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Hi all

As title mentioned, I received this message when I input my G403 into XIM Apex on PC when playing COD MW2019, I am not sure what this means, I set mouse response rate via G-hub as 1000 hz and my aim was very wacky even though I could feel the aim assist.

Yes. As this is the same game ported to current gen, they were placed under the same game entry.

Thx a lot, I will try the config next week when my pc arrives. Is it still COD4:MW REMASTERED config a preferred config for MW2019 on pc?

It will likely be under just COD4:MW where the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 icons will now be available.

I see, I did see PS4 and XBOX ONE icons under COD4: MW, so that means if I pick PS4 or XBOX ONE, config will be automatically set up as REMASTERED?

Hi all

I bought XIM Apex and appreciate your efforts. However when I was setting up the new config for COD MW 2019, I did not find COD4:MW Remastered config in the XIM APEX Manager, I updated XIM APEX firmware to the latest.
Not sure if I made mistakes on any setting up steps.

Sorry I posted this in XIM4 section in the beginning, sry for the confusion

I stopped playing on console after COD:WWII, totally missed BO4 and MW 2019 most likely as well. Since Sony teased PS5 next year, will XIM get new adapter on new consoles?

BTW, shall I wait for official MW ST if I really want to be a lazy lad :o

Support / [ACTIVE] XIM4 manager 20151120 freezes everytime
« on: 03:22 AM - 11/24/15 »
Hi all

Finally I used my laptop to be able to start to pair XIM4  to my PC, however my XIM4 manager (latest version) always froze and didn't work. My XIM4 shows white light when pairing with bluetooth.

Also, I am confused about XBOX One controllor new feature, do I need to press X logo to turn off my controller before pairing w/ bluetooth?

XIM4 seems to be frustrating to me :-X

Hi everyone, I just bought Xim4, however when I connected my xbox one controller to xim4 and then connect XIM4 to my pc, I did not see the emblem of my controller.I don't know if I use the correct cable for my xbox controller. I used the Play and Charge kit cable, is it the right one?

Otherwise I don't know what happen to my controller and I cannot use my keyboard and mouse after reconnecting xim4 to XBOX one...

General Discussion / Re: Chicago...
« on: 12:55 AM - 01/07/14 »
That's why I ran out of Chicago and moved my @#$% to wonderful LA, LMAO
Enjoy my sunshine and my mamacita, LMAO

General Discussion / Re: Your Top5 Last-Gen Games
« on: 12:48 AM - 01/07/14 »
No particular orders:
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare   tbh, this is the only good COD game ever, the rest, nah, just casual games
Uncharted(all)    my favourite action game series, I think this is the best series from SONY I have ever played, they are movies, lol
Sangoku Musou (all) well...I'm Chinese, so I like the storylines of this game frachises, graphics is not that good, but I like it :)
Gear of War(all)   I didn't play too much, but I think it's way better than COD series

that's all....

General Discussion / Re: KNIGHTS of NARNIA
« on: 11:59 AM - 11/28/13 »
I'm just wondering where most of u guys are located, cuz last time I played with Dale I didn't feel any lag while I noticed he doesn't live on west coast of USA. And I think I need to play with clan members more to get my 100 KEM goal done, lol.

General Discussion / Re: COD: Ghost
« on: 01:15 AM - 11/19/13 »
Mute function is very complex now, like in BO2, scroll down to someone, press button, muted. Faster and more convenient, now I have to do it on menu dashboard.
I agree many details are missing, and check players online population you will find not so many as in MW3. Maybe after thanksgiving and Christmas it will be ok. I don't know

Actually you can play more games on next gen consoles, COD is not the only option, neither are other FPS games. COD is almost done according to online population nowadays. I won't buy XB1 so early just because my budget and my concern about unstability of early versions. Games are out there, I just worry about the system.

IMO, grip is pretty good attachment now. Just dropped one assault KEM against noobs. Maybe it's placebo, but I feel better with grip now

U mean AK12 with foregrip? I'm experimenting it now. Much more steady now, but I'm also thinking if ext mag is necessary. Maybe if I use it long time enough, I will master AK12

I use AK12, honeybadger, MSBS, MR28 a lot.
TBH, I don't feel like AK12 works for me well though I dropped 3 KEM with it. The fire rate is reason slow when you put on silencer u can feel it so obviously.
While honeybadger I like it better now. MR28 is OK, MSBS is good but recoil does exist and you have to be accurate.
I don't have my preference about weapons in Ghosts, in previous CODs I always have my favorite weapons. AK47 in COD4, SCAR-H in MW2, Galil in BO, SCAR-L in MW3 and AN94 in BO2. But now, I really don't like most weapons, gunshot or models

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