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XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Its been a while :D
« on: 03:36 AM - 01/08/17 »
Hey Od1n how have you been mate?

I'm hoping I'll get my xim early this coming week so I can start playing with all these new features.  It certainly sounds like Obsiv's improved upon the xim3 and made it even better than it already was :)

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Its been a while :D
« on: 11:59 AM - 01/07/17 »
Thanks Mist i'll be sure to read it all and look forward to playing with all the new features as soon as it arrives :D

XIM 4 Discussions / Its been a while :D
« on: 11:29 AM - 01/07/17 »
Hi all!

Been absent from gaming for a fair while due to babies, breakups and general real life stuff.......but ive just got a xbone and just ordered my xim4.  Cant wait to get back into it and I see a lot of old faces still on the forums.

What goodies can I expect from the xim4.  I didn't do much research as I knew if I wanted a KB/M converter there was only one I would trust previously having xim2 and 3.

Also feel free to add me up as I deleted a lot of people and may have deleted a few old xim friends unintentionally.
Gamertag is still Ultim83.


XIM 3 Discussions / Re: Getting back into my ximming :)
« on: 02:39 AM - 01/07/13 »
hey ultim8, welcome back :)

Hey Od1n,

How you doing mate?
It's been a long time :)

pretty good, how about you? ;)

lots of stuff changed in here, such as the xim edge
also new features everywhere, especially on the xim edge

and hey, we even got our own official xim twitch channel now ;) :)

Yeah not too bad at all really but decided its time to get back to my gaming :)
I can see I seem to have missed a lot of stuff that's been going on recently.

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: Getting back into my ximming :)
« on: 05:27 PM - 01/06/13 »
hey ultim8, welcome back :)

Hey Od1n,

How you doing mate?
It's been a long time :)

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: Getting back into my ximming :)
« on: 10:28 AM - 01/06/13 »
ah ok so there is specific PS3 ST's but only on Edge.

Any reason Obs didn't release the PS3 ST's onto the XIM3?

XIM 3 Discussions / Re: Getting back into my ximming :)
« on: 10:20 AM - 01/06/13 »
ok thanks ak,  I'm guessing in the interim the XIM3 will work but its at the mercy of the GTMax for the moment.

XIM 3 Discussions / Getting back into my ximming :)
« on: 09:37 AM - 01/06/13 »
Hi Guys,

Just a quick one as i'm going to get back into my console gaming and I'm too lazy to try and find the answer after being away for so long and so much seems to have changed.

Originally I used my XIM3 on my 360 naturally, but now I want to have a go on the PS3 due to a friend only having access to PS3.  I had already bought the GT Max as I guessed I would want it in the future.

The bit I don't understand is that the XIM3 on the home page just says xbox but the edge says both.

Does the xim3 have specific PS3 ST's available to it?


General Discussion / Re: Windows 8 Hate?
« on: 10:03 AM - 07/09/12 »

;)  Already registry hacks for the developer preview.  Personally I will be very surprised if Microsoft do not give you an option to turn it off on the retail release for many reasons.  Not everyone has or wants a touch screen which is metro's main function.  Add to that they still want business clients updating to windows 8 in the future.

General Discussion / Re: Windows 8 Hate?
« on: 09:30 AM - 07/09/12 »
Hello everyone :)

Right Windows 8 it much more optimised for todays tech.
So for example hardware with UEFI bios's will benefit with handover times during boot.
It also uses less resources to run such as memory.

In short its a Windows 7 thats been optimised for todays tech and future tech.
Sure its been given Metro which is needed to compete against the various tablet OS's available now but I believe you can switch it off and run it without that horrible GUI.

Do you need it?

Well if you have a new PC with UEFI (Make sure your UEFI utilises the new features of windows 8) then yeah why not.

If you dont then its not really a necessity.


General Discussion / Re: Build / Suggest me a PC! :D
« on: 11:42 AM - 02/21/12 »
Yeah roads overclocking really isnt necessary with most new hardware but if its there and is free then why not :)
You would be amazed and how much quicker things like unzipping large files is,  sounds silly but I download a lot of large (10GB+) files that are rar or similar and once had my system set at stock (Usually 4.2Ghz down to 2.66Ghz stock) and the time difference is a few minutes...... doesn't sound much but often i download movies as a spur of the moment thing to watch that minute......

Gaming wise most games don't benefit that greatly from OC on the cpu as they are mostly graphic card bound, but a few titles do benefit massively such as Arma 2.

General Discussion / Re: Build / Suggest me a PC! :D
« on: 03:26 AM - 02/21/12 »
yo publix sorry man Im not around much these days.

Higher frequency memory will give you a small gain in performance.....however for the overclocking your doing it wont be linked to the cpu speed.

You have linked and unlinked overclocking with sandy bridge,  by this I mean you and 90% of overclockers on sandy bridge overclock with multiplier which has no impact on the memory.

However the extreme guys overclock with the multi and the bclk, now when you change the bclck and up it from 100Mhz your @#$% with everything, USB, PCIe lanes, Memory ect.  Thats why Bclk clocking is not advised on sandy bridge unless you know exactly what your doing :)

General Discussion / Re: Alienware X51 opinions?
« on: 02:08 PM - 02/08/12 »
dont do it gab,  building is the bets way to get the most for your money.
Also alienware and other large brands often have proprietary stuff in so say the psu goes pop,  you can go get a 50 new one from the shop down the road.....nope that will be 300 please.

Not sure if thats the case for these particular machines but I know a lot of the big brands do this.

Ultim8 - great list.
Just a few points:
- The 2500k is an i5, not an i7.
- XFX, in my experience, is awful. I had a motherboard from them that died. The RMA spanned several months, during which they sent me two warped motherboards and a faulty 5770 before finally sending me a working item. I'd avoid them like the plague.
- Other than price, is there a reason you chose an AMD card over an Nvidia card? Just out of interest.
- Hard drives. As you said, their prices are ridiculous at the moment. For now, I'd hold off buying HDDs, or buy a second hand one if you really badly need it. The prices should be back to normal by mid-summer at the latest. Alternatively, external hard drives can be had relatively cheap; buy an external unit and rip the drive out of it.

remf - if you want a smaller unit, go with a Micro-ATX board, which will let you use a smaller chassis. You won't be able to use multiple GPUs in a xfire or sli setup, but that would push the price right up anyway. If you're doing video editing frequently, you'll benefit from going with an i7-2600k or i7-2700k, both of which have hyperthreading.
I personally have a custom water cooling loop, which is almost silent, but that depends on how much you're willing to spend. The most noise would probably come from the GPU under load, but a full CPU+GPU loop, plus the radiators and reservoir, would be expensive and probably wouldn't fit in a micro-atx case (I struggled to fit mine in an Antec 900 which is a midi).
So price/performance, you might want to consider something like the Corsair Hydro series, but with Scythe Gentle Typhoon AP-15 fans.

Hi Adzie,

Sorry I have been busy and not getting onto the forums much lately but here are a few answers for you.

Your correct the 2500k is an i5 not an i7 I copy and pasted a lot of the descriptions from the etailers.
XFX was aweful but here in the UK there RMA centre is actually exceptionally good now,  I have dealt with there RMA before and I too waited a while.  They have however contracted in a firm i know well that do an excellent job at the rma side so for UK based issues there shouldn't be any issues.

AMD over nvidia....ok so bang for buck the AMD card wins obviously but myself at the moment feel that multiple monitor setups are much easier with ati than nvidia cards.  Dont get me wrong im not a fan boy I loved my 8800GTS SLI setup previous to getting the 5870 "Six" editions,  I did then go for sli GTX 470's (well 465's flashed to unlock the additional memory and shaders) but they were louder,  performed around the same and to enable multi screen I couldnt run them in sli which kind of defeated the object of 2 high end cards.  Nvidia may have fixed this now but overall at the moment I think AMD are winning on Price vs Performance vs features your actually gonna use.  Also if your looking and thinking cuda then sure if your into one particular app but to be honest AMD's stream is often better quality and faster,  Quicksync seems to be beating them all.

I also totally agree with you on prefering external storage over filling your rig with HDD's.  I built a little mini-itx freenas box running raidz on 4 x 2tb hdd's and it max's my GBit network out.

Congratz to the newly wed publix too and just remember mate to agree with everything they say and you will be fine......but watch out for the trick questions as they like to do that at time......oh and then there is the questions they ask that there is NO right answer to,  Oh and you have to work on your telepathy because you need to know what they want you to do before they do.....Simple

Remf it depends how much of an audiophile you are and ultimately how much you wanna spend.
If its just for gaming then use the onboard it will be fine,  onboard is usually ok for most people and it will allow you to hear footsteps.  Or you could have a look at something like the Asus Xonar DG 5.1 PCI,  these are cheap and have a built in amp for headsets.

Thanks for the link Curtis i usually use http://www.anandtech.com/bench/CPU/2 as you can do GPU, SSD, CPU ect ect and they use virtually every kind of benchmark needed to make a decision and allow you to compare.

thats it mate,  oh something i have found useful after doing such things is to run as fast as you can and if possible let one rip so she doesnt follow you.

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