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Its dead. Xog wasted tuffs time. Nobody wants to compete. Even if you assemble a bunch of randoms that already quit or hardly play they will lose to dales team that plays this every day and that's why they are reluctant to sign up.

I would just use the site to try and organize some one off money tournaments. Post it around the net, try to get a few teams in on it to at least recoup some cash for the time you put in.

General Discussion / Re: League Play Rage Thread
« on: 03:14 PM - 03/13/13 »
Just tested,

Buying the extra slots works for league, so you can have 50 slots.

Finally multiple setups for each game type or map

already determined xog was racist in an earlier thread, however no that is not shrimp haha

Turn it into a 2v2 ladder then we'll have enough teams

General Discussion / Re: X© gamebattles team
« on: 12:35 PM - 03/13/13 »
Maybe it'll encourage teams to play better teams to move up faster rather than just farming level 1 teams

General Discussion / Re: X gamebattles team
« on: 12:24 PM - 03/13/13 »
doesn't matter, JR is just going to boot them

2 teams, rofl

I just watched a video that went over all the Skins/reticules/calling cards that are coming out for these micro transactions and frankly I didn't find any of them really worth paying for.  Only thing I saw that I'd consider is the extra 10 Create a class slots.

I only liked 1 or 2 of the reticules, and I liked a few of the skins, but I wouldn't pay $2 for a single skin and 3 reticules I don't like, and a calling card I wouldn't use.  The Calling card packs with the country flags are literally recycled from MW3 they should be free imo.

That's 90 extra slots. And I like the camos. I have no camos since I play mostly league play, so I like that I can buy them. I'll probably buy the muertos and kawaii. I don't think i'll get more league play slots if I purchase that one, but it would be nice.

Micro transactions for vanity items is a great thing in my opinion. I don't really apply that to cod/activision though. Normally you'd think they would use taht revenue to give us free maps, free weapons, a working elite service, a cheaper game, etc etc. That won't be the case though.

General Discussion / Re: Re: BO2 Patch 1.08
« on: 09:53 AM - 03/13/13 »
na, there def 100% dedicated. There are people that I play with and get 3bars pub/custom games, but get 4bar in league.

I've never had a host migration. Even if it was a quick migration you would still be able to notice - and there wouldn't be a better connection overall.

You can still lag people out on dedicated servers, just get someone's IP and flood away.

If your friend had a "disconnect" in a leagueplay game its more likely that the server just went down - Ive played over 400 leagueplay matches without a migration / disconnect. Hell, if I play pubs it migrates host 3 or 4 times a game!

You'll notice huge lag spikes and freezing when people quit/dashboard, but not when every player does. You can dos somebody on dedis yes, but the issue is how did they get the IP mid match? Could have done it in pregame before it got handed off to a server, or it could have gone back to non dedicated for a time. Who knows.

General Discussion / Re: BO2 Patch 1.08
« on: 09:32 AM - 03/13/13 »
That's true. We also need dedicated servers at least for league play. I'm not convinced its dedicated. My friend had a TDM league disconnect from a dashboarder(saw it on his stream), and people were still booting other people during the champs league grind for the million dollar tourney places. Sometimes when people quit there is huge lag spike. I think they are just using  a different method to swap the host that is faster than the normal one. Maybe it involves their servers somehow.

haha yup  ::)

The only good thing about it that there is no secondary sensitivity transition issues.

If you had a scuf the only thing you'd be toggling is the hacks boddiebagger found out you use

Its dumb to toggle.

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