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You're not really going to notice Smoothing or SA at very low values.

Ignore Smoothing unless you get jitter. In some games it has a side-effect of increasing AA, which is not what you want for BO4.

Try Steady Aim at 1.5, then again at 3.0. It definitely helps with mid to long hitbox entry within that range.

Alternately, try OBsIV's quantisation curves -

Gradual -
Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [Translate Ballistics] START COPY >>>

Granular -
Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [Translate Ballistics] START COPY >>>

I also find that setting in-game ADS to 75% (increase ADS sens to suit) and using the HIP ST for ADS to be helpful.

XIM doesn't adjust the mouse polling at all. What it does is filter out the overhead from higher Polling rates than the set Response Rate.

e.g XIM RR @ 125Hz and mouse @ 1000Hz = 1/8th of mouse input is forwarded to the console, 7/8ths is filtered out.

Point being, there's no need to drop the mouse polling down from 1000Hz, unless it helps with heavy jitter. XIM will handle the polling reduction via Response Rate.

Keep in mind that the Zowie tool is inaccurate and will only measure DPI values while the mouse is moving. For best results keep moving the mouse in a circular motion at a constant pace to ensure all input is detected.

There are PC apps that are more accurate at measuring DPI.

Output Polling Rate needs to be changed manually in Gtuner IV.

Also set T2 to the same Output Polling Rate.

Support / Re: PC and USB switch for Mkb
« on: Today at 02:35 AM »
There are plenty of USB switches capable of the job. The problem however is that the USB host in Windows 10 takes a steaming dump after a few swaps and the keyboard no longer responds. The mouse is always fine, it's only the kb that doesn't work.

This issue is specific to Win 10 and is unrelated to the XIM. I've used IOGear GUS404 USB switches for years with zero problems to swap m/kb from XIM to a Mac, and to earlier versions of Windows, but the second I fire up Doze 10, the problems start. Other XIM users have reported the same issue and the only fix is to reboot the PC.

The best solution is to get a Belkin Easy Transfer Cable and use XIM Link to swap the PC-connected m/kb to XIM. XIM Link is not without its own minor issues, but it's a more solid and reliable solution than a USB switch on Win 10.

It looks like a solid mouse Frosty. No lefty version though :shakefist:

I stopped reading at "bypass my Twitter ban"... :o

It's not a problem with the XIM, it's a problem with Razer keyboards and poor rollover / ghosting prevention.

You can use a Belkin Easy Transfer Cable to connect your XIM to PC to use PC-attached mice and keyboards. That will allow you to connect the kb to Synapse for Razer's bodgy rollover / ghosting fix.

Any other keyboard manufacturer would fix the issue on the board, but Razer is a marketing company first and foremost and aren't particularly good at the hardware side of things.

Iím saying itís fine to leave the mouse at 1000Hz and set the Response Rate to whatever you want on the XIM.

However, if the mouse canít poll consistently at 1000Hz, XIM wonít fix that at 1000Hz Response Rate. Dropping XIM to 500Hz though will help and you can leave the mouse at 1000Hz.

For a XIM to appear as a genuine controller, it requires a genuine controller to authenticate with the console. Third party controllers do not work.

Game Support / Re: Division 2 delayed movements/aim
« on: 03:59 PM - 05/21/19 »
The ST is not going to cause input lag, if it did we'd all experience it. The game engine and your ping will cause lag, as will certain loadouts.

The only reasonable source of input lag originating from the XIM is XB1 @ 1000Hz while chatting (the console can accept 1000Hz input, but isn't expecting it). Enabling Voice Chat compatibility mode, or dropping to 500Hz or less will resolve that.

Have you tried deleting your TD2 config in XIM Manager and setting it up again?

I've been accused of using a XIM in a killcam ("nice XIM")...and rightly so!

It's most likely that a XIMmer will spot another XIMmer, so I return the compliment ("Thanks! You too :)")

It doesn't matter. XIM will filter out the extra input from 1000Hz and dial it back to 500Hz. So even if a mouse can't hold a consistent 1000Hz, XIM will push through a clean 500Hz. That's a better outcome than dropping the mouse to an inconsistent 500Hz.

Game Support / Re: Division 2 delayed movements/aim
« on: 03:39 PM - 05/21/19 »
If a XIM-connected controller works fine, I'd be looking at the mouse as the source of the problem.

Alternately, try the mouse on a different Apex USB hub port to see if the issue resolves. If it doesn't, then it's not the XIM nor is it the XIM USB hub.

If you're on Xbox One, dial the XIM Apex Response Rate down to 500Hz as 1000Hz can cause problems in some games while chatting (a problem with XB1's OS).

Chances are the XIM, mouse & controller are fine and it's the game to blame. The Division genuinely has one of the worst look mechanics on console. The only playable loadout I've found that works well with a XIM is an SMG, optionally with shield.

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