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General Discussion / umg/gb IF 4th
« on: 10:28 AM - 12/08/16 »
We've been playing UMG/GB Infinate Warfare 3v3.

Anybody interested in being a 4th (for 4v4s) PM me.

Ill get you the teamspeak info.



General Discussion / Re: Is Titanfall 2 a good game?
« on: 07:52 PM - 12/06/16 »
LOL @ pros?

There are no TF2 leagues, hence no pros.

ESL, GB, MLG, UMG - nothing even attempts to carry leagues - not for Console or PC.

Step 1, try and get ppl to play the game.
Step 2, try to get leagues.
Step 3, try to get pros.

Unfortunately, we're still at step 1.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: XIM4 vs Controller
« on: 11:17 AM - 12/02/16 »
Yeah, but with all that being said... There are many controller players that have better KDs then you do with a mouse.

Some ppl are better with a XIM, some people are worse.

You can go in circles all day with this topic.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: XIM4 vs Controller
« on: 02:45 PM - 12/01/16 »
Whats easier for me? XIM without a doubt.

Whats easier for my brother who plays on my team? Controller without a doubt. ( he has both )

We just decimated a team on UMG named "XIM blue" .. all ximmers ..

Its a toss up IMO. No horse is running away with this race, even if there is a slight edge one way or the other.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: XIM4 vs Controller
« on: 11:08 AM - 12/01/16 »
Broad answer is NO.

We play competitive COD (mix of controller players and ximmers 2 and 2)

Our ximmers are not better than controller players.

Our two controller players have XIMs, and prefer using controllers.

We run into full XIM teams that are absolute garbage.

and most tournament matches against full controller teams are ultra competitive.

Its personal preference.

If your a righty, your going to be wayyy better writing with your right hand.
That doesn't mean there is any advantage compared to leftys.
Its whatever your used to using.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: De-Atomizer Bomb In COD: IW
« on: 01:18 PM - 11/30/16 »
Its not curve or connection, whilst I will agree ppl who complain about connection are annoying.

We have golds/earnings - and half our team is using a controller, and I use 1:1.

Its how good you are at the game, and what you prefer using IMO.

PS- Its cool to see pub footage. I break open CODs and go right to playing competitive SnD- I think there is a separate skill to pub stomping that I can appreciate.

General Discussion / Re: Shooter Of The Year
« on: 03:46 PM - 11/28/16 »
How can cod4 not be classic shooter. lol

It was a ximforum favorite, until it came out again :)

Buncha hipsters.

Game Support / Re: MWR & IW Setups
« on: 01:01 AM - 11/11/16 »
Switching to the ST on this game made a world of difference.

We're undefeated on GBs right now -

The M1 grand is redic. Abusing the F' out of it until it gets banned.

I prefer cod4, IW is too easy
Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

Play against harder people then.

Title of this thread is awesome.

General Discussion / Re: Help us choose a new domain name!
« on: 01:49 PM - 11/08/16 »
choice is obvious

you gotta buy out the guy who owns xim.com

all of these suggestions look like the godaddy "your site is taken, you may want to try this"

did he make you an offer?

Can we please change the title lol

Ghosts was the worst COD ever made

Im liking it.

Its pretty much the exact same game as BO3, but re-skinned.

Once you get rid of all the pubby stuff (and there is a lot of pubby stuff) the game is pretty solid.

your both right and wrong.

gamestop isnt an indicator of a game success - because that business model is dead itself.


titanfall is dead.... but on both platforms , not just PC

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