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XIM link is redundant in a Titan Two setup. It can perform mouse, keyboard and joystick switching, as well as being fully independent of a PC...lots of options.

Titan Expansion Pack is only for connecting BlueTooth devices to Titan Two, e.g using a DS4 on XB1 wirelessly.

External drives on PS4 can cause video and audio stuttering, choppiness and delay in a game. That may be what you're experiencing.

I had these issues with a Seagate external HDD, but no problem at all with a Western Digital HDD.

Yes, you can do that. I use one myself to avoid wear and tear on the USB ports.

Be aware that most of the cables with this feature on eBay are power only. The USB cable needs to support data and power.

I accidentally enabled HIP for ADS in BO4 awhile ago and didn't notice for about a month. Swapping back to ADS felt off.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Why use 5 K DPI
« on: 04:17 AM - 01/18/19 »
It depends on the game, the mouse, the pad and user preference for things like aim assist. Some games I like 3-4K DPI, others I prefer 12K.

It's difficult to know until someone reports it as working.

If Turret connects wirelessly via a USB dongle, it should be ok. Other wireless m/kb devices from Logitech, Razer and other brands work with Apex.

It's not for me, I'm happy with the Ergodox ;)

Thanks for the suggestion though, I'll pass it on.

Game Support / Re: BO4 XIM APEX TITAN 2 Questions
« on: 02:54 AM - 01/18/19 »
The problem is XIM gets tarnished by the cheating brush whenever we talk about mods and macros.

The two devices pair beautifully, but we need to respect OBsIV's decision to not offer native macroability, as well as the XIM forum rules to not discuss cheat mods.

If we take the discussion over to ConsoleTuner, it's the same peeps on a different site talking without restrictions.

I can't speak for the Zowie, but I know of people that use them and love them. The Finalmouse (both ultralight phantom and Air58) works great with the APEX
Air58 looks compatible. Tick that box.

Well I finally got my ducky in and everything works fine. The color profiles and everything work fine with the xim and I'm loving the 60% size over my usual preference of TKL. In the picture it has raindrop mode on, that's why everything looks dim, but it's my favorite mode at night because it doesn't strain your eyes. I definitely recommend this keyboard and the mx silvers I got on it are actually my favorite switches now even though I was originally going to order browns, which were even further backordered than the silvers.
And that's Ducky One 2 mini confirmed. Done and done.

Can anyone confirm that Ducky One 2 Mini kb and Finalmouse Air58 mouse work on XIM Apex?

I suspect both do, but would appreciate confirmation :)

Game Support / Re: BO4 XIM APEX TITAN 2 Questions
« on: 01:24 AM - 01/17/19 »
Just a heads-up that discussing Titan and CM scripts here is against forum rules. It's best to keep it on the ConsoleTuner forums. There are also numerous BO4 scripts in Gtuner.

Logitech mice are rock-solid on Apex. Steelseries if you want on-board macros.

Check out www.rocketjumpninja.com and choose your poison from the Top 40 mice. All of them should work well with a XIM.

Directed at the Red Dragon keyboard my good man. If they sell for $20, they're made for $5. Quality all the way...

G Pro is a great little TKL board. Price seems steep, I could have bought one for about $130 AUD a week or so ago on sale.

You can use a USB switch to swap mouse & keyboard between PC and XIM.

M/kb > USB switch > XIM Apex USB hub > XIM Apex > console.

Note that the controller must remain on the Apex USB hub.

IOGear / Aten USB switches work fine, but Win 10 can be flakey with swaps from XIM to PC after a few attempts. This is not a problem for XIM to Mac, Win 7 or Win 8.1, so it's a Win 10 issue.

Alternatives like UGreen and Sabrent USB switches also work.

Pay peanuts, get monkeys. Value is relative to budget.

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