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Beta / Re: Feedback on Beta build 20180306
« on: 04:02 PM - 03/12/18 »
Sorry silly me  its covered in obsivs video https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=495&v=zOBRsdgvgXw :)

Beta / Re: Feedback on Beta build 20180306
« on: 10:25 AM - 03/12/18 »
Cheers mist i feel a duty to ask some questions without checking because newbs and non-English speakers will show up wondering the same things.

I think it would be great if you could add a legacy layout option for the apex manager so folks can get going and then gradually move over to the new layout or toggle between them.

I prefer the new layout but its going to throw xim3, xim4 users in a muddle at 1st before they get used to it.

It would be really cool if there was a xim4 to xim apex button binding convertor and also a tertiary set of button mappings with the option to bind two keys to one button for activating specialist like in bo3 which is likely to return in bo4 :)

Beta / Re: Feedback on Beta build 20180306
« on: 05:49 AM - 03/12/18 »
Does the beta firmware work with the current pc apex manager? i can only see a android beta version of the manager on the download page.

Feedback / Thank You OBsIV :)
« on: 07:15 PM - 03/11/18 »
Apex any Good?  :P Its Brilliant :) i need to tweak a bit more but you can see the Great potential.

I have not been able to game for months due to health problems
and i am still suffering some complications and will always be a disabled gamer but i have set up the apex and gave it a whirl and now i will dial the rest in but its already close to what i want and its the sexiest console dongle you could wish for  :)

I would advise plugging it into the front of the ps4 pro because the rear
gets very warm when its been on for a while but saves putting the heater on.But yeah Protect your new Apex,it's safer at the front.

Thank you so much for all your Hard work and putting up with knee jerk dumb4sses like me ;D .

Big Respect out to  OBsIV,Mist, RML,He4dHunt3r.
SCP ,ANT and Everybody Else who made The Apex possible :)

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: 1000hz jitter
« on: 02:49 PM - 03/11/18 »
What ? . Can you translate the original post into English or are you trolling ? .

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Feels like trash, why?
« on: 06:35 AM - 03/11/18 »
Have you tried 500hz on your mouse and 500hz on the apex at the same time?

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Keyboard Polling Rate?
« on: 10:40 PM - 03/10/18 »
Only bios mode works on the Corsair k65 vengeance with the Apex.
if you set it on any of the other settings the keyboard is disabled.

I had a good look for the coolermaster i cant find where i have put the darn thing.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Keyboard Polling Rate?
« on: 06:30 PM - 03/10/18 »
Hey phil I was just about to open a thread asking the same thing when i seen this :).

I have a one of those kb but it hurts my hand so i don't use it
I cant remember if it has a polling switch or not and its packed away if it doesnt have a polling switch it will be set to 1000hz but i do think it does have one ah damit ile dig mine out shortly :) .

But the Corsair k65 (non macro) has a poll switch.

with xim 4 i had to have it on bios mode, i am just setting up my apex and have it in bios mode and noticed the corsair logo in xim manager.

Anyway back to the point what should we set it on ?
I would have thought 1000hz but not sure if that's a good idea with this keyboard well i don't wan't to risk it with the apex until some one says its OK ?

Support / Re: missing dll windows 8.1
« on: 10:48 AM - 03/10/18 »
Its OK i have  followed what mist said in another thread connected it > immediately after pressed the button for a sec and released it then opened xim manager.
Bobs your uncle fannies your ant it works hoorah!

I Still need to get that 8.1 issue sorted but windyhoes 7 works  so that's great cheers dude.

Support / Re: missing dll windows 8.1
« on: 10:31 AM - 03/10/18 »
It installs and opens on the windows 7 pc to let me download the latest game st downloads but when i try and use the apex it says press the connect button and it refreshes and nothing happens i have tried the connect button on screen and the xim apex too i inserted it and then pressed the button nothing.
I held it down to put in in blue firmware mode and windows detects a new input device and loads drivers but after reinserting it and letting the light cycle it still wont connect in xim apex manager :(

Support / Re: missing dll windows 8.1
« on: 09:45 AM - 03/10/18 »
Well i tried and tried to get windows 8.1 to update and none of the updates will even download let alone install
I used some tools to clean up windows but its hardly been used anyway because i only ever booted in to windows to setup the xim4 and various gaming mice.
Most of my pc uses is on linux. I have dug out my windows 7 pc i will give that a go now. I am not updating to windows 10 not after last time :( hopefully windows 7 will work fingers crossed.

Support / Re: missing dll windows 8.1
« on: 09:11 PM - 03/09/18 »
That will be a few days at this rate :) its like being back on dial up ;D

Support / Re: missing dll windows 8.1
« on: 08:52 PM - 03/09/18 »
Sorry for the lacks reporting bud it is


Support / missing dll windows 8.1
« on: 07:59 PM - 03/09/18 »
Installed the apex manager on win 8.1 but when i tried to load it up it says
a dll is missing and windows update is taking forever should i try and reinstall xim manager ?.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: My XIM Apex impressions!
« on: 10:10 PM - 01/31/18 »
So did you use the nav wirelessly with the xim4? the initial pairing requires you connect it to the xim4 wired.

There is data sent over usb otherwise it would not work with xim3 , xim edge and the crappy venom x.
If xim4 only supported nav use over wireless that's news to me dude.

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