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XIM 1 Discussions / Re: XIM PS3 working setup and links
« on: 12:21 PM - 05/29/10 »
I got mine working now also. same exact setup as what fluffy used except to activate my XIM, it have to use UpArrow and Backspace.

now if only someone would make a XIM software specifically for the PS3 so I don't have to try and guess which settings go to which buttons.

After some messing around I connected to the toolstick with the flash program and while it's connected, i clicked the go button on the firmware download page. the red light turns green and i can used the XIM software. I also have 3 lights on the toolstick when I connect to it and click go (1 red on daughter card, 1 orange on toolstick, and 1 green on toolstick) but only 2 when I am not connected to it.

I really need some help here guys. the instructions online are not adequate enough.

I'm having the same problem but I haven't received all parts yet. All I have at the moment is the plastic enclosure and the toolstick kit. The daughter board says TOOLSTICK F330 DC.

I downloaded the flash utility from Silicon Labs and used that to install the XIM330.HEX file from 10/26/2007 that I got off the XIM1 community downloads.

Everything appears to have flashed fine as I get no errors there.I have a red light on the toolstick base and yellowish light on the daughter card when I plug it in. When I connect to the stick, a 2nd red light is lit up on the daughter card. I flash the card and disconnect and that light goes out, but the original 2 lights stay on. I unplug the toolstick and plug it back in. i start up xim.exe and it just hangs there frozen. I have to ctrl-alt-del to exit it. If i start it up without the toolstick inserted, it appears to work fine. mouse buttons/movements show output on the xim.exe screen.

Did I do somethign wrong or does everything have to be put together first before I ca use the xim.exe app?

I really want this to work!

Tutorials / Buildign a XIM for PS3 - questions
« on: 05:24 PM - 05/19/10 »
I ordered the components to build a XIM for PS3. I just received the Toolstick today and I can't find the flash utility to flash the toolstick with the firmware. The link on OBSIV's site doesn't work but I found the software download page on their site. I don't know which software to download. Here is the link to the download site: http://www.silabs.com/products/mcu/Pages/SoftwareDownloads.aspx?cm_sp=%3CWebParts%3E-_-%3CMCUSupport%3E-_-%3CSWDownloads%3E

which should I use?

oh, as an FYI, my toolstick came enclosed in a clear plastic shell.

Edit: I downloaded 3 files (flash programming, toolstick sdk, and mcu ide) to see what they were and I found that the flash programming utility matched what the directions listed.

So i followed the directions on the page here: http://obsiv.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!948789BF56FAF394!282.entry

When I clicked disconnect at the end, the lights never went out. is that good or bad?

I have the XIM config thing and the "testing" thing (the one that shows the controller and the movements of your mouse and keyboard in relation to the controller). it works fine when the toolstick is unplugged, but when I plug in the toolstick and run the "tester", it doesn't work, it just seems to hang my PC. I have to hit ctrl-alt-del to be able to close the window.

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