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"Put your money where your mouth is" is a weak argument for challenging someone's integrity.

If a product is good enough and the manufacturer wants it reviewed by a well-respected and knowledgeable guy with a YouTube channel that has some clout, it's up to them to provide the product to him.

We don't have the same product range in Oz that is available in the USA or EU. If it's not readily available here, there's little motivation to spend time and money to get ahold of one. I'm certain he has a backlog of products awaiting review, so why spend money when you don't need to? That's simple economics.

He is pushing Finalmouse at the moment, but that's only because Mwave has imported a batch of them for retail in Australia (https://www.mwave.com.au/product/finalmouse-ultralight-2-cape-town-gaming-mouse-ac26178), which is the first time any Finalmouse products have been available here.

He's not doing it because Finalmouse pays him to promote their product (they don't), he's doing it because he likes their mice and Mwave have them. The size and shape of the UL2 matches my preferences too, it's just a pity the shell colour is so butt-ugly.

XIM Apex curves are higher resolution than XIM4. You can't copy and paste configs between the two devices.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: XIM peripherals
« on: Today at 04:14 PM »
Azeron.eu. Note that they've jacked up the price due to demand.

He's a PC guy and only reviews PC peripherals, he's simply sticking to what he knows.

Zy doesn't accept money to promote products, so accusations of being a sellout are little short of slanderous. I would suggest he's showing more integrity than his accusers by sticking to his opinion rather than following the herd.

He does have an affiliate partnership with Mwave and he does use Amazon affiliate links on his site, but how else is he supposed to monetise his content? It's his livelihood, of course he should make money from his videos.

It's also absolutely fair that he only review products he has been sent - it is unreasonable to expect him to purchase every mouse on the market simply to avoid any hint of bias (his videos demonstrate that he isn't biased). Money doesn't grow on trees and he's not making a fortune from YouTube.

Nor should he care about or get involved with behind the scenes BS for companies with questionable reputations and/or poor marketing, like Finalmouse. None of that affects the product he's reviewing, which is the only thing he cares about.

I've offered to send him some of the exotic mice I own for review, but he declined. That's his choice and it's a fair call because the content is less relevant to his audience than the latest mice.

In any case, none of that matters. The Top 40 is a solid showcase of current mice that work well with XIM APEX. Whether you agree with his rankings and reviews is irrelevant.

Few of us actually care enough about mouse specifications to bother with oc.net - why waste hours reading conflicting opinions when a 10 minute video review will suffice? Mouse size...check. Hand size...check. Grip...check. Build quality...check.

I know RDJ, the guy is no sellout. Just because his channel has grown and is seeing some success does not mean his testing methodology has changed, nor his bias. He addresses accusations of being a sellout in one of his videos.

His integrity has little to nothing to do with the Top 40 list, it's simply a quick reference guide to mice that are well-regarded and that'll work with XIM APEX.

Support / Re: Rare casual direction drifting
« on: Today at 03:09 PM »
It's the keyboard, not the XIM. Razer keyboards can have rollover and ghosting issues when not connected to PC.

General Discussion / Re: Minecraft
« on: Today at 12:31 AM »
Is there even a reason to use MnK on this game?
Not if you can use a controller. Some of us can't hold one at all.

Are you using a gaming profile in Logitech Gaming Software that disables or remaps some of the keys? Check that gaming mode also isn't enabled on the kb (it should be one of the buttons at the top).

https://rocketjumpninja.com. Go to the Top 40 mice and choose your poison.

The controller must remain directly connected to XIM Apex at all times, which is why it's not being detected by XB1.

Only put the mouse & keyboard on the USB switch. Leave the controller on the XIM USB hub and plug the USB switch into one of the XIM USB hub ports.

Also note that Windows 10 has an issue whereby swapping from XIM to PC may crash the USB host and disable the keyboard, requiring a PC reboot. It's a Win 10 problem, not a XIM one and doesn't affect older versions of Windows, nor macOS.

Game Support / Re: X/y ratio
« on: 04:03 PM - 08/22/19 »
XIM Manager > Global Settings > Enable expert configuration. That'll separate HIP from ADS in game configs.

Which keyboard are you using?

Ctrl and Shift are both modifier keys. On some keyboards, the keyboard itself may be waiting for additional input, e.g Ctrl+V, rather than passing the Ctrl or Shift input through to XIM. It's rare, but you may not be able to bind modifier keys in XIM as a result.

Also, make sure to update to the latest XIM Apex beta firmware at https://xim.tech/beta.

The latest XIM Manager app should be available on the Apple app store.

I'm not sure if Google Play has the latest release for Android, but there should be a link in the beta thread if that's not the case.

Welcome to the forums.

XIM doesn't change device sensitivity randomly, so there'll be some other factor at play. Do you have DPI up, down or cycle buttons set on the mouse? The difference between 30-ish XIM sens and 300 XIM sens sounds like DPI is dropping dramatically, which would be explained by a mouse DPI binding. Changing Synchronise settings will also affect XIM sensitivity.

Secondly, XIM is a controller emulator and console input is velocity-based, not distance. That's why you get variance in turning over the same distance, depending on the speed of the mouse. Be wary of trying to move too fast for flick shots as the turn speed cap will be hit (XIM will flash red) and movement beyond that will be ignored.

Support / Re: [ACTIVE] Power failure
« on: 03:17 PM - 08/22/19 »
Yep, try a different port on the Xbox One. It's possible for a console USB port to fail over time too.

I recall having problems running a steering wheel on one of my PS3s, but it wouldn't work on another without a power adapter.

Support / Re: Power failure
« on: 11:03 PM - 08/21/19 »
Welcome to the forums. Please note that power comes from the console, not XIM Apex, so it's likely one of your connected devices causing the problem.

Disconnects are typically due to a failing or faulty USB cable from the controller to XIM Apex. Try replacing it with a data USB cable if you have one handy.

Also, ensure your controller is fully charged before connecting to XIM. If you're on Xbox One, you can remove the battery.

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