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XIM 3 Discussions / Re: XIM3 is now a let down.
« on: 03:15 AM - 12/27/11 »
If you're playing on xbox then you must have something wrong with your setup, there is no lag when using xim3. Not unless you can feel 8ms. If you're using the XIM3 on ps3 that console is unsupported and you're using conversion adapter that does who knows what with the signal, and finally you're using translators that aren't tailored for ps3 games. In battlefield any lag you may feel is built right into the game as the game comes with it's own input lag on ps3. Search "bf3 ps3 input lag" on youtube for examples. As for mw3 you're seeing less of a skill gap online because of the games increased aim assist and netcode differences.

Mist what exactly is it about the netcode and aim assist that lessens the skill gap between xim3 and controllers?

This is the last I'll write and then I'll let this thread that I have started die.

The #1 reason I cant get into this game, the one thing that if corrected would allow me to completely forget and forgive every other minor infraction in this game is the following:

Gun play; spray and pray works over trying to control your fire. And I constantly lose firefights because of it. If you try to tap fire, or switch rate of fire, you'll be killed by the guy that holds the trigger because tap fire seems to ADD recoil, and switching rate of fire takes a second. Seems like you are being punished for trying to control your shot. And being a battlefield player, I just can't hold the trigger. My mind tells me otherwise while in the middle of a firefight.

I'm willing to deal with flashlights being twice as bright, IRNV being completely OP'd and all the other miniscule nit picky bull @#$% the community seems to complain about if only they corrected the problem previously mentioned.

bfbc2 > bf3. at least in fun factor

I guess I just don't notice the shooting and aiming flaws.  Both XIM3 smarty and standard work great IMO.

I play with a couple XIMers and they all say the same thing. Perhaps there is something you know that we dont. And Im pretty sure the STs are inadequate as people are suggesting switching ADS ST for Hip. How can that be right if everything were working great.

I'm noticing a trend.  The XIMmers who are not enjoying BF3 so much either played BC2 a lot or are CODheads.  Those of us whos most recent Battlefield experience was BF2, for the most part, seem to love BF3.

I fall into the second category.  Whatever flaws with BF3 that I can identify VERY quickly disappear once I start playing.  Same goes for MW3 and Black Ops.  Maybe I just find ways to have fun in spite of a games flaws... who knows.

My concerns about this game are not made in isolation. There are a lot of flaws with this game but Im willing to look past them only if the aiming and shooting mechanics werent so shotty, which is pretty much the most important thing about any fps.

Do you want to feel better about bf3? Go play mw3.  :P

No thank you, I'd rather play nothing

Anyway lets get back on topic -> Why BF3 still sucks (though not as bad as COD)
Here is an itemized list, some are XIM3 related and some are game related and a few are both;

1) Going full auto is still preferable at most distances except very far as it has less recoil than burst firing - which is counter-intuitive to anyone who has played BC2. You now lose firefights not because of your less than perfect aiming but because that guy saw you first and was able to walk his fire into you.
2) Look mechanics is @#$%. I dont care what anyone says on this forum as far as XIM3 working great. It simply doesnt, as I am aware of how good the XIM3 can be.
3) I appreciate the effort the XIM devs are putting into making this device work properly, I certainly dont want to offend anyone. But lets call a spade a spade and recognize that there is much to be desired in terms of accuracy and smoothness.
4) Many maps are not made for 12v12 and vehicles are placed for twice the amount of players.  Meaning that most players are in vehicles necessitating any boot on the ground to come back as an engineer. Check most players Battlelogs and they mostly play as engineers.
5) Prone! It does nothing but promote camping. PERIOD.
6) K/D display on objective game modes is not only not necessary but counter productive for a game that requires much more than killing prowless to win. Most people are looking at K/D instead of overall points earned.
7) Not a fan of the toned down spotting system as compared to BC2, but then again that could just be a personal problem. I could go into deeper detail why I dont really like it but equal amount can be said why its a better system so its a little ambiguous as to its effectiveness.
8 ) Weapons are either OP, underpowered or identical to every other weapon in the game save for a few features. This of course is inevitable for a game with this many weapons, attachments and vehicles.
9) Lack of/or severe reduction of ground destruction. The beta was frought with problems in terms of falling through the map because of ground deformation. So what was Dice's answer? Just get rid of it altogether. They have yet to bring it back. The B2K maps certainly improved destruction on the whole but I long for larger scale destruction.
10) Overall the game was rushed. And the tragic part about it was that any gains they achieved by releasing the title before MW3 was mitigated by its lack of polish. The only reason there was a BF3 was that BFBC2 sold so well, EA was about to pull the plug on the series - so why stray away so far from that winning formula.

BF3 is still a great game and a lot of great things were done, including but not limited to a whole new engine and unmatched vehicular warfare. But they dropped the ball on the simplest most fundamental things, things that attracted players to BF to begin with - like; destruction and a shooting mechanic that rewarded aiming skill as opposed to a more casual running and full auto fire style.

Another XIM3 user said it best when he related to me that he doesnt know whether his dislike of BF3 stems from it not being BFBC3 or  the games inherent flaws. I have still to actually decide that myself but Im pretty sure that most of my issues with the game are legitimate as many people including popular BF YT personalities agree. Please feel free to add or correct me on any of my points.

G700 can go to 5700 max but currently have it at 2800 and bf3 is smooth but i play COD at 5700

Have you tried keeping your same settings and using the mouse at 5700 dpi and lowering your ST sensitivity? I don't understand why lowering the DPI would make a positive change smoothness wise. It seems like the general teachings was higher DPI=smoother movements. I will have to try this out soon. About to keep my same settings and just change out ADS for hip and see how that goes. Then probably give dropping the DPI a shot.

Let me know how switching between ADS and Hip works for you Cica

Well.. for me, xim3 works great.. I dont have any aim problem.. float.. lag, etc... And I dont even have updated for new bf3 ST. I am still using the old.
30fps? I dont care... the game runs great..

For who dont have problem in BF3 and is anjoyng the game, which ST is better? The old or the new one?


have you played BFBC2 with the XIM3?

If you had you would notice a severe discrepancy b/w both games with regards to aiming fidelity

I've noticed its not that bad with x4 scopes even x12 are manageable...
But the preferred x8 scope i like to use is unusable..
it feels like a bad cfg for xim2... the response is there Obviously.
But it has a grainy / jittery feel to it. And rarely stops where you mean it to...

The entire ST has a grainy/jittery feel to it to some degree. I know what you mean when it rarely stops where you mean it to

I have to disagree with you guys I think the xim3 is a tremendous advantage in bf3. I also play cod and the auto aim in that game compared to bf3 is are like different worlds. I would say xim for cod isnt as much of an advantage as it used to but still an advantage.

 I am curious as to why some of you think tge smarty is broken... I havnt tried it myself yet but up until now noone has been able to verbally communicate the issue. Are there velocity jumps? It would be a good start.

im just trying to help so dont take this post the wrong way.

First off please go ahead and play with the ST, what you'll notice is a lack of accuracy. It seems like the reticule jumps around the target (w/ or w/o aim assist). Im not sure if its called velocity jumping or not but it just feels floaty.

Another thing I wanna get off my chest as well seeing as how there are a number of people PMing me in agreement with what I have been saying all along - It seems that this issue is not getting the attention that it needs because its not a COD game. If it were we would have people chomping at the bit to return their XIM3s and have 100 threads about how the ST is broken. I feel like how I felt when the XIM3 was first released and BFBC2 got the same treatment as BF3, the BFBC2 ST was inferior to the COD ST in terms of accuracy and fidelity.

Obsiv, please comment on this!

While BFBC2 suffered with a woefully inadequate ST, Obsiv busied himself with making STs for flash in the pan games like "homefront" .  With enough @#$% we got him to remake the BFBC2 ST and things got a lot better. Same thing is happening with BF3 ST. Little to no attention is being given to this very serious and widespread issue because most of the community are COD players who have neither the patience nor the aptitude to stick with BF and enjoy it. We are left to patch a broken ST with tweaks that are marginally effective at best.

At this point Im considering taking off the XIM3 advert on my profile and refraining from recommending the device to friends online and off who are wowed by the fact that you can play with a mouse and kb. To them Ill say "the vast majority of the XIM community are COD fanboys and support for device software is treated accordingly by developers, unless you plan on playing COD you will feel like a second class citizen". 

Mitchy is right, that Souver guy is a prick. Its exactly this kind of juvenile "COD is the only game worth any attention" mentality that keeps us from having a proper BF3 ST (along withe Dice dragging their feet on the issue).

Im going to try this new set up too. But how is it that Obsiv dropped the ball so hard that the hip can be swapped for ads and be more successful? Also is dropping mouse DPI really necessary? Can you achieve the same results with lowering sens?

Please correct me if I'm wrong but I'm getting the feeling from the community that not only will nothing be done about this ridiculously inadequate ST but we should just give up on the game altogether - the consensus being that the game was so rushed and is so broken that we should just switch over to its twitchy, mindless and utterly OUTDATED competitor.

And please dont call me or anyone else a BF fan boy as if we are not objective about our appraisal of the game. Most of us played COD for years before BF and realized that the latter had much more to offer and is a more complete experience. Conversely, I find that COD fan boys that comment on BF negatively have 1) never played BF 2) never played on a team with whom they were communicating or 3) played non-objective game modes exclusively (e.g. tdm).

That being said Im intensely disappointed at this game's lack of polish. It was clearly a rush job for such an ambitious project, almost certainly to compete with COD release date. But by doing so not only did they not attract COD players (whom are perfectly content with their running and gunning monotony) but also alienated many BF fans who saw BF3 as a slap to the face. The fact that there has been numerous drastic patches since its release not 3 months ago speaks volumes to the unfinished nature of this game.  Additionally, its my opinion that the XIM3 offers little to no advantage over controllers at this point. I havent tried the tweaks that others say are working great for them but my stance is we shouldn't have to tweak anything to make it work properly - tweaks should be left to further refine for personal taste and not to fix a broken ST.

Im surprised Obsiv hasnt commented in this thread at all. But then again Im sure someone is going to say that there isnt much he can add that hasnt already been said. 

Well me and my friends... blablablablabla......


Not even 1,5 months after release there are more ppl playing 1 year old game than bf3. And the number is dropping continuously. You are one of the fanboys, we dont care. Reality looks different.

And yes I was right about the official answer.

Now go play bf3 with your bf3 fanboy-friends and take out tanks/snipers and other fancy stuff. Or better yet- record some bf3 gameplay an post it on YT, lets see if any freakin one cares to watch that garbage.

lol, this guy.

and I wont even get started on my disappointment with BF3 all together.  To sum it up, the game has been dumbed down IMMENSELY for noobs with weapon balance (almost all the weapons are the same!!!!!), gadgets that COULDA been good, stupid weapon nerfing/buffing, etc.  BC2 was so much better.  ok, dats it.... ;D ;D ;D ;D...... 

Agree completely.

mainly turn speed was so garbage.

Turn speed was pretty awful, but at least aiming was excellent

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