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Support / Re: [Q/A] Return item
« on: 04:19 AM - 01/21/21 »
You can add a USB cable to power the USB switch if needed, which may be the case here.

Also ensure the controller remains connected to the XIM APEX hub.

There are posts on the forums for how to setup and use a USB switch with XIM APEX.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Sony NAV Alternatives?
« on: 05:20 AM - 01/15/21 »
Azeron Compact.

You can add a third speed by using an AUX config for say a fast ADS. Trigger the AUX by holding a button on your kb or mouse and set the Sensitivity higher than your normal ADS, but lower than your HIP.

Conversely, you can set the AUX to a lower, sniper mode ADS speed and use a higher normal ADS sens.

I've always used Default for Destiny 2 on PS4. If it's pulling 120FPS on PS5, Default should be the way to go.

You need to install the latest XIM APEX beta firmware for Xbox Series X controller compatibility - https://xim.tech/beta

IMHO, it's worth the wait.

General Discussion / Re: Titan Two vs Cronus Zen vs XIM
« on: 12:49 AM - 01/15/21 »
Titan Two's processing loop runs at sub-1ms, with all Gamepacks & mods running at 1ms by default (the fastest a USB port can poll). This is the reason T2 script memory is only 8kb to ensure the fastest possible processing speed. However, T2 child scripts can be embedded within parent scripts, making for much larger scripts than Zen is capable of running (T2 will dynamically load child scripts on-demand and maintain its 1ms speed).

Zen's processing loop by default is 10ms. Zen Gamepacks run at 10ms. Both will induce input lag. At its fastest, Zen can only run at 4.5ms, which is worse than CronusMAX PLUS. 4.5ms is an unusual number that doesn't sync with any console or PC USB port and frames will be dropped as a result. This is due to Zen using 32Kb of memory, most of which is dedicated to the OLED display.

While Zen touts the wonders of their tiny OLED screen, the simple truth is it's a performance handbrake. Zen will never match Titan Two's 1ms speed due to hardware constraints. Meanwhile, T2 can customise scripts on-the-fly using a GUI menu, either via USB to PC or Mac, or wirelessly to Gtuner Air on iOS or Android devices. Bluetooth on Titan Two requires the Expansion Kit, but it can handle 4 concurrent BT connections (2 controllers e.g L & R Joy-Cons, 1 console, 1 phone or tablet) vs Zen's single BT controller support.

Not to mention T2 also has Computer Vision input and text-to-speech output, neither of which will ever appear on Zen. No-one's done it yet (to my knowledge), but Titan Two could also listen for in-game audio, or potentially a microphone for audio cues to activate mods when connected to PC (and passed through to console).

I don't see ray-tracing as the big next-gen console feature. That's the big next-gen PC GPU feature and you pay through the nose for it. That and genuine 4K @ 60FPS gaming, which most GPUs are still incapable of doing.

For me, 1440p @ 120FPS is the next-gen console feature, which aligns console performance with mid-range, 3 to 4 year old PC performance.

If $3000 (AUD) Nvidia GPUs are barely capable of ray-tracing at 4K without significant compromises to performance, why would you think a $750 (AUD) console with an AMD GPU would come anywhere near close to pulling it off?

Consoles are cheap PCs, so set expectations appropriately. Performance-mode is a cop-out to counter the "4K, 120Hz, Ray Tracing" marketese, but really, what did you expect?

Honestly, I'm just happy with a bump to 1440p @ 60FPS. It was plain as day that 4K was never going to push more than 30FPS on a console with all bells & whistles enabled.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Xim apex and Titan one
« on: 05:41 AM - 01/14/21 »
Head to the XIM subforum at https://consoletuner.com for setup info.

Titan Two is a better match for full XIM APEX support. Titan One only supports 125Hz and 250Hz Response Rate on XIM APEX and doesn't support audio passthrough to a controller.

Keep it simple -

1. Connect the Azeron to PC, run Azeron Software and update to the latest firmware. Don't install the XIM FW, it's not needed and you lose the second profile. I had XIM FW on one of my Azerons due to corrupted profiles, but fixed it out recently.

2. Run "Calibrate Analog Stick" to prevent stick drift and malfunctioning wheel menus.

3. Connect Azeron to XIM, setup your Actions. The stick will automatically map to movement.

You'll want to research if that screen supports VRR at 120Hz on Xbox One X or Xbox Series X (PS5 will support the same specs).

There's a list of supported screens on Reddit (do a quick Google search). If it's not on that list, do not buy! VRR is important because consoles can't maintain a perfect 120FPS. Without VRR, there will be screen-tearing and dropped frames.

Don't worry at all about 1ms response time, it's a meaningless stat for the time it takes a pixel to change from one shade of grey to another (affects blur and not much else). I think the Dell is 4ms GtG...again, it means nothing.

What you want to find is the input or display lag, which will be around 12-16ms for most screens. The fastest screens on earth can only do 8ms.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Rapid Fire Mouse
« on: 10:25 PM - 01/13/21 »
See, I mentioned that I don't want to buy a Cronus or Titan because I actually already have the older model Titan Two. I think my problem is, I use the Xim on PC. For some reason I have never had luck getting the Titan/Xim combo to work on PC.I am not sure what the deal is. Last time I tried, it all seemed to work until I had it all plugged in and ready to go and it kept restarting every few seconds. So, I figure I won't try the newer model nor the Cronus because I've never had luck with the one I have now. I've had it for years and have never used it. And all i've ever wanted out of it was rapid fire, lol.
Newer model T2 is just a different shell.

I can almost guarantee that you just need a power supply for the Titan Two. Your Titan Two, XIM APEX, mouse, keyboard and controller are drawing more power than a 5V USB port can supply.

The specs for a T2 power adapter are 7.5V, 4.0mm x 1.7mm, centre-positive, 2A. Centre-positive is very important - you'll burn out the T2 if using the wrong polarity. Use the required V & A too.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Rapid Fire Mouse
« on: 07:32 AM - 01/13/21 »
Bloody Mice.

By the way, Cronus devices don't work properly with XIM APEX set higher than 250Hz (4ms), nor are XIM devices officially supported, so it's hit and miss.

Cronus Zen's processing loop maxes out at 4.5ms and Gamepacks are set to 10ms by default, which is worse performance than previous generations. Titan Two fully supports XIM APEX at all Response Rates and runs at sub-1ms speeds.

Cronus is hostile towards XIM because (laughably) they see themselves as competitors for console m/kb. ConsoleTuner (Titan) collaborates with XIM and both devices are regarded as complementary, despite Titan Two having far competive m/kb with XIM than Cronus.

Correct. 1440p @ 120Hz works over HDMI 2.0.

Be aware that many 1440p monitors with high refresh rates don't support VRR at 120Hz. That's currently not a problem for PS5 as it doesn't have VRR, but it is an issue for Series X. The console may be locked at 60Hz without 120Hz VRR support. VRR can be disabled, but it's better to buy a screen with 120Hz support.

I bought a Dell S2721DGF 27" IPS QHD HDR 165 Hz (DP) LED Gaming Monitor for console gaming. It works great with my existing HDMI 2 setup on Series X and I get 1440p @ 120Hz with VRR.

No PS5 yet, but I'd prefer 1080p 120FPS over 4K 30FPS on PS5 any day of the week...at least until 1440p is supported.

I don't care about puddles, I care about 120FPS. On that basis, I'm happy enough with next-gen console specs. Or I will be once PS5 ponies up for 1440p.

4K @ 120FPS on console hardware is tantamount to false advertising. Sure, we'll get 120FPS @ 4K console, as long as you don't care about poor graphics &/or upscaling. PS4 could handle 4 @ 60FPS, but only in small indie games, which should have been a red flag leading into this gen.

An RTX 3090 GPU is the only way most PC games will come close to pushing 4K @ 120FPS without significant sacrifices to visual quality. 4K @ 30FPS is a more accurate benchmark for console gaming. Drop the resolution down to 1440p and most games should hit 60FPS no problems, 120FPS with ray-tracing disabled.

As with all tech product releases, set expectations to "meh" and you won't be disappointed.

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