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With the XIM Apex, is there a way, when using Akimbo pistols (dual pistols), to map the one fire button so it shoots both pistols?  Like most, my fire and ADS buttons are my left and right mouse buttons and its very hard for me to stay on target when hitting both buttons to shoot both pistols.  Is this possible or would I need to remap my ADS button and just get used to it that way?  I use the G502 Hero + Sony Nav

Dude use your fingers!! There on your mouse for a reason

Really man??  I have trouble keeping the mouse from moving when tapping both the left and right mouse button, as I stated in my post.  But thank you for your response....super helpful

you can make a secondary bind that toggles with left and right click with a aux profile.

Lets say you choose Q as your Aux activation key. Set this the same as your hip with Inherit unchecked. Now bind both left and right click to the same button.

OR you can go in your HIP profile and go to the bottom and click the arrow next to primary, and set left and right click to a same button like another mouse key on your mouse, or a keyboard stroke like Q.

XIM Link / Re: XIM Link - Input Lag?
« on: 11:53 AM - 01/03/21 »
Thanks for this info havoxxx!

It's very complicated, even with the README file. Without tutorial I can't do it. :/

Is this right?

Filter YES or NO?

How to test it?

filter yes and just see if it makes a difference.

the only way to increase the speed cap

outer threshold 0
TEP -  +1 - 25
TEY -  +1 - 25
TRUT - 0
TRUD - 0

Kinda confused. I guess what Iím asking is does maxing out TEP in the ALC result in a slightly increased turn speed cap than the standard 7,7; While also keeping aim assist?(since 8,8 disables aim assist).

good question, Ill trial and error it. and make a video.

the only way to increase the speed cap

outer threshold 0
TEP -  +1 - 25
TEY -  +1 - 25
TRUT - 0
TRUD - 0

bind your secondary key from sprint to right mouse button. this will mess up sights that have more than one tho.

XIM Link / Re: Problem running XIM link
« on: 10:20 PM - 01/01/21 »
hit setting and there is a drop down menu start with deactivation key and make a key, then activation key and make a key. I make both my keys the Same button for the on, off.

XIM Link / Re: XIM Link - Input Lag?
« on: 12:59 PM - 12/29/20 »
@OBsIV: Can you tell, if I there will be input lag with the new beta on PS5 with XIM Link, because of XIM Link?

make sure you are overclocking your transfer cable to 1000 hz for zero input lag.

Check the filter button and turn off default and change it to 1000 hz.


Ya I have hard rebooted holding power button down on Xbox few times.  There are no batteries in the controller, I have used another Xbox series x controller has same results.

I'm still a little unclear about where the issue occurs. Can you confirm that your controller doesn't work when connected directly to your Xbox (no XIM) without needing to turn it on?

It has always been like this sense 2019. You need to Hold the guide button to turn on the controller to get the xim to work.

Game Support / Re: I've had it with the XIM APEX
« on: 11:58 AM - 12/27/20 »
It sounds like you never read any guides on how the apex works. You can not just copy someone's configuration and expect it to work to your standards. What do you expect, majority of this community uses about 4 people configs. If you want to make some good settings, you need to understand what the feature do on the xim apex.

For a example, if you where on a slow sync, that is made for a 30 FPS game. So if you where to use that on lets say Apex legends, your camera would have really bad deadzone issues in the center of the screen like little square boxes.

Now if you ran a Default or Off sync with a ballistic curve, you would feel an almost perfect movement with the apex.

Ballistic curve? You need to learn how to create your custom curve.  What do you want to accomplish when making a ballistic curve? Fast movement? Hitting the deadzone instantly? There is thousands of posts about curves in this whole forum.

Smoothing does what it says it does, it smooths out you aim.

Y/X ratio.  Anything over 1.00 reduces the X axis. Anything below 1.00 reduces the Y axis.

Steady Aim can help enter and exit the Aim assist bubble. To high of a SA and the game will become unplayable.

Boost adds to everything you have. Sens + Sync + Smoothing + Y/X + SA = Your config. Then boost adds to over all sensitivity of everything.

All you need to do is ask for help my dude, we are all here.

way to snappy on targets for a high sens, yes he is ximming.

Oh this is for PC

I play on a 144 hz monitor, so the max fps i get is 144. it should not feel any different on console. that guy that tested it was on ps4.

What fov are you using with this? I tried it on 110 while running 400 dpi without changing the sens and it felt really good. I immediately noticed that recoil control was super easy, but there is not much aim assist compared to what I normally use.
104 is the sweet spot for me, and yeah it does not have much aim assist, i need to figure out how to address that

TBH you guys should really be using a higher outer threshold with the turning extra yaw and pitch up higher. When you hit the boundary of where the outer threshold is set to, that's when you receive a faster rotation of the camera speed from the TEY, TEP. Doing this allows for a higher deadzone, and you don't have to set the YAW and Pitch to max.
I think year0 was trying something similar like this.

I have been experimenting with it. so far it feels awesome.

If anyone wants to try my experimental config, that i am working on, here you go.

This code has secondary buttons bound. ADS and HIP have inherit off. so you need to do  both button sets.

Code: [Select]
>>> XIM APEX [Apex havox version 1 12.24] START COPY >>>

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