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I have two DS4 V2s and they both work, but fit whatever reason I'm not getting them to be recognized by xim thus I can't remote play.

Any suggestions? I'm so close and I know it but somethings off.

Tutorials / Re: How to play all PS5 games over Remote Play
« on: 05:04 PM - 03/22/22 »
The beta when this thread was posted may now be the gold firmware. Just use the latest FW as it might be needed for the DualSense controller to work. Whichever FW was for PS5 compatibility with specialty PS4 controllers seems to do the job.

Gotcha, thank you.

Fingers crossed I get it up & running today.

I think I have the latest fw on the Apex, but I'll check if it was an older version that was for specialty PS4 controllers.

Use a power adapter but also make sure the DualSense is fully charged.

Yep, charging it to full now. I have 2 dualsense, so I can dedicate one to the xim for remote play.

Tutorials / Re: How to play all PS5 games over Remote Play
« on: 02:36 PM - 03/22/22 »
Looks like the beta link has changed, it now points to NEXUS.

Updated, thanks for the heads-up. It's at https://community.xim.tech/index.php?board=94.0

So since my xim apex died and I'm looking into getting it repaired I temporarily took my son's apex as a replacement till mine gets fixed. My question is this...

I'll need this xim beta firmware download for my son's apex if I'm to use remote play for my PS5?

You can use a DualSense, just make sure it has enough power.

When you say enough power is it enough if I have the xim adapter (3 USB one) plugged into power? Because I am running a plug into the adapter. Or do you mean but an entirely separate power USB hub? I have several from 5V to 9V, from 2.0 to 3.0.

I was just wondering if anything new has been discovered since last. I know we needed a DS4 V2 to run remote play on PS5. I guess what I'm asking is, do I need to buy another one of the same type?

Also my mouse doesn't seem to want to light up when my xim is plugged in and powered on.

Sorry to hear that. Please contact our fulfillment group and let them know the situation and they will be able to let you know what's possible.

Thank you so much Obsiv, mist gave me the same link. I'll send them the info asap.

That might work with Xbox's play anywhere using an Xbox 360 controller but I think remote play requires a DS4v2 and edge doesn't support this.

Google shows that rewasd might let you use an Xbox controller with remote play via a virtual ds4.



You could check if repair is an option. This is something our fulfillment group may be able to help with if you would like to request a repair please use the link below.


I truly appreciate the response mist. I'll def send it in and see if it's repairable. Many thanks good sir.

Is there someone skilled enough in electronics that I could send it to them for repair? Is it even repairable? Just wondering aloud before I pay way over regular price and buy a new one. Any suggestions on preferred sellers since I know Obsiv isn't selling any currently.


That sad news brings me to a new question. Can I use my old xim edge in place of? Or is something not going to be compatible? I was remote playing my apex to my PS5.

Yikes lol, time to go looking for another one.

Just randomly happened today after years of use. My apex isn't lighting up when I power everything on. I tried plugging it in various places to get juice going into it but nothing. I tried holding down the button as I plugged the Apex into my laptop but no blue light, nothing.

XIM NEXUS Discussions / Re: Batch Spans
« on: 11:05 AM - 02/02/22 »
Welcome to the community. I'm really sorry for the trouble and disappointment. We are trying our best to make this smooth but the Waiting List is massive so we decided to disable it for now until things get under control.

Can you direct me to the thread that tells us when and where to order?

I haven't secured one yet and I've bought them all prior.

Works with XIM4, G502, Sony Nav, RPi B+ 8Gb, DS4.

Running BF2042 (PS5).


Beta / Re: Did you get the sample?
« on: 12:17 PM - 12/08/21 »
If you're running xim apex + TT then I suggest you go the hardwired remote play route. Not sure if beloader can handle that.

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