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General Discussion / Re: Mousepads/mats 2019
« on: 08:56 AM - 11/08/19 »
I hear good things about them ceramic skates.

But I know they don't work on all mice because of the lift off distance.
Mate got some and they only work on 1 of his mice.

So defo double check.

General Discussion / Re: Mousepads/mats 2019
« on: 02:55 AM - 11/08/19 »
I have been using the Glorious PC Gaming Race Helios for a couple months and can rate that, but only if your in to Hard pads and your desk is perfectly flat top ( ie no wood grain etc cos you will feel it tho it, as its that thin! , ran in to this very problem myself, had to sand down my desk abit and even then its not perfect ) Also get a couple sets of mouse feet! cos it burns tho them! I just got the Tiger feet for my G pro Wireless and very happy with them !

I did just picked up the "ARTISAN SHIDENKAI XL" and tbh all other pads I have used doesn't come even close to how good this thing is ....
Totally worth the price tag to myself ! ( was 55 + 27 import to UK, Thinking I might even buy a spare )
It did take just over a dam month to show up tho lolz
I had an older ARTISAN hayate pad a couple years ago and it was great but did clog up with dirt rather quick!
I don't see that happening with the SHIDENKAI as it has this " glass " coating on it, tho it don't feel like it, its more like errrrrrr not sure maybe wet silk ? its sooo god dam smooth!
Very happy with it, I have way more confidence in my flick shots with it.

General Discussion / Re: Xim apex working with pc ????
« on: 04:13 AM - 10/18/19 »
Lol ......

Sorry but yet again I feel the need to point out that I used the xim4 in blops 3 pc ( untill they turned off aim assist in a patch .... because ppl where exploiting it ) and in the MW beta, Its op as hell!

Yes xim is just plan slower than native M&K
Yes AA can put you off at times ( tho not often )
But aim assist is so strong it just dump trucks native m&k players.... I know this I have seen this I have USED THIS! lol

The one thing that will prob negate the use of a xim on PC in MW2019 to get AA is the Super fast TTK. Speed is going to be king imo and so yes because of the inherent slower turn speed cap of a xim your going to be better off with native m&k for that reason.
In the slower TTK of Blops 3 I got sooo board of pulling in silly score games vs pc players who just couldn't grasp how I was cutting tho them like they where standing still!

But make no mistake There will be a ton of players useing a Xim from PC to play vs console players with all the added benefits of PC over console.

The solution is kinda already here. Not ideal but it works. A strong f***ing autoaim.

Bingo....  the more they up the aim assist and the sticky aim the more they even out the skill gap. So it doesn't matter why you use.  Said it before and will say it again its the pc native m&k guys who will be turnning off crossplay because its so op!

I did find that thread funny, its odd how Xim has become the boogie man in console FPS games :D

Miss the old xim360 days where no one had heard of it haha
Still got my xim2.... wonder if I could get it working in mw on pc for the lolz

General Discussion / Re: WASD tendonitis
« on: 04:07 AM - 10/01/19 »
Would not just trying to remap your keys help ?

My first thought would be if you use your thumb for " Jump " why not change that for move forward and have " W " as jump, so your not allways holding it down etc

I used to use my middle finger for jump when I used to use the custom belkin nostromo Roads modded with a xbox joystick in to :D


General Discussion / Re: Can i play MW on this setup
« on: 01:24 AM - 09/27/19 »
Is not personal I always mock at people who are trying to use XIM on PC mainly due aim assist abuse, which is negated due the XIM is not a supported platform

The Xbox and Playstation Controllers are supported ego they are supported no matter where they plug in too.

the ST deadzone will be all mess up -no optimum mouse tracking-

As someone who has used Xim on pc in a number of games for a number of reasons, this is just false.
changing the FOV can effect it a tiny bit but nothing 95% of ppl will notice, and mouse tracking is perfect.
still having the controller input delay for build/edit/reset that comes with controllers

In fact its WAY better on input lag because you can turn off V-sync !

That's why, not ethical is just dumb to use XIM on PC when you have perfectly functional non acceleration, not input delayed native mouse and keyboard. 

Would totally agree with this aside from in the new MW has cross play and after testing myself over the weekend it did work and placed me in console lobbies, and COD on PC dies very VERY fast..... try finding a game of blackout in Blops 4 at off peak and its impossible.  So having this as an option to extend the life of the game is no bad thing at all.

General Discussion / Re: MW is actually trash...
« on: 05:59 AM - 09/24/19 »
shroud probably doesn't give a @#$% what you say, hes made a name for himself and done well in life.

Its safe to say no one should care what some random person behind a keyboard says about them on the inter webbs. If you do, then you should be talking a long look at why.

But back to the game.....

My thoughts after a good 20 ish hours in to the PC beta.

First wow did they really needed this beta that's for sure.  IMO tho I still say you can't test a game unless you have access to everything.
They didn't even let you fully unlock all the attachments for most of the guns ..... where is the logic in that!
The Snipers could be totally OP once you get a few more upgrades but can we see? no !
Some perks where locked and specialist wasn't there didn't get to try dead silence... shrug I just don't get it.

That said, the TTK was good but the TTD felt very odd but I think alot of that just comes to servers! I had no idea where I was getting connected to and the pings where just broken.

I hope they got a lot of data on the spawns... cos I have not been shot in the back so much in a FPS games in years .....

Sound : Foot steps are very inconsistent in this game, Normally I struggle to hear any in COD, but thats because everyone runs DS. In MW I can hear ppl 80% of the time from BLOODY miles away! confuses the hell out of me! then the other 20% they come up from directly behind me and I can't hear a thing...
They also seem to be way louder in kill cams.

As for the Gunsmith.... aside from the vertical ( for recoil ) and hand grips ( stipple was it ) that seemed to make a big difference to sprint out times, the rest of the attachments made basically sod all difference for me at lest.
Range didn't matter at all, I think they may have tried to balance the weapons for ground war and totally forgotten about the normal modes cos smg ranges where crazy and AR in ground war was bonkers ..... no need to snipe at all lolz.
They need to add some bullet drop cos atm its basicaly hitscan Battlefield and its nutty as hell ! I guess they did this because if you have to lead your target you dont get Aim Assist and the controller kids would not like it one bit. Tho I guess they do it in BF .... ( not having played BF on console how does it work there ?? )

Maps : all bar Azhir Cave where at lest playable nothing that stands out to me nothing set to be a COD all time great but workable.
Azhir Cave just needs removing .... it don't work plain and simple.
The Ground war map needs the flags adjusting, atm there is little to no reason not to stick to the middle of the map.

Ground war........ nerf the hell out of the splash damage on the tanks! and REALLY work on the spawns ( I thinking mainly on the C flag ) Lost count of how many times I flanked all the way up to the back top floor of C and cleared out the room only to have them all spawn right behind me... how you ment to retake it like that ffs.
Killstreaks ..... ya they don't belong in this game type at all, or at lest only the low ones , uav counter, pred etc.... I got that little mini tank or what ever up in to the C flag a few times and holly hell.... I got like a 60-3 game with it just dumb.
Seen a vid of someone doing it with the jug suit as well .....
Nuke should defo not be in it ..... not hard to camp snipe 30 kills and ruin the game.

loads of bugs need doing and they should sort all that out ( like settings not saving etc .... fps in ADS locking at 60 and so on )

One thing did get on my tits a lot was looking at a player and seeing a Blue dot by him and thinking oh hes on my team only to get insta gibbed by him because I had a teammate behind him on the other side of a wall.....  making me think he was on my team. They need to make it so the blue dot gets hidden by enemy players.

I will check it out when it comes out, but being as fair as I can.... its forgettable.

Edit: I did think the Cyber Attack game type has promise ! just needs refining abit.

Yes Controllers get AA on pc if you use them, and the XIM feels sooo much better on the PC because of the higher fps and no v-sync adding imput lag etc.

Also don't trust the pings atm, cos 50% of the time they not working right at all, anything under 25 ping and I would say its bugged. Cos I am in England and I was playing with a mate from across the pond most of last night and we both had pings of 2 ish .... and unless they got some brand new funky net code I would say its not showing the right number.... prob something to do with crossplay etc.
So saying shroud has a ping of 4 .... he don't only way to get that low is to be in the servers building :D

I not a fan boy and don't have anything against Shroud but he does have very "good" aim. But your right he like most fps streamers he is hopped up on massive amounts of caffeine and prob ADD med's lolz to give him massive focus to show off them l3git sk!lls bla bla bla ....
Hes a Super low sens player is all, hence how he can do them 180 snap shots. Anyone can get that level of " AIM " if you turn your sens right down, the problem he is coming across in COD is that level of AIM isn't needed. Game knowledge out weighs it, and tbh atm a good set of headphones ..... FML you cant move cos of the insane sound whoreing ...
He also has top grade 240hz set up and that makes a massive difo.... I would say even now a good 70% of pc players still don't have even have 120hz let alone 240hz .....and that plays a massive part. Hell I only have 144hz and I would love to afford an upgrade.

As for loseing out to Pad players in that torney .... that is a BS test... 1 Because it was on a PS4 not PC and even tho the native M&K is "ok" its crap compared to proper PC M&K... and 2 Aim Assist .... turn that off for the pads and see what happens .....

General Discussion / Re: MW is actually trash...
« on: 02:36 AM - 09/18/19 »
Driftor has just kicked off the hornets nest as well .....

Watched all 24 odd mins of his drivel .... was painful!
Think he had a stroke mid vid.... lol

No matter if you think there is or not SBMM in the game matchmaking was broken AF, now as for what was doing that, if they come out and say oh it was because of " X & Y " then fine, but the fact that a massive part of the community had problems and they failed to say anything is very telling.

In retrospect I think ALOT of what I was getting was just no way to tell what my connection was and where I was being hosted.

Hence why I going to give it another go on pc where there had better bloody be latency display setting, I mean beenox put one in Blops4 so I can't see why they wouldn't in MW unless they are told to hide it!

I don't really get what your asking, because if your talking about most used keybindings then 99% ppl use WASD for movement and Shift to trigger sprint.

I don't think I have ever come across someone using W to activate sprint aside from games that let you double tap to sprint, can't for the life of me remember the game but it was in one I played not to long ago , and I don't think there is a way to do that with the xim as far as I know. *Thinking* .......... prob could do it with a script but sod working that out lol :D

Best advice I can give, just play with different set ups !
Over the Years I have used some really odd ones, like back int he day in CS I used to use right mouse to move forward for a time.... and I currently use ESDF with Z as sprint and change stance on Enter ( tho this is because I use a every odd keyboard  :) don't try this on a normal one hehe ).

I have seen ppl use their thumb to strafe on the A & D keys ( looked painful AF but it worked for them.

Just find what works for you.

General Discussion / Re: MW is actually trash...
« on: 01:28 AM - 09/17/19 »
I had no problem what so ever with the gameplay in advanced warfare..... But SBMM ruined that game.

Same as it ended R6S casual playlist ........

Putting it in the game basically ends any chance for high KDR SPM players from having a single chill game ever.... cos you either have to sweat your @#$% off to win, or if you do try and chill play you get steamrolled by players who are as good as you when your at your best! ergo not fun.
I have no problem with a hard fight but when its nothing but hard fights..... it gets old same as farming bots does.

This coming beta weekend its going to be so @#$% funny with everyone reverse boosting to farm nukes off bots..... the cats out of the bag and its open beta so no one is going to care about being banned lol......

General Discussion / Re: MW is actually trash...
« on: 01:50 PM - 09/16/19 »
.Ya I just watched that on reddit .... got so angry I had to go watch some Red Dwarf on Netflix to chill out!

Same @#$% as advanced warfare ! all over again .....

General Discussion / Re: MW is actually trash...
« on: 11:59 AM - 09/16/19 »
The beta totally reminded me of this vid from back in the day !

A mate even told me you can recharge claymores in MW with that perk .... LOLZ he was just running round planting loads of them and getting streaks from them .......

They got some work to do they really do !

General Discussion / Re: MW is actually trash...
« on: 06:21 AM - 09/14/19 »
I'm also excited for the pc beta but I hope they're going to balance a few things until next week.

I think they said they cant do anything other than up the levels to 30. So its this what we are getting on pc next weekend.

I have had to stop playing it on the ps4 ..... it just runs sooo bad for me .... might be my ps4 dieing or something but it feels like I playing in mud. also from what I can see I only get servers across the pond so I lag like a mofo.....

In its current state it doesn't play well at all. I always find it odd when they put out a "Beta" with limited stuff and ask to give feedback ..... my feedback is let us have everything so we can see how its really gona play......
But here would be my current level 10 Feedback

    >Spawns are classic IW rubbish.... Way to easy to lock teams in to a spot they cant get out of, I getting flash backs of mw3 dieing and spawning behind a player who is just spawning

    >No minimap currently doesn't change a thing cos everyone is spaming uav's and not having a counter to them makes moving impossible add to the fact you die so quick its game over if you do. This just reinforces campers to camp ....

    >Aim assist is WAY WAY WAY to high.... in its current form its the PC players who should be turning off Crossplay! lost count of how many times I died from being shot in the toe as if it was a headshot!
    The Amount of sticky aim you get tho walls is basically a wallhack ! that needs to go!

    >Players blend way to much in to the maps, same problem BFV had/has. also Claymores are next to impossible to see for myself ...with out spotter.

    >I can see "Ghost - Spotter - Specialist & Dead Silence field upgrade being massive crutches that prevent you from really making any true custom classes. Ghost needs to be changed back to only working when on the move, tho not full sprint, aim walking is find IMO, but if your sat on your bum in a room ..... tuff your on the UAV!
    With out having tried either Specialist or DS its hard to tell, but come on we all know how they gona play out.

    >Mounting weapons........ they need to add at lest some bloody recoil to them.... they god dam lasers currently

In its level 10 form..... its just bad. But I willing to give it ago on pc @ level 30 and see if it changes much .

General Discussion / Re: MW is actually trash...
« on: 03:20 AM - 09/13/19 »
Ok that was really bugging me I knew I had seen it in a vid !
Its a field upgrade

Was looking at the perk list going " Ok whos nicked it I saw it here a sec ago !!"

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