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XIM APEX Discussions / Re: PS5 vs XSX polling rate
« on: 09:32 PM - 12/20/20 »
It seems kinda dumb that they implemented cross play but kept native mouse
polling at 8ms. Not that I can get a game half the time the servers take ages to
find anyone and often I get a USA lobby that lags too much to play.
Maybe the player base will swell after the free week of multiplayer but after they see the
state of the map situation, server issues too few and badly sounding guns (which muppets like drift0r
want nerfed) they will walk away after the freebie :( .
When crossplay is on we should have access to 1000hz native mouse polling  baah!. 

General Discussion / Re: Xbox Series X crashes!!
« on: 07:41 PM - 12/07/20 »
Well muh! I didn't know that guys


Thanks for pointing this out chaps :)

Been bumping into a lot of PC players playing Cod CW Zombies,might be because
of the heat issues on console is depleting the player base, but the PC players are good. :D

General Discussion / Re: Smoothest mousepads?
« on: 03:28 PM - 12/01/20 »
Steel series Dex now discontinued they are still on ebay but pricey.

Reports of it happening are wide spread lots of X1X owners getting the same issues
all consoles are having issues with this game not sure about PC.
Microsoft are aware and from what I have read Activison are looking into it.

For now I have a temporary solution but its a bit of noise to put up with.
I tried the USB fans I used to cool a group of Raspberry Pi's,
pointing them at the vent inlets on the sides of the console,
That helped for a while but the problem started again.

So I dragged out a summer fan the blades are about the size of a diner plate,
an pointed it at the right side vents, the Power supply side
and pointed both the 5V Usb desk fans at the vents on the left side,
an then played Zombies for ages with no heat issues, the last game froze but I was able to power off with the controller.

The summer fan is from Asda/walmart UK I used it on on setting 1 the lowest but its a quite a good one so cheaper ones will need to be cranked up higher, not ideal in winter but it keeps it cool just make sure you are not recirculating the hot air coming out the back of your console.

Oh and Turn off the radiator in that room
don't have your console near a hot TV.

Apparently next gen owners should turn off Ray Tracing
so you guys do that as well ;) .

The absolute farce is the storage situation 1TB quickly filled on last gen this gen your goner
fill the HDD with 3 or 4 games they should have set them up with a SSHD and a user expandable bay for large hybrid or standard HDD and store the quick access files on
the SSD, some modern laptops have a SSD for OS speed and a normal mech HDD for bulk
storage and its easy to do in a desktop. It's disappointing they haven't used newer HDR
and Dolby and the lack of optical is ridiculous,and they should of put a display port on it,
if they had to make a dearer version fine it would work out cheaper to pay a bit more
for a more connected console then buy a HDMI 2.1 screen and new audio gear,Baah!. 

Game Support / Re: Where is the cold War official config?
« on: 10:16 PM - 11/27/20 »
Thing is too with native support to benchmark against if they released a rushed
ST no doubt the screeching would be deafening, even native play is not immune
to wonkyness from the dropped frame rate when the screen is full.
Later rounds of zombies and lots of score streaks on the go at the
same time like choppers and UAV can slow things up even offline against the bots.
So yeah best to have the ST as good as possible. 

All I wanted was to use MnK on console as I have arthritis a controller kills my hands
and the hassle of Win XP and Vista at the time worrying and wondering if windows will
mess up mid game,XIM 1 was a godsend on PS3 and what OBSIV did with later models
brought pure joy.

Yes I am blown away at the native KnM now the customisation options are
wicked. But Xim will still have a place,I doubt Battlefield will allow native

Keyboard and mouse,maybe they will but I can see folks winging for
controller only lobbies in future and if so
you can use what ever you want.

Xbox BO CW supports full size keyboards but not the G13
so we might need the Xim and Titans to support unsupported hardware or even remap non standard buttons

on fancy keyboards that the console doesn't support. I won't get rid of my Xims I still have XIM 1 ha.

I cant remember any major issues with other games
before now, mostly played BF1 on it  and BF CTE other then that a bit of Forza and
Black ops 3 deffo never had crash like this before and no over heating prior to this.
This is the X1X  not the series X. I will knock  settings down to 1080p 60 for now.

Xbox was on for a while got dumped out of the servers so I switched it off for a bit,
came back an put it on got to the menu bit and heard a weird kaplunk and a dink noise
and the box went off, it carried on clicking so I felt it and it was mega boiling hot.
I thought I might have to bung it out the window :(


Defo a decent Xim themed mini pad with a analogue stick that's usable,
or a XimNav with hand rest under it that has customizable buttons on it
and the same tactile rubber coating that was on the XIM3
speaking of which the xim3 downloads were no longer online when
I tried to download them so he's up to something have you turned them into
digital picture viewers? I want the firmware so I can do it to mine too :)


Maybe in the short term Ant but I cant see Sony charging less for long, they are like
a boa they tighten not loosen off.
They do this every year and the Gold cards and PSN go on offer
at some point every year but I can deffo see them altering the PSN-Now package
but I highly doubt they will discount the PSN-Network Subscription.

You wont get a refund on codes but you could send a Card back I think.
Recession and inflation and the coming tax rises to pay for covid
I doubt were about to see prices slashed permanently and if they do
do a price cut it will only be until
they have shifted tens of millions of consoles then the prices will go up and up.

Can you use your VPN to buy a card from abroad then put in the code and
turn the VPN off the router for the console or would Sony and Xbox cancel it?.
I've seen 50% off offers for other countries and we never get that here
well I've never seen one ever.


A years worth of PSN-Plus for 37.49 or PSN-Now for 37.49

The one on Amazon said its on offer for 8 days but that bits disappeared
so you might wanna be quick,if you already have PSN-Plus or PS-Now
Cancel your Auto renewal and get this and save it for later
save 13.51 normally 49.99.



25% OFF 1 Year PSN+ And PSN-Now @ Game UK




Keep an eye out for Xbox live Gold on offer soon
I got my Last Gold cards for 35 Each, keep them in a draw
for years scratch em off and they still work,the one I just used was about 4 years old.
Xbox Live and PSN could go up to 60 next year think ahead ;)


Not if its got dodgy switches and that slippy plastic coating that the post G303 3366 mice had.

I see the RVU has got 25% off at the moment and the wired Deathadder V2 and Basilisk-V2 are both half price :)
But I bet you if I get the RVU for 99.99 it will go for 75.99 on black friday :)

What DPI? you need to be on the kind of DPI you would use on PC
not the kind of DPI you would use on XIM

Set a few dpi levels on your mouse and play some Zombies.
Press pause and go into settings and dial it in.

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