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Se mudares a DPI no programa da Logitech tens que garantir que gravas o perfil para o rato, senão ele acaba sempre por correr o perfil de defeito. Por outro lado, se estás a guardar o perfil, tens que ver em que posição estás a guardar. Se estás a guardar no terceiro slot, quando ligas e desligas o rato ele volta ao slot 1 de perfis quando o ligas ao XIM.

Espero que isto ajude.   

General Discussion / Re: Help us choose a new domain name!
« on: 05:18 AM - 11/07/16 »
i prefer ximtechnologies.com or ximgaming.com
maybe even ximadapter.com

if i had to pick from the suggestions then teamxim.com

Someone stole the domains just right out of my mouth...  :P

XIM Technologies gives it a more diverse and appealing name when it comes t market the idea that a XIM is a console adapter that does more than adapt a mouse and keyboard for gaming (and marketed mostly to the FPS gamers).

XIM Gaming is... well... "For gamers by gamers" if that's something that you would be interested in.

I would go with xim.tech if I had to choose one of these, because sort of future proof. Whether you focus solely on FPS gaming for consoles or move on to other things and expand your brand, you'll be somewhat covered and it doesn't mean that in the future you can't register different domains that focus on specific types of you business.

Also... T-shirts. Have you ever considered selling some T-shirts? I hear it's all the rage now with youtubers and streamers... :P (...And yes. I would buy one.)

Some new comparison shots have been posted showing the difference at 1080 on titan fall 2 (they did mention that the game isn't actually 1080) and to be honest they looked impressive. If you can afford it I say why not, if you're just about to go to current gen then it's a no brainer.

I'm going to look for it, because that's exactly my goal. I'm playing on a 1080 monitor that I don'y have any intentions of trading right now, so I'm more interested in 1080p performance.

For 4K I'll wait for the PS5 and build a decent PC that I'm in dire need of...

General Discussion / Playstation Pro. Is it worth a buy?
« on: 09:02 AM - 11/02/16 »
I'm really not sure if I should upgrade mainly because I'll still be playing on my [email protected] 5ms IPS monitor. I would like to have better graphics @ 1080p and also get the benefits of the HDR, that you already get in the current PS4, but I haven't noticed any major differences in games like Destiny or Rise of the Tomb Raider mainly because I think the developers need to implement HDR on their games for it to be a feature.

... And PS VR is not something that I'm interested in right now.

What? No open beta? I'm calling crap game! Last year they were so excited and confident about their product that they did an open beta and this year they're going back on that decision? I smell something fishy... xP


Sim podes usar um Sony Nav controller com o XIM4. Aliás, se fores a ver o "couch setup" nos vídeos e tutoriais vais ver que uma das formas "recomendadas" é com o Nav e com um Logitech G600S. Se fazes tenções de usar um wireless setup no entanto, eu recomendo que olhes também a um bom setup wireless de phones, porque ligar os phones ao comando vai ser muito difícil. 

Para comprares eu recomendaria de uma das lojas diretas daqui do site. O meu comprei da loja francesa/belga quando o XIM4 saiu, mas suponho que hoje em dia consigas adquirir um em segunda mão no eBay ou OLX, mas aí se calhar já não tens garantia... Eu comprei o meu XIM Edge assim na altura e não me arrependi, mas fiz negócio em mãos em Lisboa.

Se tiveres mais alguma dúvida ou vires que eventualmente não respondo manda PM.


General Discussion / Re: BF1 Open Beta
« on: 03:34 AM - 09/07/16 »
I'm enjoying the beta. Sniping feels "easier" for me in BF1 that BF4 for instance and one of my best games was playing as assault on the desert rush map, going through all sniper positions and circling back and then place the bomb on A and B. Maybe it's because it's the beta but I found that most snipers tend to hardscope into the enemy position and lose all care on their surroundings. One other game I played as a medic and I was giving sniper support and health and we breezed through the map with 2 less on our team.

I'm not sure if I'm buying this one, since all my PSN friends will be going back to Destiny and so I will probably too and I was actually thinking about getting Titanfall 2. I loved the game and the gameplay and I really don't understand why there's so many people talking smack about it... I'm not pointing my finger at all the CoD fanboys, but I'm also not, not doing that.  :P ;D

*Nitpicks at FortyOne's sweet setup*

Dude... I think you need a better chair...  ;D :P

Agree. If the only upside is higher resolution and graphics, but still only 30-45 frames, this is @#$%.
If the consoles are getting that much power, they should also implement the ability to chosse resolution, and the frames would be a consequence of the choosen resolution (low res = high frames, hig res = lower frames)

Exactly, just like PC games. I don't this would be that hard to implement on consoles.

I think this four year cycle was to be expected and also I doesn't render the previous generation obsolete. When this generation came out the two main focus points where the lack of power and the similarities to PC's, so it's not that surprising that there would be two types of consoles on the same generation, just like you have more and less powerful builds in PC gaming.

What I'm more interested to see is the whole "Play anywhere" gimmick. It sounds really good, a little to good to be true... I think it will be only for a handful of titles, but I hope to be wrong.

Hi guys,

Thanks for all the replies. I had a 4 day weekend with a national holiday on Friday and the Lisbon holiday on Monday, so I've been mostly doing some "photosynthesis" around the local beaches...  ;D

I've seen some of your budget options and they seem to be some very sound at a very decent price. Thanks for the help, I appreciate it.
I may go that route for now and try and keep my build at around 600€/673$/476£ maximum for now. After seeing the new Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1 footage and since more than half of my gaming buddies are on PS4 I'll just keep it simple. Play on console and record my gameplay on a budget PC. Also, with the release of the new GTX1080 and AMD "budget VR" graphics card (and I think there's a rumour of a new socket for AMD) and the whole "XBOX Play Anywhere", not to mention the release of the new consoles, I really curious to see how the gaming landscape will look like in a year so I think it's better to save some money and wait.

Has for the PC build itself I'm going to focus more, at least initially on processing power, meaning the main focus is motherboard, processor and memory. Graphics card can wait a month or two and hard drives are incremental, so I don't need to worry about buying all my storage all at once. Also I have an Asus VX279H, which is a [email protected] monitor so I don't need to go crazy on a graphics card for now.

this was a build i did a few months ago with the hd60 pro capture card, you wont be able to stream 1080p @60fps because of twitch bandwidth restictions. even at [email protected] 3500 is not eough. to stream 1080 @30fps you need about 6k bitrate and @60 fps you need 13k. 720p @60 fps on 3500 bitrate is the max you can do for bitrate and itll look good and smooth


thats my twitch channel and my whole pc build is in the info panels

I've seen your build. You have a really nice rig and overall set up. Your PC build I basically what I had in mind and we have just about the same headphone configuration and mouse... Someone's been taking advices on XIM forums...  ;D Also, I didn't know about bitrate restrictions on Twitch so thanks for that.


Gostaria de saber de você se não teria com fazer um tutorial basico para o XIM4.

Seria de bastanet ajuda para os PT-BR.

Nas próximas semanas vai-me ser difícil fazer vídeos, mas quando estiver de férias em Julho vou tentar fazer pelo menos um video e depois posto aqui.

I used to play with a MX510 with 1200 dpi and even then I would have to setup my sensitivity to 120/140 so I can have a decent feel to it.

My potato desktop is going on 11 years now and although I do have a laptop from work I need a new desktop PC for my personal use. I'm currently playing on console but I want a PC that at least can handle something like an EL Gato HD60 Pro or similar, to capture and stream [email protected] and play some games like LoL (for now, so I can play with my "lady friend").

I think I'll be playing mostly on consoles, for at least the end of this generation and the desktop PC would be mostly for game capture and streaming, but I also want to have a proper [email protected] machine.

Should I build a "budget" PC? Should I build a #masterrace?

I'm personally more inclined to go to the budget option, because in the long run that PC could be a stream machine only and I could build later on a proper gaming rig, but I'm not even sure what socket family I should go with. I was inclined on the Intel 2011-v3, but a motherboard alone os around 400€...


You can see my internet speeds on my signature and from what I've read 8 MBits/s upload would be more than enough to stream [email protected] but I'm changing my contract to a 200/100 MBits/s contract.

General Discussion / Re: GAMING CHAIRS
« on: 04:31 AM - 06/08/16 »
There was another thread a couple of years back here on the forum about this and at the time someone pointed out that Herman Miller makes the best office chairs in the market. I personally still haven't bought one, only because I still haven't bought a house yet. This will be on the top 5 things to spend money on. A good chair is like a good mattress... If you're going to spend 6 hours+ sitting/lying in it, buy the best product you can. 


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