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Works pretty well with a config I found, I have a full bundle if you're interested in saving some $$. Or I could sell per part if you would like. Here's my forum thread http://xim3.com/community/index.php?topic=388.0 

Have it hooked up to my 360 and PC, it's pretty nice and has a toggle feature underneath the monitor to switch between modes pretty nicely.

If you're looking for a monitor, heres my suggestion. A tad bit pricey, but for 1080p support hdmi, it's pretty good imo.


General Discussion / Re: Placement Setup
« on: 09:59 PM - 04/09/08 »
Remember ... the bigger the tv and higher the resolution .... the harder your 360 has to work to get the fps out . Even though the 360 locks frame rates so they will not go any higher.... they will drop dramatically the bigger tv / resolution you have . Tis why I game on a 24" lcd monitor my pc is on ... cant stand the fps drop on my 52 " plasma.

What 24" monitor you using? I got the BenQ 24", it's pretty nice.

General Discussion / Re: Configs
« on: 09:57 PM - 04/09/08 »
Even though I'm not really going to be an active XIM forum member soon. One thing I wanted was the ability to have like a section on users where they can edit and add their configs and easily accessible by other members, would of been neat.

I apologize if this is inappropriate for the forums. Due to certain circumstances in real life, I have to get rid of a lot of stuff. I just recently sold my 360 and have the XIM+XFPS Sniper and wired controller. It's not a scam, if you search my posts, you'd notice my enthusiasm on the XIM and activeness on forums since I got it. I'll be posting it on ebay, send me a message if anyone is interested, or has been interested on getting the complete set for their 360. All items are less than month old and work perfectly and in good condition.

General Discussion / Splitfish FragFX
« on: 01:13 AM - 04/07/08 »
Question on this: http://www.splitfish.com/page.cfm?pageid=15

Does this work as well as the XIM? For the PS3? Was wondering since IGN gave it a score of like 9.3. Does anyone have this or has had it?

General Discussion / Re: New Sniper Plus and XIM
« on: 05:08 PM - 04/05/08 »
Yes put down your configs for all games you've played =o!

Nice, mind if I ask your config with what mouse you use?

General Discussion / Half Life-2 Config?
« on: 06:26 PM - 04/03/08 »
I can't seem to get a good config for this game, one of the few games I had since start and it's getting annoying now, westy's config jumps too much when moving up and down while trying to aim left and right. Anyone with a 1600 DPI mouse mx518 maybe that have a good config. I know we have a config forums but noone bothers to look at those =/.

Hey man don't mean to thread hijack, but do you happen to have the orange box? I've tried westy's it feels pretty good going vertically and horizontally but when trying to do both it jumps a bit! Do you have a config by any chance for this game?

I understand most here most likely don't have military background. Basically, I play it strategically and I am very specific on fall back positions where I lay stake until situation changes otherwise. In COD you really have to take the outside routes, stay behind cover. Every map, I have at least 6 to 8 locations that I choose as positions of advantage. I may stay there for a few minutes, or I may simply trap it and move on to the next one.

I play it smart, that's all. You have to play the game in a way that leads itself to a win, and if that means roasting some marshmellows or being a bullet bag that has an 8 and 26 score vs myself being 9 and 4 I find that alright. I may have middle of the pack score, but I see all the time people with 25 kills and 30 deaths and that did what for the team - nothing. All I see is he gave up 30 kills, I have up 4 and I am actually ahead.

Good times.

In a SD game I would agree, but your logic of "tactic" doesn't apply to FFO games for instance. If half of the players are sitting/waiting in corners and you have problems to even find a enemy (and then you get shot by someone waiting since 5min in a corner) doesnt make the game any fun (and it has been like that in the 2 rounds I played on live).

Also with countless days of playing FFO/TDM in the PC Version with 2-3x as much players as the xbox version its still possible to not camp your @#$% off and do plently of running and have awesome statistics...

Also if you're not too bad XIM will give you a @#$% adventage anyway so that camping wouldn't even be needed. I watched most of the killcams when I got killed and like 75% of the players where aiming so slow and bad. With a M/K they would have been nothing for me... (though that might differ from play to play)

Search and Destroy, Hardcore, Only mode I really enjoy on cod4, TDM as much as I love it, I save it for games like ut2k4. There's no real advantage in SnD:HC I've seen many controller players real fast and good aim, including my brother. I just benefit more since I hate controllers.

Hey OBsIV mind spilling your config =). If it's written somewhere else and I missed it, my sincere apology!

Depending on what you play on CoD4, mouse over controller isn't much of different. Specially on Hardcore Search and Destroy, that and the obvious campfest CoD4 can become in these type of games. Now if you play regular mode I see it working more.

There you go, it does feel like an arcade type of game. I'm still trying to get the bullet time delay down, but I'm starting to believe it's just lag. Believe BF:BC has dedicated servers, as does frontlines fuel of war. Artillery is pretty awesome, haven't seen it done like that in any game, it's pretty sweet, there's also a few little things I like, smart bombs that you can control to hit a target, like a tank for example. My beef right now, biggest issue, I can't get a @#$% config that feels right. Even more so, it would have to be the sniper bullet travel time, I've never had such a big issue with this. Not since I played BF 1942, even than it wasn't that bad.

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