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But thatís not the reason they use it, they use it for an aa advantage over other pc players...

If that was the reason fair enough, but still.
On the flipside, native m/kb has better precision and faster turn speed...swings and roundabouts.

General Discussion / Re: 1000hz and CPU ...
« on: Today at 07:00 PM »
1000Hz can cause system lag on Xbox One, due to the console expecting input at 125Hz. This can manifest itself as garbled audio and in rare instances, dropped frames, depending on the game, party chat etc. On XB1, I personally wouldn't go above 500Hz as it doesn't seem to cause these side-effects.

Note also that this doesn't happen on PS4 as it's expecting 800Hz input from the DualShock 4 controller. It's a reasonable assumption that PS4 can run at 1000Hz with 20% overhead to allow for dropped packets to/from the controller.

XIM Smart Translators are trained at max in-game sensitivity. The result is a 1:1 translation of mouse movement with the game's look mechanics.

As soon as you diverge from vanilla XIM ST, you lose that 1:1 translation by adding acceleration, or increasing the deadzone, or adding delay via smoothing etc. If OBsIV had his way, we wouldn't have any Expert settings because it muddies the clean waters of the ST :)

Muck around with in-game sensitivity if you want to toy with more AA (the lower the in-game sens, the higher AA tends to be), but mouse movement will be compromised in relation to the ST.

Couldnít agree more, itís pathetic people who use the xim on pc..
Pathetic is harsh, each to their own. Console controls are much more compact than native kb on PC, that's reason enough to try a XIM if you prefer console controls :)

Sync at Default is 120FPS, which is another way of saying 120Hz, or 120 cycles per second. Common is 60. Slow is 30. We know these things for certain.

What we don't know for sure is how Sync works as APEX may still be reporting to the console at the Response Rate, but values are interpolated at the Sync rate on APEX, thus smoothing out jitter.

In any case, does this do what you want Frash - HIP with less AA, ADS with more AA?

Support / Re: [ACTIVE] xim breaks all my buttons
« on: Today at 04:38 PM »
Upload the image to a site like https://imgur.com then paste the link here.

I love how you just said the same @#$%. If you look at people that are actually good most don’t use third party adapters and peripherals.  Also love how you compared an actual steering wheel to a toy you hook up to your console. If you wanna handicap your self by cheating then go ahead, just don’t try to blow smoke up peoples @#$%.
I repeated myself because you clearly don't understand what I'm saying. When dealing with children, repetition helps to convey the message. If you'd prefer that I use small words, I can do that too.

These are all advantageous devices in their respective genres because they are the best tools for the job. In some cases (wheels, HOTAS, instruments), they emulate real world interfaces that have been refined for over a century.

None of them will make you a god walking among mere mortals, they still require skill and practice. However, the skill ceiling is higher with dedicated devices than a generic console controller, so most players will be better with wheels, HOTAS, arcade sticks, mice etc than without.

Try racing Nurburgring with a wheel, then try again with a controller. I can guarantee you'll be significantly faster with the device that offers better control...and it ain't a controller. To repeat myself again, the same applies to fighters, flight sims, shooters, music games etc. Do you consider wheels, HOTAS, arcade sticks and music controllers to be cheat devices too, or do they simply offer more refined input?

If your argument is based solely on AA, then you've kind of missed the bulk of the discussion here about reducing rather than enhancing AA because a controller handles AA better than a XIM (the mouse hits an AA bubble that makes it harder to enter the hitbox). I guess the enhanced AA you get with a controller makes it cheating ::)

Keep your head in the sand champ, or...I don't know...actually use any of these devices before commenting. Or crawl back in your hole and play with the wallhackers, aimbots and lagswitchers on PC, because that's a tonne of fun!

It may be the Model O- mouse, there's been a few reports lately of it repeatedly disconnecting when connected to XIM APEX.

However, it sounds like you may have a faulty USB port on the controller. Do you have another controller you can try?

Hardware Compatbility / Re: Delux T9 Keypad.
« on: Today at 03:40 PM »
I love my Azeron for all games except Fortnite (I prefer kb for FN due to my L1 & R1 bindings). Azeron's the only device I've used that has everything I need within easy reach, e.g d-pad can be a challenge to map to a kb.

I also highly rate Ergodox EZ's split kb for gaming (even more for productivity), but it's expensive. I far prefer ortholinear keys and I'll be using it for both work and gaming until the day it dies.

ControlPad by Cooler Master is getting close to a retail release - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/coolermaster/controlpad-24-keys-with-analog-control. I've been waiting on my Kickstarter pledge to be fulfilled and the latest update is they're preparing to ship.

Does this affect game audio in general as well? I noticed on COD and PvZ if I don't have audio compatibility checked I get tonsss of audio stutter/static. Even with it checked I still get it occasionally and didn't know if my Xbox is just conking out or it was a problem with the response rate.
Yes, it can affect audio, and even framerates in some XB1 games. The console's just not built for 1000Hz input and XIM may be flooding the USB host with too much data, causing operating system issues that leech into the game.

Rather than use Audio Compatibility mode (which forces XIM Response Rate down to 125Hz), try using 500Hz Response Rate.

This isn't a problem on PS4 as the DS4 operates at 800Hz via Bluetooth, so it's reasonable to expect that PS4 has a 20% overhead (1000Hz) for smooth controller input over BT.

XB1's USB port functions at 250Hz, but the controller only responds to every second ping (refer to ConsoleTuner documentation for more info), so I'd be using 250Hz as the baseline for XB1 rather than 125Hz.

Like XB1, PS4's USB ports run at 250Hz. Jumping from 125Hz on XIM4 to 250Hz Response Rate on XIM APEX made a world of difference to my PS4 m/kb experience. Interestingly, I'm also having a better time with XB1 Smart Translators on PS4.

Ahh yes.

Shall we have a little cuddle?
Big spoon or little spoon?

As above, you lose 1:1 mouse translation, but itís your game, do what you want.

Play and Charge Kit cables donít work with XIM (or any controller adapter) because they donít have data lines. Youíd be bypassing the XIM and making a wireless connection to the console.

You canít set mouse polling lower than Response Rate. Leave the mouse at 1000Hz and set RR to 125Hz instead.

Im getting confused. So explain to me how synchronisation and xim apex response rate differs or what is the e relationship between them? Why do we have 2 options? Does response rate overwrite or take priority over sync and if so, does setting xim apex response rate to 125hz effectively automatically sets all sync to slow.

God dammit
Think of mouse polling and XIM APEX Response Rate as Input polling, and Sync as Output polling.

XIM4 had a fixed Input and Output polling rate of 125Hz. XIM APEX has configurable Input and Output polling rates of 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz and 1000Hz via Response Rate.

Sync Off passes through the Response Rate at the defined Output polling rate of 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz and 1000Hz. So basically, XIM APEX passes through the polling rate from the mouse to the game, which can result in smoother, more precise movement.

However, high Output polling from XIM to the console was found to cause jitter for some users, so Sync was added to dampen the Output polling to "sync" with a game's processing loop, thus reducing jitter, with the added bonus of stickier Aim Assist.

Sync at values other than Off creates additional Output polling rates of 30Hz (Slow), 60Hz (Common) and 120Hz (Default). I can't 100% confirm this as it's XIM secret sauce, but I can't see Sync working any other way, so let's just run with it.

So, you can set your HIP to 1000Hz mouse polling, 1000Hz RR and Sync Off at 1000Hz to get what you want. For ADS, no changes are required for mouse polling or RR given Sync at Default will dial APEX back to 120Hz output for stickier AA. That's close enough to 125Hz.

Try it and let me know if it works. Slow might be worth a shot on ADS too as D2 is a 30FPS game. A touch of Smoothing can also add a little stickiness to AA.

Ill take this up for you Antithesis. Yo DM me link. HP CMG 1v1.
Wasn't me dude, I'm steering clear of these shenanigans.

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