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General Discussion / Re: MW is actually trash...
« on: 01:08 PM - 09/18/19 »
Driftor didn't fallout with activision. They still fly him out, put him up in a nice hotel and take him out to dinner. He still gets advanced info about the game so he and a handful of others can have the jump on everyone else dropping videos. That advanced info = Money for Driftor.  They may not cut a direct check but there is an exchange there that benefits both parties.

General Discussion / Re: MW is actually trash...
« on: 08:49 AM - 09/16/19 »
Rain1dog let me get some of whatever you smoking over there.  8)

After the Alpha I had high hopes for the game.  Was looking forward to the beta. After weekend number 1 of the beta I'm feeling a bit confused.  Looking forward to weekend number 2 and trying it on Xbox. 

I don't want to bash the game just yet. My list of negatives is longer than the positives at this point however maybe some of that is addressed in weekend 2.  Doubt it but I'm gonna be hopeful that IW has somebody over there with some common sense.

For me the connections is number one issue.  Kill cams where so off by a half of second or more. Most times I didn't even raise my gun in the kill cam yet on my end I was getting hit markers on the guy.  I finessed the netduma a bit but nothing helped. 

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Xim4 + cronus
« on: 11:14 AM - 09/10/19 »
Better off asking onthe Cronusmax forums.  What's goal with the Xim plus Cronus? You looking to run some scripts like anti recoil and such?

I sure hope they don't go down this road to be honest.  I just want to use my XIM 4 and be left alone to play my @#$% game.  I don't want to have to use no experimental firmware to workaround the issue that will only most likely add in some other issue.

I sold my APEX earlier this year because when it comes to COD I think the XIM 4 2014 firmware is the best. Also the Steady Aim 3 beta firmware is good for COD also.  Hope this doesn't come back to bite me in the butt.

General Discussion / Re: Battlefield Vs. Call of Duty
« on: 03:51 PM - 12/04/18 »
I played way too much BO4 to the point I got bored. I haven't touched BO4 in 2 weeks.  I was going to pass on BF5 because I didn't enjoy the beta. However Target had BF5 50% off last week so I picked it up but haven't played it yet.

I'll end up putting more time into BF over the next 12 months than I will COD.  The last good COD I played all year was BO3. After that I only get 1-3 months out of COD before the wheels fall off for me.

Life always comes full circle it seems.  Can't believe they brought this back to life with the Hero sensor.  Total win/win

PC Manager is now available.

Thank you sir

can someone explain what steady aim does. pls, say I run 0 SA vrs 200. whats the difference?

Try it and see :-)

He asked about Steady Aim not Boost.  The Steady Aim video is coming soon

any help please i've downloaded the best firmware and manager the firmware goes in fine and shows the correct 5.00.20181109 but the manager is'nt having any of it it does show the same numbers but the none of the new features are showing up i've enable expert mode as instructed and watch the utube video time and time again i am getting no where also theres no manager for pc only andoid wha is this when i download it its shows as an apk file which i have no clue what to do with any helps please.

Manager for PC is coming soon from what we have been told.


Mac firmware tool is now available.

When will the manager be available for pc download?

I'm sorry, I'm going to need more time on that since building an install package isn't a fast thing. But, I'm curious how this will really help here. These new settings require a lot of adjustment at runtime while you are in-game. Since PC is offline configuration, you won't be able to do that. Or, are you using Commander?

Always need to have a PC manager.  Sure the phone apps are great for in game tweaking but actual config setups are better done on PC. Actual management of all your setups is better done on PC. 


can we get a breakdown of the Steady Aim values.  Like Low vs High values. What's the impact exactly.   Tried different sync's but seems like DEFAULT with a low SA value between 1 and 3 seems pretty good. 

Not seeing the link for the updated Manager for PC.

It will be added hopefully by this weekend.

ok thanks

Not seeing the link for the updated Manager for PC.

Stop complaining apex feels smooth af and on point
Iím ranked top 15 in the world for my accuracy on leaderboards

How do you see that? We donít even have global leaderboards, just people on our friends list

not sure but I think the Call of Duty Companion App shows all that stuff

Treyarch has a history of bad hit detection. That means it will never change. 

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