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Yea hard pass on this.

As we know, the G502, as well as 12,000 DPI are talked about around here like some holy grail that can't be beat by anything else.

Well for ages I was using 3200 DPI on a Zowie ZA12, in Destiny mainly and I always thought I did a lot better with this than my G502 which I had at the time. This was the only 12,000 DPI 3366 mouse available at the time. I attributed the worse gameplay and laggy feel to the heaviness of the mouse.

That was about 2 years ago now.

Since then I have been using a Logitech G Pro for about 6 months at 12,000 DPI. I have been doing pretty decently but felt inconsistent aiming. It feels like XIM4 can't keep up with the inputs, floaty, heavy etc.

I just took this down as a limitation with XIM4, I did try a few things like different firmwares and polling rates etc.

Now after remembering how I easily I used to do well in Destiny and also the fact that in anything else bar XIM4, lower DPI is better - I had a lingering thought that DPI was maybe why everything felt so inaccurate and inconsistent.

I checked online on YouTube, viewed some good players on XIM4, ones that I would class as good which isn't just you run of the mill guy going 2.0KD in COD. They all seem to use 2000-3200 DPI.

Last night I hopped onto Halo 5, just changed my DPI to 2000, then adjust my XIM4 sens to be multiplied by 6 so it was in theory the same sensitivity.




I will never use 12000 DPI again. Literally it is cancer. I instantly noticed I could turn faster, and more accuracy. I could 180 perfectly every time and it felt like there was no input lag.

This is a clip from one of a few games I played yesterday, I never would be able to move around this reliably before:


I'm barely used to how it feels so I am going to play around with this more and see what is actually possible.

All in all, DO NOT USE 12,000 DPI

Everyone has different results. When i first started using Xim i was using the Razer deathadder black edition with 1800 dpi. Never bothered me at all. Still to this day, best settings for me personally. The 12k dpi works for some, not for others. Could also be that the mouse simply doesn't agree with all. With my settings i was destroying bf3 & bf4 servers. To each their own.

Hi! I just have one question does the new Logitech G pro mouse work on the Xim4? Can anyone confirm that it does? Thank you! In advance.

No one has the mouse yet man. Lol come on now.

That being said, it should work.

Game Support / Re: Overwatch / DeathAdder Chroma Settings
« on: 11:24 AM - 08/26/16 »
Just picked up the XIM4 last week and I've been trying to get it to feel the same as PC, but I can't get it quite right. I've read the master OW Settings thread and I've put together a pretty good setup, but wanted to see if anyone else is running OW w/ the DA Chroma and has some insight.

DPI: 10,000
Polling: 1,000

Using Henry's Curve w/:
Sensitivity: 15
Boost: 1100
Steady Aim: Off

Aim Assist: Off

I'm carrying just over a 4:1 K/D, as a constantly pushing / flanking offensive player, but is still doesn't feel quite right. I feel like there is a slight lag that I haven't been able to clean up. Any help would be great.

It could be your mouse, the DA chroma's max native dpi is 6400....anything above is interpolated. It could be your issue, try lowering the dpi to the said value and see if that helps.

I'm a little off put by the size, i use the Zowie EC2-A and that's a pretty small mouse for me.
Also can someone please explain the thinking behind laying out the specifications like this?

Physical specifications
Height:  4.6 in (116.6 mm) <<<< (sorry Logitech i think you mean length?)
Width:  2.5 in (62.15 mm)
Depth:  1.5 in (38.2 mm) <<<< (i mean i guess this is fine but height would have been more appropriate here i think.)
Weight: 5.0 oz (129.5 g  ) mouse  with cable
Weight: 3.0 oz  (84.7 g) mouse  only

I mean, really i didn't realise that everyone used their mice standing them on their @#$% end?

Sorry for being pedantic.

I may get this mouse, but $60 DAAAAAAAAAAAANG Logitech you greedy as all hell.
I bet it cost no more than $10 to make....................... lmao

While it is a shorter length, it fills your hand up because of the wide @#$% end of the mouse.

General Discussion / Re: New Logitech Mouse - "G200"
« on: 01:46 PM - 08/11/16 »
Honestly i LOVE my Zowie EC2-A its a brilliant mouse, i would say perfect if not for the side buttons.
That being said, i would still like to try the 3360/66 in this shape.

Not a side button lover huh.

Yup Dml pro s seems to be smashing it regarding feedback on ocl.  G200 would only get me interested if it's higher than the 303 and wider than the g502 and sub 85g cable included

Butt looks pretty wide. Once we get #'s we'll know for sure. The pics could be deceiving us. Lol

General Discussion / Re: New Logitech Mouse - "G200"
« on: 09:19 AM - 08/10/16 »
Hopefully this thing is announced soon. Logitech is pretty quick to start shipping after a product announcement.

I hope so, waiting on a light comfortable 3366 mouse is becoming agonising.
Why is this wholely new ground break super duper awesome new sensor technology not in absolutely everything right now..?

Dm1 Pro S is getting a hell of a lot of praise currently. DreamMachines seems to have a great job with that sensei re-up.

It's starting to be, in the form of the "3360" which is the non-Logitech version of the sensor I guess.

Lot's of 3360 mice coming out lately but nothing that really stands out so far. Steelseries Rival 700, a bunch of Sensei clones, Finalmouse. A lot of them have some kind of issue: are just too big, heavy, crappy build quality etc etc.

You can always count on Logitech mice on having solid build quality and performance, so this upcoming mouse might be "the one".

General Discussion / Re: New Logitech Mouse - "G200"
« on: 12:32 PM - 08/09/16 »
That's the stupidest thing. My pinky has pressed the G900 right side button so many times without wanting to it's ridiculous. 4 buttons on one side like the g700 would be perfect.

Side buttons can be disabled. Having no buttons at all is kinda hard to resolve.

Lefties are a fraction of the population, and gamers are a fraction of that. Logitech is one of the oldest names in the business and they probably have the data/done the math that having right side buttons would be a net loss in terms of sales gained vs additional cost, especially given their global distribution and volume. Not to mention the right handed buyers annoyed by buttons they don't use. Tyranny of the majority.

It took a while for Logitech to even consider returning to their classic shape. I remember reading about a Logitech product manager who said flashy shapes, "gamer" design, RGB lighting, heftier weight (sign of "quality"), DPI are all things that sell and I can't argue with that. The G502 and G303 are consistent bestsellers globally.  The G200 is a step in the right direction in terms of listening to esports pros/enthusiasts. I just hope it sells enough to convince Logitech there's a big enough market.

Idk about the G303 being a best seller globally. Lol

It's pretty much discontinued.

Hardware Compatibility / Re: Dream Machines DM1 Pro S
« on: 03:47 PM - 08/04/16 »
Thanks reading good things just put my order in.

Yea the DM1 pro S & Nixeus Revel have the community pretty pleased currently.

Hardware Compatibility / Re: Dream Machines DM1 Pro S
« on: 12:02 AM - 08/04/16 »
I reported the previous DM1 pro working already. The DM1 pro S will work just fine as well.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: G303 and G502
« on: 09:28 PM - 07/21/16 »
so I have both these mice and they are both doin he Same thing when I'm playing battlefield or BO3 they just stop working mid aim while tracking a target and it gets worse when trying to compensate the recoil for games I don't understand why this is happening my g303 is new i just bought it today smh I don't kno what else to do I tried different mouse pads and surfaces and dowliadong and re dowliadong software but still no change nothing is working.... Can anyone help please it's very annoying

So the mice just literally stop working? As in turn off?

I have Ran every mouse out. The Castor is a solid choice no doubt.

G900 any day.

Hardware Compatibility / Re: Logitech 303
« on: 05:42 PM - 06/27/16 »
I have had 0 problem with WASD on console. Much more preferred to analog. That is coming from someone who grew up on consoles. The 303 is amazin on PC & on the Xim, just as long as you get on with the shape.

I only play Battlefield and Call of Duty, so can only comment about those games, have 0 experience with Destiny. WASD works well for strafing but analog is better for aim assist and overall movement, but you need to get used to it thats only when you gonna notice something.

As for G303 people tend to think that I said it is a poor mouse. I didnt say that! All I said is that is far from being the best specially regarding ADS.

Regarding ads?? You mean button latency? Nothing is better. The G303 is what most mice currently are measured up against as far as button latency.

Hardware Compatibility / Re: Logitech 303
« on: 03:32 PM - 06/18/16 »
Never had this issue at all. Kinda weird.

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