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Game Support / Re: Call of Duty: WW2 Beta
« on: 09:27 PM - 08/24/17 »
I played a few games with IW first.  It didn't feel right after a couple games.  Next I tried mwr.  I liked it much better.

I'll have to try bo3 and aw and compare.. hopefully more people weigh in.

Thank you very much for supporting the project -- that's always appreciated. :)

I'm kind of bummed to see we are encouraging a 1 month forum user and newbie twitch acct (6 followers) to spam multiple posts across this forum trying to get more followers for their channel.

Sorry that this obviously triggers me.

Maybe a master single streaming following begging thread would be best?

Game Support / Re: IW ADS DELAY.
« on: 09:13 PM - 12/31/16 »
I have only android, and they still haven't released their app.  I have concerns the numbers above were wrong.  Reviewers such as Drift0r and TheXclusiveAce say ARs are 250ms, then with QD they go to 125ms.  Is this what we in turn put into the Xim settings?

I also found this spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1UZ5OKX2fOpdh-P8mttDChv4bfewEoqxkMgPVfNuk4x0/edit#gid=1839877365

Please confirm these:
NV4 ADS W/ Quick Draw
OSA ADS W/ Quick Draw
Karma ADS
Karma ADS W/ Quick Draw
Hailstorm ADS
Hailstorm ADS W/ Quick Draw

I have only android and they still haven't released their app.


Marvel4 from the Denkirson forums is the guy who rips all the code every year and puts it out there for everyone. This year he partnered with Brass Monkey Apps to make an app for it. The org i am associated with is sponsored by them and i got a free copy of it. You can download the app from the app store or you can ask me something and i will tell you.

Game Support / Re: IW ADS DELAY.
« on: 12:25 PM - 12/11/16 »
So the SMG's have a higher delay than the AR's?

Link to info of code please!

Yes they do but i wrote it incorrectly it should be 230 not 250, i will update it.

Game Support / Re: IW ADS DELAY.
« on: 07:22 PM - 11/30/16 »
Any updates since trying it out?  Curious about quick draw.  I mainly use nv4 and karma

Game Support / Re: IW update
« on: 07:00 PM - 11/30/16 »
This video helps explain the issues we see regarding lag comp:

What's the latest on the 2.4 rule and ads delay in IW ?

Game Support / Re: Official COD IW Smart Translator ETA?
« on: 06:46 PM - 11/07/16 »
Cool,thanks for the reply.  I've left it at stock as well.  Seems OK, just curious.
I can't wait to try the real ST tonight!
OK if I send you a friend request? I'm in Ohio.

What does SAv1 mean?

What ADS delay are you using?

I'm just using the stock 224ms but I run the NV4 most of the time.

Game Support / Re: Official COD IW Smart Translator ETA?
« on: 06:26 PM - 11/07/16 »
What does SAv1 mean?

What ADS delay are you using?

Anyone else recommend an ADS delay?  So far I typically use the SMG Erad with QuickDraw.  Also sometimes the assault rifle NV4 with QuickDraw.

I must say you did a great job on this translator Mist.  The thing is spot on.  Despite all the issues IW has, it has the smoothest hip and aim mechanic I've ever seen.

I totally agree, it is so smooth. I have dropped a few nukes tonight which i am putting down to this ST.


You're right. I've edited my previous post, thanks.

Guys can you share with me some key configuration? I've still many unresolved questions floating my mind like:

1. how to fire dual wielded weapons (akimbo)? I can only fire one of them, not both!

2. I use toggle aim and shift (sprint) deactivates ads... So this means I cannot hold breath while using scope on sniper rifles because when I hit shift it exits ads. How do you deal with this scenario?

3. Like in Black Ops 3, on console specialist ability or weapon activation requires pressing two buttons at the same time. What is your xim configuration for this situation?

I grew up playing toggle ads on CSGO, but quickly learned I needed to hold it down in COD.  I believe this toggle is also breaking your akimbo since ads fires your second hand.  Sorry I don't have a better answer, maybe someone who uses toggle ads has some advice.  You could make another config to call with toggle ads for akimbo use maybe.

Regarding specialist, on the secondary xim key assignment screen, I bind both keys to left Ctrl to trigger it.  I also have streaks bound to left alt.

I'm not home now, but I had these pics of my ps4 bo3 config from February 2016.  I use a Logitech g303 at 12k DPI.


The problem is the game itself... the ttk is too @#$% high and I'm getting melted very often without having any chance of competing. I've noticed on console they play a lot different from PC... people are constantly pre-aiming!

Don't you mean that the Time To Kill is too low?
Higher time means that it takes more time to kill?

I didn't have a ghosts ST created.  I hopped on last night and played a few with the BO3 ST.  For the most part it was playable.  I agree the aim assist was too strong.  A few times I ran into multiple enemies and the auto aim messed me up.

I hope to test it out tomorrow.  Surprised I didn't see any threads yet.

I have and have tried about every possible headset, mixamp, DSS, dolby receivers,etc.
I keep going back to Sennheiser G4ME One paired with my Astro Mixamp.  I more recently acquired a Mixamp TR.  I toggle between the two BEASTMODE EQs you can download from the Astro Forums.  I am still undecided as to which I like better.

I now have two G4ME one headsets.  One for my PS4 and one for my PC.
I also have a PC360 haha

I consider myself a competitive player and want to have super accurate sound positioning when playing COD/CSGO etc.  I also want a headset that's comfortable for long gaming sessions.  I hated messing with complex setups and "add-on" mics.  I have a VMODA boom pro and a Modmic as an example.

The simplicity and accuracy of my settled setup if perfect for me.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Bo3 Ads Delay Values
« on: 06:17 PM - 05/12/16 »
Could this have changed since Jan/Feb 2016?

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Doom Beta
« on: 09:26 AM - 04/16/16 »
I searched for Rage and nothing came up for me.

I scrolled down to the R and found it.  Note that this game was Xbox 360 and ps3 ... obviously.  It wasn't on xbone or PS4....

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