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XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Halo 5....Fastest ST update ever!
« on: 10:33 AM - 10/31/15 »
Haha yeah I was sad that I completed the campaign so quickly since i thought I would have to wait a bit for the ST to come out to play Multiplayer, well ST comes out and now I am Onyx in Team Arena top notch ST :)

That's great you are having a good experience, which means you are in the minority with this ST / games look mechanic. So definitely congrats :-)
But... Are you really playing Halo 5 with 800 DPI on your G502 mouse, or did you sig mean to say 8000?
Can you share your sensitivity and mouse DPI and any ballistics or ads changes?
Thank you

Mhmm that is my standard DPI but for Halo 5 I am specifically using 2,000DPI mouse wise with 20 Sensitivity on the XIM plus of course 10 sens in game. Though granted the ST is great but the game look mechanic does have issues I noticed even with the gamepad, but I find them personally very predictable and easy to counteract. I am pretty close to Champion rank on Team Swat, but I need to get work done this week so oh well  guess I will have to get it when I get the free time :P My apologies for the late reply been quite busy.

Side note I also use XIM Commander but I doubt that changes anything.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Halo 5....Fastest ST update ever!
« on: 07:57 AM - 10/28/15 »
Haha yeah I was sad that I completed the campaign so quickly since i thought I would have to wait a bit for the ST to come out to play Multiplayer, well ST comes out and now I am Onyx in Team Arena top notch ST :)

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Xim4E Closes ST for Halo 5?
« on: 07:34 AM - 10/28/15 »
destiny is the closest but XIM4E doesnt have that ST i guess
overall not a good idea to give your friend an impression on how a XIM works by letting them use a XIM Edge on the next gen with a translator for a different game, they will experience acceleration and everything which clearly isnt what XIM4 would give them lol
also XIM4E is pretty buggy

Fairo Od1n I will just tell them to take my word for it XD

XIM 4 Discussions / Xim4E Closes ST for Halo 5?
« on: 06:24 AM - 10/28/15 »
Aye guys my friend just bought a XBOne and I have tempted them into getting a XIM4 but they want to try before they buy  to see if they prefer M/KB with their PC background. So I thought if I can setup my Xim Edge for them to use for a week they can enjoy it with close ST if it supports it and tell them to get the Xim4 to get a more accurate 1:1 :) Gives the Xim Edge some use atleast xD

Does it have a ST that is half alright for Halo 5, I don't want to install the firmware and get the stuff without knowing about if it does or not.

Not sure if this will work for everyone, but for me I click inside the window for XIM Commander then press Print Screen that fixed the issue for me awhile ago during Xim4's commander initial launch and never had an issue since though I only just started to get back into Halo again (They fixed it)! :D

Commander / Re: Re: XIMCommander
« on: 10:07 AM - 12/22/14 »
Cheers Aiken works a treat for me, I do have the occasional random disconnects but I have my PrintScreen bound to one of my Macro keys on my K95 so it is pretty much instantly back into the game anyway.

Cheers for the hard work :)

Not sure if it was added to the feature list but turn assist like the Xim Edge had would be an awesome feature (I don't play battlefield or anything anymore, but for the other players that would be a nice feature for them to have)

Hardware Compatibility / Re: K95 Key sticking BIOS Mode
« on: 12:47 AM - 12/03/14 »
Does this keyboard have low-rollover? The Black Widow Ultimate also has this problem and it's because of the keyboard's low rollover.

When the blackwidow gets stuck it bugs out for hafl a second, while the K95 RGB when it gets stuck (which happens regularly) I have to reboot the Xim4 completely to unstick the key.

Hardware Compatibility / Re: K95 Key sticking BIOS Mode
« on: 05:11 AM - 12/02/14 »
Oh will do, and I will report back if it fixes the problem, whenever Halo gets matchmaking :P

I'm with you... very frustrating.

Using latest firmware on XIM and Keyboard and still running into the sticky key problem where the key holds, not keyboard at fault since I had a K95 RGB Cherry Red but some keys were faulty so I got a warranty replacement for the K95 RGB Cherry Brown, and the Cherry brown version does it also. Is there anyway for me to give you a log or something to resolve the issue since having to use an old microsoft keyboard from the back is annoying xD

Hardware Compatibility / Re: K95 Key sticking BIOS Mode
« on: 08:14 PM - 11/20/14 »
Nope still does it with the latest Firmware on Halo: MCC, sad days when I just bought this keyboard XD

Hmm it has done once, but hasn't done since I made this comment, weird I will see if it does it again.

Hardware Compatibility / Re: K95 Key sticking BIOS Mode
« on: 09:17 PM - 11/19/14 »
Please upgrade to the latest Beta build (version 20141114 of both Manager and firmware). It is located in XIM4 -> Downloads -> Release Candidates. This build fixes several issues around disconnections, audio, wireless configuration, sticky keys, hardware issues, etc.
Direct links: Firmware v20141114, Manager v20141114
Please follow the upgrade instructions in the posts.

Oh will do, and I will report back if it fixes the problem, whenever Halo gets matchmaking :P

Hardware Compatibility / K95 Key sticking BIOS Mode
« on: 02:33 AM - 11/19/14 »
Just bought a K95 RGB, It  appears that after about 5mins of running, a key will get stuck such as move left *A* for me, getting stuck and the only way to unstick it is to reboot the XIM. Anyone know about this and how to resolve it?

Keyboard is running in BIOS and the backlights are turned off.

No ETA. Still training and working on them as I go. From what I hear matchmaking is a mess right now so timing may not matter that much.

Yeah they're releasing a patch Wednesday (So Thursday for me) to fix all the issues with matchmaking, but I won't get my hopes up on them fixing anything.

I will get my new K/B before the multiplayer is all fixed and then I can actually use the XIM fully again. (Dam Razer Blackwidow, weird how it works perfectly on my XIM Edge for the 360 back in the day but the XIM 4 makes it sticky)

General Discussion / Re: Which ST for Halo MCC?
« on: 03:58 AM - 11/11/14 »
Halo 3 ST seems to work pretty much perfectly with Halo 2, this is campaign though not MP, been downloading the MP patch for 10 hours now and only done 64% :'(

Seems to be capped to 200kb/s for whatever reason, missing my old place with 100mbps connection xD

Hardware Compatibility / Re: Razer taipan setup
« on: 10:04 PM - 02/14/13 »
Thanks for the information, I will be picking up a Taipan in another hour or so, I will confirm if this works or not :)

Thanks for the help mate!

Alrighty, I picked up a Taipan and confirm this all worked for me, give it a shot! Thanks mate!

I will give it a shot when I finish watching the new The Walking Dead and Dexter episodes :P But thanks for the release again and for the support!

Feels great to me. A lot more accurate than the past STs.

However, im not going to @#$% (again) but it appears it will not matter how accurate an ST is made, with the heavy aim assist and horrendous lag this game will remain unplayable. I just tried to play with the shiny ST and am still amazed at some of the kills im suffering.

Anyways, thanks for the ST. If only Treyarc put the same quality into their work as you. Ebay is looming...

Not gonna start anything but I do agree, they earn billions of dollars per cod release so you would think they would put more effort into making a new engine, or even just fixing the netcode (In which would fix 80% of issues).

And the host selection is idiotic aswell, I have 2 bars worth of 3G signal for my iPhone 4S, and I get host (100ping+) while on my ADSL connection it doesn't give me host at all even though I can get 20ish pings to around Australia... I can't wait till I get Fiber Optical or Cable when I move places in January! :)

<--- Sorry for grammar it is late where I live (Not really but I am still tired) haha

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