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General Discussion / Watch_Dogsh*t
« on: 12:37 PM - 03/07/14 »

There's controversy brewing that Wath_Dogs went from looking like a next gen game should look like to looking like a PS2 game.

General Discussion / Re: COD GHOST new gun DLC
« on: 02:13 PM - 03/06/14 »
Looks cool but I just got rid of the game.

General Discussion / Re: BF4 adressing netcode
« on: 10:00 AM - 03/05/14 »
The netcode was good for me until the patch where they closed the window for when the game registers a kill. Before that point I had a KDR of 1.7 and rising after that point it started dropping drastically. Though, it could have also been that at that time I started unlocking DMRs and maxing them out. Every death showed the enemy as having 0 health while they were clearly still running around.

Personally, I wish every game had netcode like Killzone: Shadow Fall. If you have a poor or strained connection, if you want to stream, then sucks to be you.

General Discussion / Re: Battlefield 4
« on: 11:07 AM - 03/04/14 »

New Patch:

Haven't played it for a couple of weeks but patch promises lots of goodness.

My favorite is:

-Fixed a bug where red laser dots would get stuck on textures

Beta / Re: PS4 is RUNNING
« on: 10:58 AM - 03/03/14 »

General Discussion / Re: Ukraine
« on: 10:00 PM - 03/02/14 »
Nah, that's why Russia has to institutionalize homophobia because the men there don't want touch those beasts.   :P

General Discussion / Re: Ukraine
« on: 08:07 PM - 03/02/14 »
If it's any consolation, the troops stationed in Ukraine would get to spend time with some pretty Ukrainian ladies. But if they end up in Russian territory then they'll have to fight off ugly hags.

Destiny? Never heard of it.

General Discussion / Re: Ukraine
« on: 05:55 PM - 03/02/14 »
If Russia is so worried about Russian speakers Ukraine should send them into Putin's arms but if idiots want Russia to keep installing puppets who rob their coffers dry then @#$% 'em.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: I got KB+M working on PS4
« on: 02:28 PM - 03/02/14 »
I'd sign a petition, e-mail, or participate in whatever way I need to but someone probably needs to write a carefully worded letter to pass to Sony making sure not to paint Xim as a cheating device and hurt the cause.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: I got KB+M working on PS4
« on: 12:04 PM - 03/02/14 »
Is it possible to get the community organized to pester Sony for a Xim license?

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: I got KB+M working on PS4
« on: 10:51 AM - 03/02/14 »
Does anyone know if they have ever blocked any other K&M device? If there's no other choice I'd still get the Hori  but without a trackpad and headset support I'd rather avoid it.

Yeah, but as a button not a swipe.

General Discussion / Re: New Tony Hawk game
« on: 02:27 PM - 02/27/14 »
Still holding out hope.

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