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Razer devices are known to have high power requirements and XIM will disconnect if the console can't supply enough power to your devices. You may need to add a power adapter to the XIM Apex USB hub to ensure your XIM Apex has sufficient juice for the mouse & keyboard.

Also, the controller needs to be fully recharged before connecting to Apex.

The USB cable from the controller to the Apex is another weak link in the chain, so ensure it's good quality and capable of both data and power.

Finally, on PS4 go to Settings > Devices > Controllers > Communication Protocol > set to USB.

My bet's on the power adapter, but try the other troubleshooting steps first.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Macro keybord
« on: Today at 08:22 AM »
Steelseries should work.

I haven't touched the firmware on it yet.

I recommend installing the Azeron app and adjusting the thumbstick rotation until left and right feel on the correct plane.

Definitely analog. Playing The Division with digital movement was horrible and made bad look mechanics even worse.

All SA3 does in quantise input. OBsIV posted curves that achieve the same thing. Steady Aim on Apex is like SA6 (I think) with variable rather than fixed values.

You are right - SA3 is plug and play whereas Apex requires tweaking. But, Apex can be customised to a much higher degree.

Game Support / Re: Apex Legends movement issue
« on: 05:01 PM - 03/18/19 »
Do you have Simulate Analog Behaviour enabled on HIP? That'll knock you out of sprint, depending on the value, e.g in Black Ops 4 and Destiny 2, it's about 60.

General Discussion / Re: The Azeron - XIM out of the box
« on: 04:59 PM - 03/18/19 »
Maybe send a PM to Azeron here on the XIM Forums. Alternately, check their Etsy page daily. It's linked from azeron.eu.

General Discussion / Re: The Azeron - XIM out of the box
« on: 04:16 PM - 03/18/19 »
Yeah, Destiny 2 AA didn't feel much different using kb vs Azeron due to not have left-stick / rotational AA.

I use ergonomic armrests for both arms so my elbows are supported at all times (shoulder issues). It also lets me use my forearm for mouse sweeps.

General Discussion / Re: The Azeron - XIM out of the box
« on: 10:29 AM - 03/18/19 »
I've been forcing myself to migrate my trusty XIM Apex kb configs over to Azeron Compact the past few days. This is the first time I've been able to use a mouse & analog movement in my gaming life and tonight was BO4's turn.

All I can say is O.M.F.G...rotational AA using analog movement in this game is beyond belief  :o I'm still pretty clumsy with my bindings, it took a few matches to work out the sensitivity numbers and the first hour or so sucked. But after 3 or 4 hours, muscle memory kicked in and so did that sticky but manageable AA feel.

My settings are nowhere near optimal for Azeron, but by god is this baby a proof of concept. I used DPI 3200, 1000Hz, Sync Off, HIP 150, ADS 75, HIP ST for both, 224ms delay, SA 3, Boost 400 (basically my kb settings with increased sensitivity for 3200 DPI) and haven't begun to tweak it yet.

Anyone who says using digital input, i.e a kb, is superior in Call of Duty console games due to the ability to rapidly hit max stick deflection for sticky AA is absolutely kidding themselves. I've been a keyboarder for over 25 years and it does not compare to analog in the slightest for console gaming. Digital cuts straight through AA, analog works with it. I've always argued that point but this is the first time I've been able to validate it first-hand.

Using the Azeron Compact, all I had to do was strafe or counterstrafe over the target and my reticle stuck like baby poo to a blanket. My aim literally followed them around corners and through walls. That happens occasionally in Destiny and tracks for a few cms of mouse movement (with the mouse stationary), but BO4 tracked several inches. I couldn't even see some enemies while pre-aiming, but the AA stuck, so I shot. Sure enough, another dead duck.

If you haven't tried Azeron in BO4 yet, you are in for a treat (set gameplay opinions aside, we're testing look mechanics). When my aim sunk into the hitbox, it was game over every time. I consider myself a very average shot, so there's some AA magic going on here.

XIM settings here are simple - HIP sens fast enough to quickly do a 180; ADS slow enough to abuse AA and fast enough to track a target. The lower the sens, the stronger the AA. I may try mjfame's wacky settings next with the Azeron to see if it's possible to flick and stick.

BTW, Azeron Compact's new analog stick and flat wrist rest are blissful to use. I suffered thumb and wrist pain on the original Azeron after an hour or so, but there was no fatigue at all using the Compact. The only change I've made to the Compact is rotating the stick to -18 (I think) to more predictably move straight left and right.

Thank you Imants for creating this fantastic toy!

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Pulling my hair out
« on: 03:48 AM - 03/18/19 »
I suspect what you're experiencing is the AA bubble in Black Ops 4 causing hitbox entry issues. It's common to all Call of Duty games and the reason Steady Aim exists.

Go with max DPI on your mouse, 1000Hz polling, 1000Hz Response Rate on XIM Apex and ensure Expert mode is enabled in XIM Manager > Global Settings. Edit your BO4 game config, set Sync to Off (your sensitivity will need to be adjusted), add Steady Aim of 3 to ADS and optionally Boost of 400. Or paste one of these Ballistics Curves into your ADS page (don't use Steady Aim and Boost with this) -

Gradual -
Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [Translate Ballistics] START COPY >>>

Granular -
Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [Translate Ballistics] START COPY >>>

The objective here is to dampen aim assist so it no longer feels like it's bouncing your reticle away from the hitbox. This isn't a magic bullet, but hopefully you'll feel your aim is now on target at all ranges and you can tweak from there.

General Discussion / Re: How do you deal with lag comp.
« on: 03:39 AM - 03/18/19 »
The best way to deal with lag compensation is by increasing your ping, and / or restricting your bandwidth to ADSL levels. You can do this by using router QoS to restrict upload speed and a VPN to increase ping.

A router like Netduma uses geolocation so you can pick the server you want to play on - one further from your location may yield better results, e.g if in England, choose a server in Holland, or if on the west coast go with a central server.

The ideal ping for COD is arguably 50-70ms. Less than 30ms gets smacked for being too good.

General Discussion / Re: What are the best mouse
« on: 03:36 AM - 03/18/19 »
Check the Top 40 mice at www.rocketjumpninja.com and choose your poison.

Support / Re: Can I use macros?
« on: 10:48 PM - 03/17/19 »
Unless connected to PC, Logitech macros donít repeat and canít be used for rapidfire. The solutions are XIM Link, Titan Two or Titan One. CronusMAX does not officially support XIM and may not work, depending on console and controller.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Elite Controller On Xim Apex
« on: 10:45 PM - 03/17/19 »
Aside from additional rear paddles, functionality an Elite is the same as a regular XB1 controller. It wonít help on XIM, unless actively using those paddles.

It needs to be a genuine first-party console controller to authenticate with the console.

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