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XIM 4 Discussions / Battle field hardline ST PS4
« on: 02:43 AM - 03/18/15 »
Im using ST for BF4 on PS4. and its working great. not sure how it is on PS3/XB360/XB1. If anyone else is using it on those systems, please post so others may see. Just wanted to throw it out there. Cant wait for the official ST release :) keep up the good work guys!

XIM 4 Discussions / Xim Edge User Here, need help.
« on: 07:00 PM - 09/23/14 »
So i just got my Xim4 today, looking for help if anyone rocks a Logitech G500, with xim 4 for the PS4. Looking to see how you guys got it set up for specifically Destiny. Thanks in advance to anyone that replies!

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Xim4 and waiting for destiny!
« on: 12:51 PM - 09/08/14 »
I gotta wait to get my xim4 :( but atleast i got my new white ps4 tonight, i just hope the xim4 will be in stock for a while lol.  :-[

XIM EDGE Discussions / Re: XIM Edge Setup
« on: 12:32 AM - 11/16/12 »
just letting you know man, if you dont have wireless items, your desk will be a JUNGLE of wires lol. i get crap about it all the time from friends, they say it looks like a fire hazard. however ive seen and heard peoples set up here can be tidy. so thats just me.

XIM EDGE Discussions / Re: XIM Edge Setup
« on: 12:09 AM - 11/16/12 »
I use the pc desk set up, when i have time ill take a photo and upload my set up, i have it listed under my signature area.

use the Ballistics curve from BF3 that Zombie made.. It should be in the ballistics section, if you cant find it I'll post it for you after work.

I tried Halo 4 on it and it worked really nice.

which one ogik? the first or second one that zombie guy posted?

XIM EDGE Discussions / Re: HALO 4
« on: 03:12 AM - 11/09/12 »
Thanks for the release, cant wait to start using it! Halo 4 is sick haha  8)

Technical Support / Re: how can I cancel my order
« on: 12:07 AM - 11/02/12 »
Well you guys are forgetting that the XIM is 100% legit. It doesn't hack the hardware or modify game behavior. It's a third party accessory just like FPS freeks or a racing wheel. There really is nothing wrong about them. Treyarch feels that they are an unfair advantage, and since it's their servers they reserve the right to ban people from their servers. So if they were to ban xim users then they can ban xim users (although there's no way they can actually detect a xim user).  But as far as Microsoft is concerned, this is 100% legit.

THANK YOU for clearing the air haha. i was just about to post about this too  ::)

Technical Support / Re: Xim Edge Glitching?
« on: 09:42 PM - 10/20/12 »
Unfortunately, no :(

Technical Support / Re: Xim Edge Glitching?
« on: 10:56 PM - 10/18/12 »
unfortunately no.. where i live dosent have places to shop for electronics, hence why i shopped on amazon for my gaming needs. :(

Technical Support / Re: Xim Edge Glitching?
« on: 10:07 PM - 10/18/12 »
No, i use none of those, the mouse is plugged directly into my laptop

Technical Support / Re: Xim Edge Glitching?
« on: 10:03 PM - 10/18/12 »
no, the mouse is brand new from Amazon.com, factory sealed when i got it, besides playing xim, i play Steam alot (counter strike, team fortress 2, left 4 dead) i also play sc2, d3, LoL, WoW and other mmorpgs, the mouse didnt glitch on me (ive played for 6hours+ per session) the mouse was bought early last month.

Technical Support / Re: Xim Edge Glitching?
« on: 08:47 PM - 10/18/12 »
How about just with your controller and keyboard (without the mouse)?

works fine with just the controller and keyboard, UPDATE: i got a new keyboard, the Cyborg V.5, and same problem happens when all 3 are plugged in. likewise, controller mode is fine, controller +mouse glitches, controller + keyboard fine. hmm....

Technical Support / Re: Xim Edge Glitching?
« on: 02:01 PM - 10/17/12 »
that is correct, ive double checked.

Technical Support / Re: Xim Edge Glitching?
« on: 12:27 AM - 10/17/12 »
also, ive just tried to reset my ximedge to factory settings, same problem occured. double flashing yellow lights after all colors went through and power shut off for ximedge and mouse, then it would turn back on and loop the cycle again.

then i hooked up the controller and mouse up, then plugged in the xim (controller + mouse) to the ps3, and it didnt shut off.

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