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General Discussion / Re: Feature Suggestion
« on: 11:15 PM - 05/31/20 »
It's really simple to do (HIP to ADS), but jumping back the other way needs some thought  ???

The title of this thread should be changed. It should read "I think...". By the way, a theory is a scientifically proven fact. What you have is a hypothesis that requires testing.

Anecdotes, hypotheses and conspiracy theories don't count for much when XIM hasn't been directly detected or targeted since it's invention over a decade ago  ???

Hard evidence is Respawn posting "We've discovered a way to detect XIM". Soft evidence is "I hear click-clacks of team-mates keyboards". You're drawing a very long bow at best. Maybe next time ask if they're using XIMs, then calculate the results of the survey as "hard evidence".

We've gone through this before with PUBG, Fortnite, Blackout, Overwatch etc. XIM usage is significantly lower than people think. Ergo, developers aren't going to dedicate the resources needed to discover and filter XIM players into dedicated lobbies.

For a game dev to sniff and filter XIM players on console would require significant server-side heuristic logging and analysis of the entire playerbase because SAB makes XIM movement input indistinguishable from a controller. That would require millions of dollars to setup, support and staff...you honestly think they're doing that to find a needle in a haystack? That is exactly what a XIM user is compared to the total playerbase.

Devs also aren't going to use game settings to group players they deem to be cheating into the same servers, that's just silly. If they consider their own controller parameters as cheats, then why provide those options? It's not happening.

On PC, devs have deeper access to the operating system and will be sniffing for cheat apps tapping into the game processes, or running in conjunction with the game. That's very simple and cheap to do by comparison, especially when they can purchase off-the-shelf cheat detection services that do this for them.

I don't mean to be a dick, but posts like this from new users should be taken with a pillar of salt when there is no substantiating evidence. It's the same theorycrafting controller players use when they accuse better players of using a XIM when they simply lack the skill to win the engagement.

The far more logical explanation is skill based matchmaking (I don't know if Apex Legends uses it), which is more likely to place higher skilled opposition into the same lobby. The concentration of XIM players may increase as SBMM level increases. Even then, it's a tenuous link as you're still highly unlikely to run into another XIM user based on the very low percentage of us actually out there (OBsIV gathers this data, it's likely less than 0.1% for the battle royale games).

Unless and until Respawn themselves provides "hard evidence" that XIM is being detected, get on with your life and enjoy the game. Just like every other dev that has stated they're working on m/kb input detection (PUBG, Overwatch, Fortnite etc), they're not spending a cent to find the 1 in 1000 players using a XIM, most of whom are just average gamers.

Bots are back in force  :-\

General Discussion / Re: YIKES LOL
« on: 03:29 PM - 05/30/20 »
I game mostly on console and work exclusively on Mac. The only reason I have a PC at all is for streaming, and thatís more for the technical challenge of optimising it than actually doing it. Understanding how technology works and min-maxing it is probably more my hobby than gaming and itís a deep and expensive rabbit hole  :o

PC as a platform is still riddled with inadequacies and inefficiencies - itís nowhere near as progressive as it should be because tech companies are more interested in bleeding us dry one drop at a time than genuine progress. This next-gen of consoles is a wake-up call for PC gaming, even if it is for the short term.

General Discussion / Re: Feature Suggestion
« on: 02:59 PM - 05/30/20 »
Itís possible to jump between configs using Hotkeys, so theoretically you can already do what you want. Practically, itíll need some tweaking to find out the right way to do it.

Swapping from HIP in CoD4 ST to ADS in BO3 is pretty easy by binding the ST Hotkey in CoD4 to ADS, but there may be a delay during the ST swap.

The hard part is defining a key to return to the CoD4 HIP ST - Sprint gets close, but can be used for hold breath while ADS. It could be done using a toggle thatís not bound to an Action, but then you need to remember to hit it every single time, which is impractical.

General Discussion / Re: YIKES LOL
« on: 02:44 PM - 05/30/20 »
PC has always been very expensive on the bleeding edge, but $2500 (AUD) for a mainstream GPU (2080Ti) alone is verging on ridiculous.

Likewise for a quad HDMI cap card, top of the line CPU, 32+GB RAM and a super ultra wide screen, silent cooling (the gear I want) - itís very easy to p!ss over $10K (AUD) into the wind on a gaming rig thatís redundant in a year.

Thatís why I stick with console gaming, for the most part. Iíd rather pay $500 on hardware that lasts for 6-8 years, can be heavily optimised because itís single config, and have coin left over for games than deal with the hardware circlejerk, pirates and real cheats on PC.

PC gaming can look amazing (ultra wide @ 120Hz is mindblowing), but consoles are near enough that theyíre good enough, which will be especially true this coming generation. Iíll take 4K @ 60Hz or 1440p @ 120Hz any day of the week, which exceeds the capability of almost all current gaming PCs.

Take a look at XIM Link to swap m/kb from PC to XIM, you'll also need a compatible USB transfer cable. A PS4 controller seems to be more compatible for XIM gaming on PC.

A USB switch works, but can crash the Windows 10 USB host. The kb may become unresponsive, requiring a PC reboot.

Titan Two is another option for m/kb passthrough from PC to XIM. There are no issues with console gaming, but a bit of work needs to be done to hand focus back to a PC game

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: What’s your rank in OW?
« on: 06:27 AM - 05/29/20 »
In that case...OW feels pretty awful on console without AA.

I've played shooters since shooters were shooters and my aim is about the same on both PC and console, so lack of skill isn't to blame.

Disabling AA, specifically in OW, makes for a far less effective experience on console and aim just feels wrong. I prefer to play Soldier, McCree and Ashe, if that makes any difference.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: What’s your rank in OW?
« on: 11:19 PM - 05/28/20 »
I've never played competitive OW, so I'm assuming it's 0.

I guess that makes me sh!t at the game and instantly invalidates my opinion, so I'll keep it to myself.

The mic sounds great for console chat.

I prefer the BoomPro because it's a single cable from the X7 to my Fidelio X2 cans - it replaces the 3.5mm cable for the headphones. Two cables is annoying, which is why I didn't opt for the ModMic.

Welcome to the community.

For a wired ModMic, plug it into the mic port on the front of the X7. I use a V-Moda Boom Pro instead of a ModMic and it's been flawless for years.

You will still need the Creative BT-W2 to connect the X7 to PS4 for the mic passthrough. Connect the X7 via Optical as well for Dolby Digital audio.

I'm not sure how the wireless ModMic works. If it's Bluetooth or uses a USB dongle, you probably connect it direct to the console and won't need the BT-W2.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Titan two, xim apex, voice chat
« on: 03:06 PM - 05/28/20 »
XIM APEX and Titan Two both support voice chat for 3.5mm headsets connected to the controller. On PS4, it needs to be a DS4 V2, V1 controllers donít pass audio over USB.

USB headsets are connected direct to the console and have nothing to do with a Titan or XIM.

Support / Re: Movement issue
« on: 03:03 PM - 05/28/20 »
Itís unlikely to be the firmware update, that can happen if you have insufficient power to your setup. You can downgrade to any earlier XIM firmware release to test.

XIM makes it clear from the get-go that you need a genuine console controller for authentication with the console. This is mentioned on the sales page of every official XIM seller.

This is a requirement, third-party controllers lack the auth chip and cannot be used with a XIM.

General Discussion / Re: The Azeron - XIM out of the box
« on: 02:53 PM - 05/28/20 »
It does take awhile for order fulfilment due to high demand, but shipping is quick.

I ordered my third Azeron on April 24 and it arrived two days ago on May 27. Thatís pretty good considering Azerons are custom-made to order.

For the record, thereís nothing wrong with my other Azerons, I bought the third in case I canít find a replacement in the future.

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