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Support / Re: Set Up
« on: Today at 06:36 PM »

does your XIM maybe show yellow/red lights while you try to bind buttons/keys?
Also is your mouse or keyboard recognized by the app if only one of the two is connected to the XIM?

Deutsch / Re: Titan 2 + Xim Apex... Probleme
« on: 05:52 PM - 01/15/21 »
Wenn du XIM Link nutzt kannst du eigentlich fast alle gängigen autohotkey Skripte benutzen die du im Internet findest, natürlich musst du diese dann entsprechend anpassen damit die Tasten usw. passen.
Mit dem Titan ist das etwas leichter da du die Skripte bzw. Gamepacks einfach aus der Titan Bibliothek laden kannst und sie direkt funktionieren.

Deutsch / Re: Titan 2 + Xim Apex... Probleme
« on: 01:35 PM - 01/15/21 »
Die Maus und Tastaturumsetzung des Titan ist wesentlich schlechter, dafür ist er auch eigentlich nicht ausgelegt. Wer also gute Mausbewegungen UND Skripte haben will muss entweder nen XIM + Titan nutzen, oder halt XIM Link + Transferkabel.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: XIM Apex PS5 Controller
« on: 05:57 AM - 01/15/21 »

what doy ou mean with does the DS4 controller stock with the DualSense?

Deutsch / Re: Xim 4 & PlayStation 5 Kompabilität
« on: 05:52 AM - 01/15/21 »
Ja XIM4 + Titan Two funktioniert bereits an der PS5 wenn du die neueste firmware für den Titan Two benutzt.

What Apex Xim needs is something to help with the end curve. like a Boost X axis outer threshold or Y axis. They also should allow capping the percentage of the maximum percentage of axis movement, like capping it at 90% for ads and 100% for hip. Why hasn't anyone responded to my suggestions with this? This product needs more features that work at outer stick peak movement.

Not sure what you mean with the first one but the second one can already be done by using the ballistic curve.

VRR is the name of the HDMI 2.1 feature that basically does the same as G-Sync and FreeSync. Though to my understanding VRR is not as advanced as the other two. So if you want VRR for the PS5 or new Xbox consoles then make sure to get an HDMI 2.1 monitor. Those will primarily come out in Q1 or Q2 this year.

I just realized that it says '1 ms response time in overdrive condition'.

You have any idea what this means? Because I really don't.

In short its a technique where they improve the time an LED needs to change its colour. It sounds nice but can cause visual issues such as over/undershooting ghosting when your overdrive setting doesnt match the framerate.
Recently monitors started to offer intelligent overdrive features where the monitor will adjust the overdrive setting based on the input framerate to avoid this.

in the following picture you can see such an overdrive issue, the left side of the Ufo has a white "halo" around it. For reference, the Ufo moves from the left to the right:

« on: 03:51 AM - 01/14/21 »

all of these questions are answered in the Beta topic itself, just read through a few of the pages including the first one :).

Deutsch / Re: Titan 2 + Xim Apex... Probleme
« on: 03:49 AM - 01/14/21 »

wenn dein XIM lila leuchtet handelt es sich um ein USB Kommunikations/Synchronisationsproblem. Je nachdem wie dein Setup aussieht kann es sich um unterschiedliche Gründe handeln.
Maus/Tastatur -> XIM -> Titan Two -> Konsole: Das Problem liegt dann entweder an der Maus oder Tastatur, stecke eine der beiden ab und überprüfe ob das Problem dann behoben ist.
Maus/Tastatur -> Titan Two -> XIM -> Konsole: Das Problem liegt dann auf Seiten des Titan Two, z.B. ist das falsche USB Protokol im GTuner ausgewählt. Falls dies dein Setup ist solltest du aber im Titan Forum nach Hilfe fragen da sich hier zu wenige mit dem Titan und den möglichen Ursachen auskennen.

I just bought the xim and I would just like to be sure that this is fake news because i have stuck hundreds of dollars into this game.

Please use the search bar, this has been answered like 100 times over the course of the last year :).

Support / Re: Can't add new profile XIM APEX
« on: 09:18 AM - 01/11/21 »
Can you press the force library download button in the global settings and try again then?
Does it still crash then?

Feedback / Re: Pass through
« on: 09:15 AM - 01/11/21 »
W11ce is working on that at the moment for XIM Link.

Support / Re: always flashes yellow and red
« on: 07:21 AM - 01/10/21 »

red and yellow flashes indicate a powerdraw issue, whatever is connected to the XIM basically draws too much power from the single console USB port.
What kind of splitter are you using? And what kind of mouse and keyboard are connected to the XIM?

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