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Beta / Re: XIM4E Beta 20140530 [FEEDBACK]
« on: 04:56 PM - 06/05/14 »
Ok so this is the third time this has happen to me since release. The xim4e sort off stops working during games. First time it happened none of the buttons on my mouse and keypad were not functioning. Second and third time same thing happened but this time my player would move on its own ( walk,turn ,etc). Now this is something to be concerned about. FYI. I use a razer orbweaver and g502.

I encountered the same issue as well on the 360. G5 and K120(no hub or bluetooth).

Hey, recently purchased an XIME and was wondering if it was possible to set a games ADS ST as the hip translator in a particular config like you could with the XIM3? I can't figure out how to do this through the manager.

Also, is it possible to customize the YX ratio? I was thinking you could do this through the ballistics editor, but then that would also effect the horizontal speed as well. Please correct if I'm mistaken.


Update: Not possible with the XIME, but is with the XIM4E firmware.

Mist, it's only a limited beta for next month. This is to gain community feedback and stress test the dedicated servers. Official release is in September. They would be crazy to release the full game without LAN lobbies. No chance that happens.

its unreal 3. itll have the same crappy square deadzone around 9000 the rest of them have. =D

Pretty much.

Some of you may be aware that the GoW3 Beta is scheduled for release next month. In the past day, plenty of new footage has been released. In one of the videos you can see that the sensitivity options have changed to something that now resembles the CoD series. You have your hip fire, ADS, and Zoom sensitivity now on a scale of 1 - 10, rather than on a scale of low - high. This change looks very promising.

With regards to a ST for the GoW3 Beta, I don't think this will be possible since only public matchmaking will be available. This will all be done through Epic's new addition of dedicated servers.

For configs, we have three options:

1. Use the present GoW2 ST. Look mechanics are very similar throughout the series thus far, so they may be the same for the third installment as well.
2. With Bullet Storm and GoW3 both using the latest UE(different development team though), the look mechanic between the two may be similar(Unlikely). Use the Bullet Storm ST when it's released - hopefully before April 18th.
3. Hopefully not the case, but create a "standard" config.

General Discussion / Re: Japan gets hit hard
« on: 02:28 PM - 03/12/11 »
I didn't even see that written on the bottom before posting it. Unintentional.

Hardware Compatibility / Re: G5 to G500 worth it ?
« on: 05:42 AM - 03/12/11 »
I know you're reading this. ;D

Classic hypocrite. Stay classy baby.

Hardware Compatibility / Re: G5 to G500 worth it ?
« on: 05:37 AM - 03/12/11 »
Sig check.

General Discussion / Re: Japan gets hit hard
« on: 05:16 AM - 03/12/11 »
I'm hoping Fallout will prepare me well for 2012.

Hardware Compatibility / Re: G5 to G500 worth it ?
« on: 05:12 AM - 03/12/11 »
Why you mad?

Did I force you to click said external link? Emphasis on external. It makes one wonder if I told you to jump off a bridge, you may actually not possess the necessary common sense not to do so. Which is unfortunate indeed. Or is it?  ;D

Release Candidates / Re: why?
« on: 04:55 AM - 03/12/11 »
Fee-fi-fo-fum where did you get your brain from?

This is a joke. Don't shoot the messenger.  :)

Hardware Compatibility / Re: G5 to G500 worth it ?
« on: 04:51 AM - 03/12/11 »
I own both a G5 and G500. I tried to adapt to the feel of the G500 when I first received it over a year ago. After a couple hours, I put it back in its box and into the closet. Over a year went by, and I decided to give it another try once I received the xim3. Again, away she went back in the box and into the closet. :'(

Personally, there was no noticeable improvement by using the G500. In fact, it was quite the opposite. 

If you go from a G5 to G500 you'll notice the following:

  • Increase in weight - heavier feel.
  • Shape is wider. G5 on roids.
  • Laser position instead of being in the middle, is located on the upper half of the mouse.
  • Side buttons(three) are cluttered/accidental button presses.
  • Low-medium sensitivity players will notice the negative acceleration bug with the avago laser. This will not be fixed. This is by far the biggest issue for me.

General Discussion / Re: Japan gets hit hard
« on: 04:09 AM - 03/12/11 »
No more xim.

Good night.

i wouldnt have the first idea of how that graph would translate to mouse feel...

so im kinda meh

It's really not that difficult. Not at all.

Acceleration conversion is incorrect.

Accel. = XIM2TE - 1.0

You should double check some of the other conversion values as well. I can only imagine how many people are currently using the wrong settings.  :-\

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