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XIM EDGE Discussions / xim edge windows 10
« on: 05:35 AM - 05/04/18 »
so i'm plugging my edge into a windows 10 computer, now i KNEW this woudn't work from past experience but past experience also told me to apply the windows 10 compatibility patch thing that is found on this site, and i did that. but i'm still here with a hanging launcher when i press connect. i then tried compatibility mode for windows 7 and running as an admin, but neither of these things had any effect. and yes i ran the patch as an admin. so now i'm at a loss. currently running a factory reset.

Technical Support / Re: chat
« on: 04:08 PM - 02/03/13 »
ok let's see....... i followed the video tutorial.....

so i downloaded the xim software thing. i then plugged in my edge. i waited for it to turn blue. next i configured my controls for Halo 4. after that, i told it to save. it said it had saved and that it was safe to unplug it from the computer. then i plugged in the controller on the left, mouse in the middle, and keyboard on the right, just like it said. then i plugged the edge into the 360. before plugging in, i made sure that the halo 4 main screen was up just as a precaution. (hmm.... now that i think of it, that could be where i went wrong.) next i looked at my edge. the first thing it did was flash blue twice. then flash yellow 4 times then green 1 time. when it flashed green, my controller turned on for a few seconds then turned off.(i was controller 2 if that helps. but there was controllers 1 and 3 already active.) so i messed around with it for a bit. pressing "start-back" at the same time. and after trying this for a few minutes, i gave up and made this post. oh and yes, i did consult the manual for what the flashes meant.

oh and by "voice over" I meant that i wanted someone to walk me through it on skype or something.

Technical Support / Re: chat
« on: 03:44 PM - 02/03/13 »
well..... i followed the steps. i set up the controls and what not. then i plugged it in the correct order and it doesn't work. so i would really appreciate a voice over b/c i'm apparently doing something wrong and i don't know what.

Technical Support / Re: chat
« on: 01:54 PM - 02/03/13 »
nope. i know that play and charge cables don't work with xim.

Technical Support / chat
« on: 01:42 PM - 02/03/13 »
well i'm fed up with this. but i love the idea. but i can't set it up no matter what i try. i tried the instruction manual then i reset the thing and tried the instruction vids and nothing works. could someone possibly voice chat me through it? pleeeaaaassssseeeeee? i'm prepared to beg. i am. really.

Technical Support / Re: Halo CE
« on: 03:11 PM - 12/27/12 »
wonderful.  :)

Technical Support / Halo CE
« on: 05:39 PM - 12/24/12 »
my friend has Halo Combat Evolved, not the the anniversary editon. the original one. does xim edge support this in some way?

Technical Support / Re: setting this thing up
« on: 02:37 PM - 12/24/12 »
well..... let's see...... symptoms.......

well first, my pc is Windows 7.

i followed the instruction booklet. and once i plugged it in, i think the lights turned yellow. once it was in, the mouse turned on but the keyboard didn't. so i unplugged it and put it back into my pc. but it didn't flash blue to say that it was in pc mode. i sat there waiting but no blue.  it just kept flashing all of it's color range. i left it like that for like an hour, and no blue.

Technical Support / setting this thing up
« on: 11:05 PM - 12/23/12 »
so i got my xim edge a week ago or so, and i tried to set it up. i followed the instructions and tried to get it to work for like 2 hrs but to no avail. so i tried to go through the instructions a second time. but now the thing is just blinking all sorts of colors when i plug it into my laptop instead of just turning blue like it's supposed to. Can someone give me a step by step vid on how to fix this?

(though i didn't follow the videos that supposedly exist on how to set it up just out of the box. silly me.) but i don't think that those vids can help me now considering that the thing has already been changed.

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