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Beta / Re: XIM APEX & PS5 Not working
« on: 01:47 PM - 01/08/21 »
OD1N I am using the latest firmware on the XIMAPEX 5.00. 20201215
i can confim using c40 with the hub was working initially but then it stopped working
now the c40 does not seem to work at all, with the hub or without the hub.
Please let me know if we have plans on supporting c40?

Good Day Mist, any update ?

Good Day Mist any updates on this ?

Thank you Mist,
I was hoping we have a way to have logs to find out the breaking point.
like the app shows there is a keyboard connected as the icon shows there.

are there any logs i can view from the xim apex app? that can point out where and why is this failure happening?

i did that and it seems to go more than 30 seconds, this time and it was 45 seconds.
but it did shut  off the keyboard.

Mist thanks for the prompt response...

I did try this as well its goes bit further and then it stops...

Yes it works in bios on my ASUS motherboard


so I did some testing this weekend and still I have had no luck.

I have added an Anker USB hub and I have plugged in Logitech G502 along with G915 using the usb dongle and everything works great.

I got myself a new Masdrop CTRL thinking the old one was bad, the first thing I did with this keyboard, I went o the QMK web based configurator and disabled all the led lights and downloaded the firmware and using the QMK toolbox and flashed the firmware and I can see that I don't have any lights on the keyboard.

I plugged this keyboard into the Anker USB HUB which has a 12VOLT power brick feeding the power to it, and after 30 seconds the keyboard is still not responsive.

can you please advise what should i do next ? is there a way we can add support fo this keyboard ?

Thanks I have just added the Anker USB 3.0 hub and at the moment i am testing it with Ducky 1 key board and logitech g502 and all seems to work.

I will test it with CTRL and will let you know.

Thanks again, the adaptor which is powering the xim hub currently is a 5V which you get from amazon.
I am very interested in using the 3.0 USB hub, but for a long time I am not able to use that as daisy chaining them with xim hub never worked for me.

if i understand you correctly.

leave the ps4 controller on the xim hub.

connect usb mouse & keyboard to the usb 3.0 hub

use the cable from usb 3.0 hub and insert in the slot with two dots on the xim hub

plug xim into ps4.

Please confirm if this is correct ?

Thank you both I will try what you have suggested.
Can you please share the model of the usb hub with 12v power and also how did you set up the XIM apex with a usb hub?

Thanks Mist4fun, so this means this keyboard will never be supported by XIM?

Good Day Obsiv,
I am using the latest firmware, i a, om 5.00.20200307 and I have tested it with Logitech G915 TKL, along with MK Disco, along with Drevo Blademaster Pro, and they all seem to work fine.

Its the MassDrop TKL which does not work at all and the headline of the message it does exactly shuts off after 30 seconds.

I will be sending this keyboard back :(

My apologies for asking again, but can someone confirm if massdrop CTRL TKL keyboard working with XIM I have tried it with usb powered hub and XIM powered hub and itís seems to not work

It starts and then stops working

Please let me know before I return this if anyone has gotten this keyboard to work?

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