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XIM 3 Discussions / Re: Xbox One
« on: 04:19 PM - 11/13/14 »
this is very stupid meaning i have to spend more money to have something that works on xbox one what would i do with xim3 like really @#$%...

Configurations and Requests / Re: B.O.2 config
« on: 04:30 PM - 05/24/13 »
i only play bo1 and all i do is trickshot and get feeds with the sniper.

General Discussion / Re: FaZe ZiimeR
« on: 09:58 PM - 12/14/12 »
well because i don't really use the black ops 2 smart tran i use a different one it is possible that he might be using one to join faze you don't really need to tell them what you use so it is possible.

General Discussion / Re: FaZe ZiimeR
« on: 02:05 PM - 12/13/12 »
well the way he snipes it looks like he uses a xim like when he drags the scope moves up like when your using a smart translator because it happens to me too.

General Discussion / FaZe ZiimeR
« on: 02:06 AM - 12/13/12 »
I am wondering if he actually uses a xim because of the way he plays and the name he got he just changed the X to a Z so made it to Ziimer i just wonder if he got the name from Xim like ximers i wish i could find out if he owns a xim3. you guys think he actually uses one?

XIM Apps / Re: XIM3 DeadZoner
« on: 12:32 AM - 12/11/12 »
yeah i notice i will need to get one 2morrow i guess then.

XIM Apps / Re: XIM3 DeadZoner
« on: 11:43 PM - 12/10/12 »
what is i dont got a belkin easy cable i got windows easy cable?

yeah i notice that it is annoying. and this what i always play with

Deadzone 9425
20.24 sensitivity
-0.35 accle

Deadzone 10195
8.65-9.35 sensitivity
-0.35 accle

yeah thats why i don't like using smart because it does that and messes up my QS

i can tell just because of the way u snipe everytime ur scope moves when u scope in thats why i don't use smart because of that i don't want to miss every shot everytime i scope in so i use standard.

Configurations and Requests / For those who QS with xim
« on: 02:44 AM - 12/08/12 »
I really wanna know what are your configuration you are using for sniping mostly just for quickscoping pls post some i really wanna try different type to see if any of them work for me.

i actually don't see to much of a advantage all i do is quickscope with my xim3 and there is people that are faster and have better accuracy with a controller then me using my mouse and keyboard but when i tryhard using reg guns there is a advantage so i might need to learn how to quickscope with the controller which i hate using it it feels so awkward for me. 

Configurations and Requests / Re: Blackops 2 ST dragscope
« on: 04:02 PM - 12/05/12 »
well the thing is why i find it better is because some people use the black ops 2 for reg guns i only snipe with standard that's all i use when i mean snipe i am talking about quickscoping and trick shot and is just that dragging the scope to the left or right is always in a straight line.

Configurations and Requests / Re: Blackops 2 ST dragscope
« on: 06:08 PM - 12/02/12 »
same here  i have tried them all and none of them work as good as standard i have better accuracy with it.

Configurations and Requests / Re: Blackops 2 ST dragscope
« on: 06:45 AM - 12/02/12 »
i actually find it way better using a standard you can drag scope better and quickscope with it better thats how i gotten all my feeds and trickshots by suing standard i cannot snipe with ST just because is not as smooth as standard.

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