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General Discussion / Re: Xim party Cod4
« on: 10:46 AM - 03/22/08 »
Im still here , Just sick of listening to a bunch of punk kids on xblive talk trash! been playing on PC .  had to take a break before I went nutz (blap)

Thats funny

General Discussion / Re: To my valentine, XIM
« on: 11:31 PM - 02/14/08 »
Lol. It's a special kind of love - Although I am not loving people who give me negative karma, not a big deal. Of course if I say anything someone is going to come along and start putting a Ding on me for saying anything at all.

Just for the solar flare explanation you get + from me oh and one for the Nutz Puncher

Support / Re: G5 not working?
« on: 04:55 PM - 02/14/08 »
is set point running? XIM doesnt like setpoint so make sure its not running. Open task manager and shut it down. I have the g5 and have no issues what so ever..
You can also right click on the set point icon in the system tray and exit the program from there too.

General Discussion / Re: suggested mouse pads
« on: 04:50 PM - 02/14/08 »
at 40 bones it better be smooth, and come with a free toaster!

General Discussion / Re: suggested mouse pads
« on: 10:19 AM - 02/14/08 »
Well I guess the mouse review is helpful if you use the same mouse pad surface he does in the review, I wonder what the numbers would say if he were to review different surfaces along with the mice.
The only reason I question the validity of his review is from my experience, I have owned dozens of mice, and was never satisfied, now IM not saying the G5 is gods gift, but the performance drastically changed after the rocket fish, the control side does not work on the G5 it is too coarse, but the speed side works very well, now the opposite may be true for an optical mouse on the same surface, I also noted his take on the weight system in the G5 he states I don’t know why you need it. But right off the bat he's talking about the type of shirt a pro gamer wears so the sleeve doesn't interfere with his mouse movement, I think if toms labs were to review the same mice you would be surprised to see the results and how they differ from the numbers he lays down, I understand his want and theory, to weed out the propaganda reviews, but I don’t think he covered all his bases, Just an opinion

General Discussion / Re: suggested mouse pads
« on: 10:51 PM - 02/11/08 »
Holy freaking rocket fish batman, so thats how the G5 is supposed to work? the weight kit makes sense now! I monkeyed around with different weights It sure does change the feel , I was useing the ratpadz GS, HA what a pile! hands down I agree #1 

General Discussion / Re: Xim 2
« on: 10:46 PM - 02/11/08 »
I heard DerekTM say it was delayed in the buy/sell xim section.

True, we hit a little snag thanks to the latest controller hardware revision (005). But, it's going to take more than that to stop us. :)
Well ask and you shall recieve at least i know your still alive, thanks for taking time to give us an update.

General Discussion / Re: Xim 2
« on: 03:29 PM - 02/11/08 »
any news or progress on the xim2?
havent had an update for a while whats it been like a week?

Tutorials / Re: How to solder
« on: 10:31 AM - 02/08/08 »
1. Both
2. The solder only flows where you put the heat, so if the tip is touching (I said tip touching,LOL,)the contact pad and the wire you are soldering that is the only place it can go, I think in the video he used more solder than required to show what a good solder joint should look like, but if you notice the solder still does not  flow over to the other contact pad but around it. so on the daughter card as long as you are only making contact with one soldering point at a time you should have no issues. also he doesn’t tin the solid wire components this is not necessary, but with a stranded wire it is.

Support / Re: soldering irons
« on: 08:53 AM - 02/08/08 »
this should answer all your questions

Tutorials / How to solder
« on: 08:46 AM - 02/08/08 »
I found this on you tube it may help.

Support / Re: XIM In a Nutshell?
« on: 12:01 PM - 02/04/08 »

« on: 07:12 PM - 02/01/08 »
may be a driver error with the mouse in windows, are you using xp or vista?
if vista you may have to be logged in as administrator, seems to fix every thing else, on the v2 the two buttons on the side are forward and back? when your in explorer do they work in this manner? I have tried several different mice and haven't had an issue yet, kind of funky.

« on: 04:41 PM - 02/01/08 »
im at work too, but you know what piss on work, ok so just went through all the mouse binds this is what works on the G5 MouseLeft MouseRight MouseMiddle MouseBack MouseForward MouseAux1 MouseAux2 MouseAux3 MouseScrollUp MouseScrollDown
the green ones are good and the others don't exist. the only thing that I question is the MouseMiddle and MouseBack you should not get an error on theese. I would start over fresh.

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