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This is a great set up been using for a week. I just got my glorious o a few days ago and it feels mint I did have a G Pro wireless but the glorious is better in my opinion.

The activation and deactivation settings what do u put them on for other guns/classeslike subs and machine guns, snipers, AR ?? Thanks great work

Glorious model O is a nice mouse but it's a step down from a G Pro.  However if you like it and get better results in game than that's all that matters.

I think it has more to do with you were in a bad kids lobby. 

Game Support / Re: New MW ST
« on: 02:41 PM - 12/27/19 »
I think it might have been just Activisions terrible servers of why it felt off because the last two games I went between the STv1 and STv3 and they felt the same.  Mist always does great work so I will error on the side that it's activisions fault of why it felt funky to me.

Game Support / Re: New MW ST
« on: 12:19 PM - 12/27/19 »
So the old st feels better for ADS even with the fact the game has changed since it was trained?  Interesting I haven't had a chance to update yet today.

Game Support / Re: Black Ops 3
« on: 03:24 PM - 12/18/19 »
Honestly you can't go from new COD to an old COD without a nice gap time. 

Game Support / Re: COD:MW new look mechanic??
« on: 08:10 PM - 12/12/19 »
If your referring to the Wednesday "Hotfix" update maybe because I've been playing everyday and yesterday when I jumped on the first 2 or 3 games my mouse movements felt off.  I had a few issues kind of like when we were using the 2x ST with 2.0.   

I think I just got use to over the day but there might be something there.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Modern warfare...
« on: 09:37 AM - 12/11/19 »
Don't forget Dead Silence gives a speed boost
PUBzZz, I think I saw you on the net-duma forums. lol

Yes, that would be me. I normally only post there to complain. lol

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Modern warfare...
« on: 08:39 AM - 12/10/19 »
Don't forget Dead Silence gives a speed boost

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Cheap mouse that works?
« on: 08:20 PM - 12/06/19 »
I posted last week that Best Buy had the Logitech G403 HERO for $29.99 which was more than half off.  Now it's back to $69.99. 

It's the holiday season many deals to be had just gotta keep your eyes open. 

Beta / Re: XIM APEX BETA [Firmware 20191130] (**LATEST**)
« on: 08:37 AM - 12/06/19 »
Coming from the Xim 4 using the MW STv2 (2x) at 1.5 in game to the Apex using the STv1 at 1.33 in game on this firmware took me a few days to dial in my settings.

This Beta firmware does the trick fixing the transition issue as long as you keep it under 1.3(3) in game. In my opinion feels better with Default sync than OFF.  Also had to use some curves, Smoothing and Steady Aim. 

Hopefully one day we will be graced by OBsIV with the STv2 because I think I can get more "Juice" out of that with this firmware than I can with the STv1.  It's all about the squeeze.

Either way thanks for the Beta it's a good step forward as it got me back on the Apex.

Whats the general consensus for STv2, though? I currently adjusted both activation and deactivation delay to 224 and disabled Smooth Aim Transition.... but was this suggested for STv1 only? I read a page back that lowering the deactivation delay further may be needed for STv2.. anyone tested and confirmed a working amount yet?

Read RML's last post here. He thinks as of right now better to stick to STV1 and only going up to 1.3x.


Short answer no you don't want to do that.  Here follow RML's setup for using the New Beta firmware and the STv1 which is for the 1x.


Game Support / Re: COD Modern Warfare - In game settings
« on: 06:33 PM - 12/03/19 »
Leave it standard for Curve and AA in game.  The ST was trained that way so you will have more weird @#$% moments using anything other than what MIST trained the ST on.  Not saying you can't experiment but you will have to do some tweaking.

Game Support / Re: Can I still get the 2x ads MW ST?
« on: 06:30 PM - 12/03/19 »
You can't.  Only choice you have is to use the normal ST aka STv1 aka 1x ST.  Use the new beta firmware and follow RML's 1x 1.3x setup which uses the current ST.


Indeed, stv2 snappiness and stv1 aim assisst behavior combined in one st would be perfect.

One can only Dream!

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