:46 PM - 03/13/18 »
Anyone using this build with PUBG and having good results?

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: MOUSE
« on: 11:56 PM - 03/08/18 »
Yep, seems like they're out of stock. Try your local electronics stores such as best buy or something.

Game Support / Re: PUBG Official ST discussion thread!
« on: 11:40 PM - 03/08/18 »
Hi I just bought a G503 are most people using soft cloth pads ?

If my dpi is 4K do I need to crank it to 12k because my mouse pad is soft pad.

I'm assuming you mean a G502. I'm using a cloth pad and the general rule of thumb is - hard pad = speed / cloth pad = accuracy and precision

Its best, IMO, to crank it up all the way to 12k hz with 1000 polling rate. Apply 1000hz to your Xim apex app. Don't forget to use Smoothing, as needed, in case you experience jitterness

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