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XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Halo Reach Flights are out!
« on: 09:14 AM - 10/03/19 »
It's a closed beta unfortunately, you have to have opted-in previously and received an invite. This is the 3rd beta and the first multiplayer one on Xbox. After this is the closed beta multiplayer for PC, then hopefully it will release to the public shortly after that. If you are interested and want to try and get into further builds you can read more about it here: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/community/halo-insider

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Halo Reach Flights are out!
« on: 09:34 PM - 10/02/19 »
I got in, so far I like the MCC halo 3 ST ( H4 MCC is close second)

in game settings:

horizontal look - 10
vertical look - 10
look acceleration - 1
look axial dead - 0%
look radial dead - 12% (default)
aim control: modern
recon button layout

xim settings (i play low sens):

sync: off (common is also good)
60 sens - (3ish sens if common)
smoothing 5
angle snapping .1
4000 dpi

I could never get it to feel good either. But, 343 announced that reach is coming to MCC and PC "soon" and also it will be at 4K 60 fps.
Currently on the 360 it's 30 fps and sometimes even less with lag. It's hard to get used to especially when comparing to Halo 5 and MCC.
My advice is to try "slow" or "off" sync, instead of "default" or "common"
Other than that it's honestly worth it just to wait it out

Game Support / Re: New halo MCC modern aiming added today!
« on: 12:00 AM - 01/18/19 »
Only played Halo 3 today but the H4 ST is definitely the best so far.
Been running common at 3200 dpi
in game 10 horizontal, 8.5 vertical
12% first deadzone
14% second deadzone
5 accel

Game Support / Re: Halo MCC New Aiming Settings
« on: 12:13 PM - 11/23/18 »
Been testing out the new beta firmware for MCC.
All common synchronize, 1000 hz, 3200 dpi.

Halo 2 Classic/Anniversary and Halo 4 seems the least changed aiming mechanic but Halo 3 and CE feel dramatically different imo.

So Halo CE feels really bad honestly, currently using 1 accel, 20% deadzone, 20 boost, simulate analog 15
Halo 2 feels pretty similar but dropped to 1 accel, 12% deadzone (default), 20 boost , simulate analog 15
Halo 3 also feels weird, 1 accel, 20% deadzone, 20 boost, simulate analog 15
Halo 4 is the most unchanged, default accel, 12 % deadzone (default), .3 steady aim, 10 boost, 0 simulate analog

Game Support / Re: Halo MCC New Aiming Settings
« on: 11:31 PM - 11/19/18 »
Sounds good, as always thanks for quick response!

Game Support / Re: Halo MCC New Aiming Settings
« on: 05:22 PM - 11/19/18 »
Wow someone posted faster than me about something Halo related  :P
Definitely will need a re-tuning for this game. Mist, I can imagine there's a lot on your plate with more popular games and the holidays so whenever you get around to it I'll be happy

Oh man what a throwback! Thanks for posting this.
I used Toys curve for Modern Warfare 2 back in the XIM2 days as well.
Just picked up BLOPS4 excited to mess around with all of the different curves and settings.

Game Support / Re: Halo MCC Look Mechanic Update Incoming
« on: 11:39 AM - 10/16/18 »
Thanks for responding mist and I totally understand the timeframe so no rush on my end.
Appreciate your hard work :-)

Game Support / Halo MCC Look Mechanic Update Incoming
« on: 08:36 AM - 10/16/18 »
Don't think this has been posted yet but I thought I would bring it to attention.
343 is adding more customization to sensitivity across all MCC games you can see a screenshot halfway through the link above. They are adding deadzone and sensitivity options similar to what Halo 5 has.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Average 360 in cm
« on: 02:51 PM - 09/28/18 »
Extremely low sens player here, almost use full mousepad for 180 degrees so 360 would be about 70-80cm

Using the xbox 360 mw2 smart translator at 3200 dpi on common sync speed for both HIP and ADS.
When I use assault rifle I run sense 4 Hip/3.5 ADS and when I snipe I like 4 hip/4.5 ADS.
ADS delay set low to 25ms but still trying to figure that one out

Game Support / Re: Mw2 Xbox one compatible
« on: 01:21 PM - 09/03/18 »
Cheers mist you're the best!

Game Support / Re: Mw2 Xbox one compatible
« on: 12:45 AM - 09/03/18 »
I agree about the ads feeling off. I personally have been running common sync on hip and slow sync on ads and it definitely seems to help me out. 3200 dpi if it matters.

Thanks for quick response OBsIV!

Haha yeah I think it was an old classic Microsoft Intellimouse that only ran at 125hz and I overclocked it to 250/500hz maybe.. that was awhile ago
I agree "mouserate" is probably not the most reliable software for testing, I'm mostly just curious if anyone here has done any testing of their own and what they found. I don't think there is any problem with my Steelseries Rival 600

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