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XIM 4 does work on PC, but it depend on whether or not a game supports an Xbox Wireless Controller or a DualShock 4. One or the other needs to be connected to XIM 4.

But XIM is not designed to work on PC and there are no plans to add PC support, so mileage will vary.

XIM APEX doesnít support PC gaming either. It emulates either an Xbox or a DualShock 4 controller, which are both supported by some Windows games, but the XIM APEX itself is not. XIM works on PC by coincidence, not by design.

Most people using XIM APEX on PC do it to cheat. XIM is not designed to be a cheat device, nor will it ever support PC games to abuse aim assist. Asking for PC game support is not going to change XIMís position as itís made on ethical rather than technical grounds.

Maybe you should look at Cronus Zen instead. Itís a cheat device with mouse & keyboard support that works on PC. It sucks compared to XIM APEX and has terrible mouse aim, but it should do what you want.

XIM does not support PC gaming and never has. XIM 4 Manager is only for configuring the XIM 4 device, itís not to play with XIM on PC.

XIM 4 hasnít been made in 3 years and is unlikely to receive any further substantial updates. Your support options are going to be limited to getting your XIM 4 working on supported consoles - PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. It also works on Series X when using an Xbox One controller. For anything else, youíll either need to follow questionable YouTube guides or nut things out yourself.

The smarter use of your time is to get better with native mouse & keyboard on PC rather than cheat with a limited support XIM device on an unsupported gaming platform.

Beta / Re: XIM APEX BETA [Manager 20210313] (**LATEST**)
« on: 11:26 PM - 06/17/21 »
I have not installed the beta Manager app, but can add/edit/delete all game configs without issue. Iím on iOS 14.6.

Uninstalling the beta XIM APEX Manager app and installing the App Store version should resolve any problems you may have editing game configs.

General Discussion / Re: Anti recoil on overwatch
« on: 09:07 PM - 06/17/21 »
Computer Vision couldnít realistically detect if AA is active or not, it can only do things like weapon model recognition.

I havenít played OW in a long time, so Iím not aware of the Soldierís recoil modelling. In this situation, Iíd trade less aim assist for better recoil control any day of the week.

General Discussion / Re: Anti recoil on overwatch
« on: 04:35 PM - 06/17/21 »
Overwatch doesn't include an ADS page because the look mechanics are the same for ADS as HIP. You can add an AUX page for ADS, if needed.

Recoil can be controlled by increasing the YX ratio so less mouse movement is required to counter recoil. Try a value of around 1.25 to 1.5.

An AUX config for ADS can be setup for recoil management (see XIM Central YouTube channel), but it restricts mouse aim movement when active.

Titan Two supports XIM APEX for mods & macros. Learn more on the ConsoleTuner forums as discussions about mods like antirecoil are not permitted here.

XIM Link / Re: XIM Link Activation - no movement
« on: 03:54 PM - 06/17/21 »
Try setting XIM Link to start as Administrator.

Genuine Sony DualShock 4 version 1 and 2 controllers are supported by XIM APEX. Older V1 controllers don’t support audio over USB, so a headset connected to the controller won’t work.

Have you tried a different data/sync USB cable from the controller to XIM APEX? That’s by far the most common problem.

As for PS5, see https://xim.tech/beta. DualShock 4 controllers don’t work in PS5 games.

Scuf is a modified DualShock 4, itís not a licenced third-party controller. DS4 controllers donít work in PS5 games.

Youíll need a controller listed in https://xim.tech/beta to play PS5 games. Nacon Compact Wired PS4 Controller is the best option.

The beta Manager app isnít needed. Try downloading XIM APEX Manager from the App Store instead.

Beta / Re: xim apex on ps5
« on: 03:30 PM - 06/17/21 »
PS5 support has been available for months using specialty PS4 controllers - https://xim.tech/beta.

DualSense support however is currently not possible due to the heavy encryption of the controller communication protocol. XIM, like everyone else, is waiting for licenced third-party PS5 controllers to solve the problem.

Long story short, a $20 controller and a XIM APEX firmware update will allow you to play PS5 games.

Hardware Compatbility / Re: Problem with Asus Rog Chakram
« on: 03:25 AM - 06/17/21 »
Thatís right. Follow the instructions in the XIM Link forum. You may also need to run XIM Link as Administrator.

It needs to be a genuine Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller (Xbox One or Series X), wired Microsoft Xbox 360 controller, or Sony DualShock 4.

Third-party controllers won't work for authentication on PC. Only PS5 is supported for specialty third-party PS4 controllers.

Hardware Compatbility / Re: Problem with Asus Rog Chakram
« on: 02:26 AM - 06/17/21 »
It should work fine with XIM Link. All native PC functionality, including drivers & macros, is supported when swapping m/kb to XIM APEX via XIM Link.

There are no plans to support mods, macros or cheats on XIM devices, ever. Rapidfire is considered cheating and XIM is not a cheat device.

You can however add cheats to a XIM via Titan Two, XIM Link combined with AutoHotkey (can get you banned in PC games) or mice with macro support and on-board memory (Bloody or Steelseries).

This is strictly at your own risk and discussions of cheats, like rapidfire, are not permitted on the forums, so youíre on your own if going down this path.

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