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So I use my XIM4 on PS4 Pro and I use the SAME mouse and Keyboard for my PC as well.

You may be able to get away a KVM Switcher.

I purchashed one by IOGear on Amazon for 20 bucks.
Basically you will plug your devices into the KVM Switch then 1 usb into the XIM port 1 and then the second USB from the KVM to the PS4. When you press the switch it will switch between the XIM and the PS4. Might work might not. I have not tested it personally.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: 1 Keyboard and 1 mouse
« on: 08:02 AM - 02/05/17 »
So I understand what a KVM switch is and I think I'm confused on the aspect of do I need to plug both of the ports into the XIM or only 1 USB port.

With the audio it is a ground loop issue. The only way to fix it seems to be using a wall outlet USB adapter like for a cellphone. This creates another issue since I have my USB run to my PC for PC audio and my optical cable to my console for console audio. Astro recommended using a powered USB 2.0 hub as it will be grounded to my electrical supply via a power strip and not through the USB connection to my PC. Would that not work?

XIM 4 Discussions / 1 Keyboard and 1 mouse
« on: 09:47 PM - 02/04/17 »
So I know there are people who have used a set up so their mouse and keyboard can be used with the XIM 4 and their PC with a switch.

I am wanting to set up my PC and consoles the same way. Can anyone link the switch they use and include a diagram or detailed description of how this should be wired?

Also I need to use a powered USB 2.0 hub due to using an Astro MixAmp and there being a buzz due to power draw issues so the diagram needs to include this as well for the USB 2.0 to the XIM4.

Anyone able to help out?

what i read out of this topic is that i need to buy more XIM stocks before microsoft realizes they need to team up with XIM right? ;P ;P

as for LANs, with some solder skills im sure its possible to fit a XIM pcb into a TAC case with the TAC keyboard and mouse connected to the XIM
that way everyone things you play with the licensed adapter but its actually a XIM

I like your idea of outfiting the TAC Pro with the XIM PCB.

Question is could we then modify that even further such as using better MX switches, better joysticks, mice out fitted to look like the TAC Pro mouse etc.

That is why I love the XIm because I can choose the devices I feel the most comfortable with and the ones that I trust for reliability and response.

Technical Support / Re: [ACTIVE] xim4 not pairing
« on: 03:39 PM - 09/30/16 »
Does not matter what mouse and keyboard you use in the XIM4.

Have you updated the XIM4 by connecting it to a PC?
If so do you have XIM4 set to Wired or Bluetooth mode?

Check the support page for the instruction videos. I had this issue and my XIM4 was in wired mode.

General Discussion / Re: GTX 1080 or wait for AMD RX 490?
« on: 03:37 PM - 09/30/16 »
Really depends on personal preference and set up.

If you are running Intel components in the PC then go with Nvidia as there is no thermal throttling in a lot of games with an Intel and NVidia pairing.

Amd components obviously run AMD.

I have a Frankenstein rig using AMD processor but an Nvidia 660ti FTW+2 edition from EVGA and I have overclocked the card to max and it is still stable.

GPU's are like cars. Somebody buys 1 and it is perfect while someone else buys one and it is a lemon. Luck of the draw.

Your idea would only work for LANs though. Most keyboarders would play in the controller league if it was online.

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You are correct it would only work in LAN tournaments but even now MLG and UMG has said that without actual proof of KB/M play there's not a lot they can do about it.

Also with the TAC pro being released I believe we may see a vast growth in the number of Pro and semi-pro teams competing in online tournament play for a spot at major LAN tournaments because Sony is allowing it to be used which I think is awesome.

Interestingly enough look at the Chronos Max. it was banned then controller connection and chat issues began and they integrated it into tournament play at LAN. With the TAC pro theoretically we should be able to take a XIM4 in to a LAN and have it accepted because essential it has the same function as the TAC Pro just with better GUI and device options. even the Chronos Max is advertised as being able to use your KB/M for playing games but they still allowed it at COD Champs and UMG events.

So the aim assist not locking onto someone running straight  at you is very explainable.

The aim assist in BO3 generally works at corner or angular movements best. this was tested in older COD's. You can basically walk to a corner of a building or doorway and have someone run around the corner and aim assist kicks in and "sticks" to the player. When in linear engagements it does not "stick" as hard. it basically will only center your reticle or crosshair as best it can to your center screen point. this si simply because there is less travel for a joystick from center to center vs center to angular movement therefore assist is not needed as heavily.

If you watch any competitive COD, you will see them hugging corners or ledges when peeking objectives because of the aim assist being angular in targeting.

Technical Support / Re: Please help - Xim4 not working
« on: 01:36 PM - 09/30/16 »
So if you are disconnecting your XIM and not getting the controller disconnected message have you tried simply removing the battery on your DS4? Sometimes having the battery in causes it to run off of Wireless and not wired mode which means it is charging the battery and thus the causing lower power flow to the XIM and connected devices.

Also are you on the latest BETA drivers? these have the PS4 Slim addition of the tethered option for the controllers.

Also have you tried updating your controller or PS4?


Alternatively if you use a wired connection to the XIM4 for an XB1 controller Windows recognizes it as a joystick and not a controller.

thanks for the detail answer all you said i agreed but i tested x1 controller wiredly and it was recognized as a controller not joystick.but the only issue is aim assist is so weak with xim4 on pc then using the controller directly to pc

There may have been recent driver updates that corrected this on Windows. I tried it when Windows 10 was released and have not fooled with it a lot lately. Besides I prefer to use separate keyboard and mice for my PC gaming and console gaming so I only have use for the XIM on console.

The aim assist being sensitive or non existent seems like a setting potentially in the game itself and not the XIM or controller affecting it.

There's no reason why competitive console gaming shouldn't allow mouse and keyboards. Controllers were made and meant to let casual gamers play on their couch with their TV.
Controller players understand that mouse precision is clearly better, but there's about 3 good reasons why they won't switch:
1. They're too stubborn and immature to switch because of their hatred towards M/KB players.
2. They're scared they will get ridiculed.
3. They don't know how to use a mouse or keyboard and are too lazy to practice.

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I do not think it is so much that these 3 reasons restrict them from trying it or making the change.
It boils down to narrow minds.

If I drive a car my whole life and then I decide to buy a new vehicle I more then likely am going to buy a car because it is all I know. If we look a the the 2 markets and their growth, consoles have a larger history in casual gaming then PC does. And that is more so what we are talking about is the casual gamer.

If we look at competitive side of things then it is all about popular opinion. Take Scuf Gaming vs Cinch Gaming. Scuf is the #1 competitive controller discussed while you rarely hear anything about Cinch Gaming even though they are the same products. Only difference 1 saw a marketing opportunity to partner with the competitive scene and secured a contract before the other. Same for controller vs KB/M.

I don't really think it is a matter of allowing KB/M to compete against controllers to start with. I think a more valid standing to begin with is a controller league and a KB/M league and then work on integration down the line. This would weed out a lot of this superiority complex that the competivvve scene is full of today.

So there are a few reasons why there is conflicting information out there.

1. the Xb 360 controller is a wired controller generally so it has simple plug and play capability where as the XB1 controller is natively wireless and requires a USB wireless transmitter for the PC. The wireless transmitter will work with WIN7 but it easier to support on Windows 10 due to the integration of the Xbox app on Windows 10 and Xbox gaming on Windows 10.

2. The XIM4 requires a wired controller to be recognized as a controller. On Windows 10 if you pug the wireless receiver into the XIM4 it won't recognize the controller. Alternatively if you use a wired connection to the XIM4 for an XB1 controller Windows recognizes it as a joystick and not a controller.

For Windows 7 I recommend using the XB360 controller as there has never been an issue with these controllers and the OS. Before I used it with my XIM4 I would make sure BO3 will accept this as a controller. Simply plug the controller into an available USB port on your PC, install the drivers, start the game and change the settings to controller. See if it recognizes it. If not try the XB1 wireless option.

It is really going to depend on whether the game will accept the 360 of XB1 controller for use without the XIM first.

It's simple -- native mouse and keyboard support in the OS is just drivers. The issue of level playing ground will always be there -- if game makers add native mouse and keyboard support to their console versions, no controller gamer will want to be match made against a native mouse gamer. That means a fragmented population -- including people not being able to play with their friends. Having a single limited aiming system around the controller is a better solution -- something that Sony figured out.

I agree Sony has figured this out but I have to disagree with fragmenting the online communities based on input type whether it be KB/M or controller.

This is a lot harder to control even with native input methods added to the OS. Take PC gaming for instant. A lot of the games allow for controller usage but the games are not split into controllers v controllers simply integrated. I can take a wired controller for the XB1 and plug it into my PC and play on controller or keyboard yet the game thinks I am still on a controller. Same can be said for console versions. the software they use to add native support would simply cause the system to recognize keyboard strokes and mouse movements as nothing more then controller movements. The only way to fragment the lobbies would be to force you set a native device and only use that native device.

My understanding with the TAC Pro is that it does not matter if you se the TAC Pro or the controller it always thinks you are on controller. Similar to how with the XIM4 I can use the mouse and keyboard or simply pick up the controller and play without having to switch any cables etc.

Although a lot of this is all in speculation until we actually see the TAC pro or the XB equivalent in action but the theories and the ability to implement are there. Just like VR. For the longest time it was a limited number of people such as developers who had access to this and now it is already considered the norm for a lot of genres of gaming and multiple developers having their own brand/version.

Looks like Sony is figuring this out. Too bad Microsoft is always behind.

Microsoft Roasted [emoji91]!

Currently MLG who is partnered with Sony for COD competitions will not be banning the use of the TAC Pro but it is also my understanding it is because it is a licensed Sony product. Similar to the arcade pads used in a lot of fighting games and competitive leagues.

For the XIM to be allowed it would have to be licensed by the console manufacturer themselves. Presently the TAC Pro is the only device licensed by Sony and Microsoft has not announced their answer to this that I am aware of. Microsoft allegedly though won't be selling an adapter but adding support through a console update for the XB1, XB1S, and include it natively in the Scorpio but it will only work with Microsoft licensed devices (and we all know how junkie these are) for the time being.

As for licensing the XIM4, I agree it would be a major jump for our community and putting us on the board but I also fear that we would lose a sense of originality and community because then Microsoft or Sony can basically control the aspects of everything.

Yeah, I heard about the Xbox adding mouse and keyboard support, but it's been up in the air about if it'll just be for certain apps, some games, or all games.

And I enjoy this community we have right now. I would hate to see that happen, but we will always have the OG's on here. I embrace the evolution and love the competition. Winning every game wouldn't be fun to me. so if everyone was equal I would have more fun on console.

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It isn't up in the air for Microsoft any longer. recently an article came out talking about Microsoft integrating the native support of KB/M.

As for what will support it: Microsoft already has integrated KB/M support for certain apps due to the XB1 supposed to be a work horse for not only the gamers but also businesses needing inexpensive and mobile PC's (just like the Alienware A51 steam machine). As for games it will ultimately be left to the developer to allow the support but it will take a lot to eliminate KB/M support since this is built into the coding upon design due to PC releases and the button mapping. Ultimately if it is released as a simple update I should be able to plug my Razer Blackwidow and Taipian into the XB1 USB ports and game but we know how the consoles love their money so they will ultimately limit it to certain devices that have to be purchased at high price points.

Have they even officially announced a competitive league outside of GB's for Cod4 Remastered?

I thought they were only setting MLG comps for Infinite Warfare?

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