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Given this might be about Haptic Feedback, could it be a move on Sony's part to stop paying royalties to a third-party for the rumble patent?

From memory, PS3 launched with the Sixaxis controller, which had no rumble due a patent lawsuit. Rumble was added back with the DualShock 3 (and retained for DualShock 4) after Sony presumably reached a deal with Immersion (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sixaxis).

Let's assume that Sony licenced DS4 rumble for PS4 games, which is why they can't use the DS4 for PS5 games. Either that or they just want to flog a new controller ;)

Hopefully there's a really simple explanation and solution for this and the DualSense requirement is easily accommodated by the APEX.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Xim APEX On pc
« on: 04:12 PM - 08/04/20 »
DS4 V2 works fine with XIM APEX in D2 on PC and identifies as WIRELESS CONTROLLER in Win 10.
DS4 V1 also works fine with XIM APEX in D2 on PC and identifies as HORIPAD 4.
Both tested and confirmed.

DS4 V2 detects as a PlayStation controller and all D2 button labels are for PS4.
DS4 V1 detects as an Xbox One controller and all D2 button labels are for XB1.
This is possibly due to using the Xbox One Smart Translator for D2 in XIM APEX Manager. Setting the ST to XB1 may also solve your Ghost issue.

I checked Steam's Controller Settings and the XIM APEX is detecting as a PlayStation 4 Controller, with the same controller profile loaded.

In Steam > Settings > Controller > Desktop Configuration, my APEX is set to "Gamepad with High Precision Camera/Aim". This may be the setting you need to adjust to get either DS4 version working in Steam.

Get good and stop trying to use a xim on PC lol
Let's not be judgy. XIM APEX works really well in D2 on PC, far better than the console versions. Yes, you get AA, but controller limitations are on PC too, though recoil is easier to control.

The greatest benefit comes from playing at higher FPS, FOV & resolutions, which transforms the game into a much more playable experience.

On the flipside, Hand Cannons and Snipers are much more effective and viable on PC and the general Crucible skill level is higher. So it's swings and roundabouts.

Game Support / Re: Power failure
« on: 03:44 PM - 08/04/20 »
Any good quality USB hub should work, regardless of USB 3.0 or 2.0. I use a 13-port, 12V, USB 3.0 powered hub without issues.

The only hub that didn't work for me is a USB 2.0, 7-port, 5V powered hub from Belkin, likely because it didn't meet my power needs (I use 5 devices on a XIM APEX).

General Discussion / Re: mobile support?
« on: 09:58 PM - 08/03/20 »
The look mechanics on iOS are going to remain a problem, regardless of whether or not XIM APEX works on an iPad Pro.

Buying a Pro is a hefty investment that could easily be nullified by tournament rules, which may include no m/kb.

General Discussion / Re: Ps4 Controller WILL work on PS5
« on: 09:56 PM - 08/03/20 »
It's definitely wait and see.

XSX is looking more promising due to forwards & backwards controller compatibility, so maybe MS gets more of my money next generation (I'll still buy a PS5).

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Ps4 bfv ST feels sluggish.
« on: 09:53 PM - 08/03/20 »
XB1 and PS4 tend to have different deadzones. You can counter lack of micromovement with Boost, or by moving the first point of a Ballistics Curve up the Y-axis.

XB1 STs on PS4 isn't recommended and will only work for games with equivalent look mechanics across platforms.

Game Support / Re: City Skylines
« on: 06:48 PM - 08/03/20 »
You can use the Console Crossover Config to bind controller Actions to mouse & keyboard in any game, so technically you can do what you want. You can also swap sticks in XIM APEX Manager if you find that the mouse doesn't move (it'll move via WASD instead).

But, mouse on console is very different to mouse on PC. Expect to need to swipe the mouse a great deal more to move around the screen in these genres on console.

The game is expecting analog stick input and to move around a menu or map, it'll be looking for 100% stick deflection. That'll only happen when a mouse is moving and you'll quickly run out of pad and need to swipe again, so expect a poor experience.

If the mouse doesn't behave as you'd expect it to on PC, that's how the developer chose to build their console controls and XIM cannot overcome those in-built limitations.

If you want to be able to turn faster on-demand, setup an AUX page in your game config.

Bind the AUX Activation key to a mouse button or kb key that you hold when you want to turn faster and crank the Sensitivity up on the AUX page.

Game Support / Re: City Skylines
« on: 03:52 AM - 08/03/20 »
Welcome to the community.

These games won't benefit from XIM mouse & keyboard support. The control schemes and user interfaces are designed for controller on console and work better for it. XIM cannot turn a console game into a PC one, the controls are baked into the game.

The default USB polling rate of PS4 and XB1 is 250Hz, however both consoles will accept 1000Hz input. This is not a problem on PS4 because a DS4 polls at 800Hz over Bluetooth (let's assume a 200Hz buffer for lost packets and call it an even 1000Hz). However, XB1 isn't designed to handle 1000Hz and may have issues with frame drops, garbled audio and jitter. It's therefore a safer option to use 500Hz on XB1 as it's far less likely to cause problems.

The reason we have 125, 250, 500 and 1000Hz Response Rates is simply for more user choice. Higher polling rates are generally more responsive to mouse input, but are less responsive to Aim Assist (which is a good thing more often than not). Lower polling rates tend to play friendlier with Aim Assist as input is more controller-like, but it can be difficult to break through AA in some games.

Sync functions independently of mouse Polling or XIM APEX Response Rate. At 1000Hz Response Rate and Default Sync (120FPS), XIM APEX will still communicate at 1000Hz with the console, but interpolates input over the last 8ms to a single value (1000/120 = 8.33ms, or half a frame at 60FPS) and passes that smoothed value to the console. At least that's how we think Sync works (APEX's RR can still be measured at 1ms), the secret herbs and spices have never been revealed.

Game Support / Re: Ghost of Tsushima (Infamous SS)
« on: 09:19 PM - 08/02/20 »
A Titan One or Two can be used to emulate touchpad swipes via GPC code.

More info here - https://www.consoletuner.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=15769&p=101654

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Ps4 bfv ST feels sluggish.
« on: 05:13 PM - 08/02/20 »
Try the XB1 ST on PS4. It may be a stick resolution issue (XB1 is 16-bit, PS4 is 8-bit) and from what I understand, XB1 STs have higher resolution.

I can notice a significant improvement in Destiny 2 on PS4 using the XB1 ST, maybe it'll work for BFV.

Run XIM Link as Administrator.

I would recommend trying 250Hz over 125Hz. 250Hz is the native USB polling rate of both PS4 and XB1. XB1's 125Hz comes from the controller ignoring every second tick.

I used 250Hz throughout the 7 or 8 month XIM APEX alpha testing period due to Titan Two losing sync with XIM APEX at 500 and 1000Hz (later fixed). For me, the difference between XIM 4 at 125Hz and XIM APEX at 250Hz was a "Holy sh!t" moment.

250Hz feels a lot more responsive than 125Hz and still works well with AA. 250 to 500 and 1000Hz wasn't as significant and can cause jitter on XB1. AA is easier to cut in and out of at higher polling rates, but if you want to work with the game at a native console rate without sacrificing AA, try 250Hz with Sync Off.

General Discussion / Re: mobile support?
« on: 04:54 PM - 08/02/20 »
From what I read in a recent forum post, it is possible to connect XIM APEX to an iPad Pro via a USB-C connector.

For a regular iPad or iPhone, a Lighting to USB adapter won't work. It can however probably be done via a Titan Two with a Titan Expansion Kit.

Titan Two will connect wirelessly to the iPad/iPhone as a DS4 controller, which is supported on iOS 13+. Connect XIM APEX to T2 and you're done.

I haven't tested this myself, but APEX > T2 > Android, Switch, PS4 Remote Play etc, so it *should* work on iOS, but I have yet to confirm it myself.

Assuming it can be done, the bigger question is why bother? XIM Smart Translators are made for PlayStation and Xbox look mechanics, whereas controls for mobile Fortnite are designed for touch input. You can use a controller, but XIM on iPad will likely be a poor experience.

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