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I've been using various Xim devices for the last decade, but I'm primarily a PC gamer. It's not a perfect 1:1 going from PC to Xim, but it's really not all that different. It's like picking up a new FPS with an unfamiliar engine and look mechanics. You get used to it after playing for a bit.

XIM 4 Discussions / Modern Warfare Remastered ST
« on: 09:14 PM - 07/19/20 »
Am I missing something? Where is the ST for Modern Warfare Remastered? I can't find it in the game list... (Pic in link)


XIM 4 Discussions / Re: XIM... ZIM..?
« on: 04:19 PM - 06/05/16 »
The correct pronunciation...

You can only turn as fast as the game will allow (see TLOU).  To see if there's an issue on the xim4 side, you would need to compare the turn rates of the controller at 100 percent against the turn rate of the xim4/mouse.

The XIM doesn't come close to the max turn rate of the game.  Yes, my in-game sensitivity is at 100% for both settings, and my XIM settings are well within the norm for my hardware.  Something about the way the look machanic works just doesn'tt sit right with the XIM.  I had to apply someone else's curve to make it playable.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: My Division STv2 Setup (XBOX ONE)
« on: 11:42 PM - 03/17/16 »
This was great!  I just had to adjust the buttons and sensitivity, but now the game isn't so annoying to play.  I owe you a cookie.  :D

Just gotta get use to it, seems to be fine just can't turn as fast as I would like!

I don't know about Halo 5, but The Division is annoying right now.  Something about the look mechanic is keeping the XIM from allowing me to turn fast.  I think they may need to take a second crack at the ST.  Right now Destiny for XBO is giving me the best experience on The Division.

Lower your sensitivity...

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: help me please (bf4)
« on: 06:12 PM - 03/16/16 »
Recoil is an in-game mechanic.  The recoil on a weapon is the same on PS4 with a DS4, and Xbox One with an XBO controller, and PC with a M/K.  The device that you use to play the game has literally ZERO to do with this.  It's not the XIM4, or your mouse...

What you're feeling may be the Aim-Assist.  On a controller the AA helps fight recoil a bit.  When you're using a mouse, you tend to fight the AA which also works to make the recoil feel stronger.  As walktexranga stated, "I think it's all in your head".

You need to learn the recoil pattern of the weapon that you're using and then move your mouse accordingly to counter the recoil.  Burst fire is also a VERY useful skill to master.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: The Division-Xim4
« on: 10:31 PM - 03/15/16 »
ST = Smart Translator

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: The Division-Xim4
« on: 09:49 PM - 03/15/16 »
Is it a true 1:1 feel? No...  Is it good enough considering that the game's look mechanic makes it feel like you're moving through molasses?  Yes.  The team did a great job on the ST, and apparently I'm part of the silent minority that loves this game.  :D

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: The Division-Xim4
« on: 10:37 PM - 03/14/16 »

Game Support / Re: Planned Support List
« on: 11:06 PM - 09/08/15 »
I looked at Mad Max but it doesn't look like it needs native support. It's a fighter/car game mixed together and neither genre benefits from the precision of a mouse. It made more sense to focus support on MGSV.

I posted that a couple hours before actually playing it...  Now that I've played it, I totally agree.  This game would play a lot worse on M&KB.  Disregard my request.  :)

Game Support / Re: Planned Support List
« on: 08:23 PM - 09/05/15 »
Mad Max?  PLEASE!!!  :D

Beta / Re: XIM Manager 20150606 Feedback
« on: 10:52 PM - 07/10/15 »
Just chiming in to say that all is working well with my iPhone 5S on iOS 8.3...  Thank you OBsIV and the rest of the XIM team for all of your continued hard work.  This right here is why I have bought every XIM device to date., and will continue to buy them and promote them in the future.  :D

I noticed that this happens to me as well...  At first I thought I was just burning through ammo really fast or that they just don't give as much ammo as they used to.  Last night I watched as most reloads would just piss away extra ammo.   I would really rather just be able to deactivate that "double-tap to quick-reload" option in the game.

I will test it tonight.  My setup is in my sig.  I'm using the Ghost XBO ST.

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