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Its not about the game, maybe partially it is. I just watched PWNzes and Shrouds stream for a while. They just face players who can actually aim for a change. When they watch kill cams, its absolutely evident that those players are skilled who kill the streamers.

PWNs is crying on Twitter that the games are too sweaty and he is getting mocked by the chat lmao. I guess theres some sort of SBMM in the matchmaking right now, so that at least each team has 2-3 skilled players, the rest can be noobs.

Ppl make the mistake to assume that if SBMM is in the game, youd be playing a Gamebattles type match and everyone will have 1.0 KD more or less. It doesnt have to be. The MM algorithm can be forcing just 2-3 skilled players per team and the rest are noobs. And COD absolutely WILL feel sweaty if you have just 2-3 skilled players in each team.

6 skilled players per team is absolutey and utter sweatfest, like a GB match. But 2-3 skilled players on each team can also be extremely annoying. You dont get killstreaks easily and lose alot of 1v1 engagements etc.


None of this has anything to do with your initial assertion that Shroud has substandard aim. Go troll somewhere else.

General Discussion / Re: MW is actually trash...
« on: 11:42 AM - 09/21/19 »
Wait... you're actually bragging about running a XIM vs a bunch of scrub PC players? Derp. Of course you're going to hand them their @#$% with AA.

It's not OP if he does it.
Also, it's OP if he doesn't do it and they do.
Eg camping and other playstyles that aren't exactly like his, or that don't allow his playstyle to get this phat killstreaks.

Souver is a broken record at this point.

Hypothetically, it would be pretty slick. But realistically there wouldn't be enough demand to justify the research and development for yet another mouse. It's an oversaturated market.

Souver likes to whine about pretty much everything.

If Shroud is so trash tier then I eagerly await your upcoming mega-popular stream and lucrative endorsement contracts.

General Discussion / Re: MW is actually trash...
« on: 07:51 AM - 09/21/19 »
*New CoD drops*

Souver "it's garbage! The last one was better!"

*Proceeds to rehash the same tired complaints*

Que Beauty and the Beast "A Tale As Old As Time"

Can I get a quick TLDR. I don't lick enough windows to decipher what pants-head is talking about. Is he saying console > PC? Or perhaps controller > M+KB?

Or perhaps self-aggrandizement?

General Discussion / Re: BO4 Opinion
« on: 06:49 AM - 10/12/18 »
Played BR last night with a couple of our guys here. Having played the beta I can say the game is headed in the right direction. Gameplay itself was smooth, looting was improved, gun play felt responsive.

General Discussion / Re: development blog
« on: 11:47 AM - 09/27/18 »
OBsIV has a dev blog which he periodically updates, but it generally announces new hardware or major revamps in the firmware/software.


Otherwise you can frequently see him interacting on the forums, so ask questions and you might get some answers.

People say lots of things on Reddit. Lucky for us what they say doesn't matter, especially because they're wrong.

General Discussion / Re: R.I.P. Blackout
« on: 12:05 PM - 09/20/18 »
How I imagine Souver talking about Black Ops 4:

I'll be picking it up for PC since that's where most of my XIM friends play now. I might get it for Xbox as well, depending on what some of my other IRL friends do this season

General Discussion / Re: R.I.P. Blackout
« on: 11:07 AM - 09/20/18 »
But that's the typical pattern, once you're not fully hyping a cod game you're getting offended by butthurt cod fanboys.
It's either "best game ever" or "shitpost, don't play the game"

1me- its not just in COD this way, you can check social plattforms for other games like Fortnite, OW etc.. You will find same imbeciles applying same retard logic. If you critisize anything, even if its a legitimate thing- youre either bad at the game, hater, troll, sheetposter etc.

I mean Chris from battlenonsense is from Austria, central europe almost south europe- not quite. How many of the hypocrits who defend blackout BR here are from the same region?

Oh- because you know in 2018 we are still gonna apply the same moronic "Sample Size=1" autist-logic. "It doesnt happen for me, so it doesnt exist"- right? U rly dont know how ppl who think in this retarded way disgust me.

And as you rightfully pointed out- it takes 2 persons/groups for a rip off to happen. You cant rip someone off, who doesnt buy into the BS, right? Well apparently as your correctly pointed out- the majority of COD community are imbecile goats with a rice corn-sized brain.

All the scam that is going on right now in the gaming industry with loot boxes etc. is because of these braindead sheep actually buying all the nonsense and have no standards whatsoever. Theyre like mindless bots who were programmed to be retarded and not ask any question or have any standards and so on and buy pixelated hats that noone gives a flying F about. You look at COD- it lasts for max. 4-5 months, then nobody even cares about it. But ppl still buy loot boxes etc., that nobody cares about and that will last 4-5 months max and then become useless junk.

I mean if u look at all the money Activision plans to rip off everybody with the ridiculously overpriced Blackout season pass etc.- you know theyre gonna get away with it too, because the average imbecile gamer is gonna pay for it.

Gaming became way too mainstream and commercial. Back in the day mostly real passionate gamers and respectable type of nerds were gaming. The type of linux nerds and so on. Now you have every retarded kid play Fortnite or whatever  else is beeing hyped on social media these days and aalso throw money at the companies like theres no tommorow. Why? Because its considered "cool" right now, "mainstream" and because of social influencers like dr. disrespect, ninja etc. I mean 1 skin costs up  to 20 usd in Fortnite (or more)- way to rip ppl off right..

Can I get TLDR? Or maybe a good translation?

I am what I am :P

A troll who enjoys antagonizing other players? Yes, very nobel. Certainly a far cry from these fools who simply want to game in peace, the peasents.

General Discussion / Re: R.I.P. Blackout
« on: 07:30 AM - 09/20/18 »
Never would have known it it weren't for the (non)sense breakdown. Means they're doing something right.

anyone who doesnt respond with, "yes i am using a keyboard and mouse" is pretty lame in my book.

i never pretend to be something i'm not. i dont mind being the villain, because i dont mind the benefits using xim brings me

Good thing no one is lining up for your book.

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