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XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Question about mouse lag
« on: 05:18 AM - 05/18/16 »
Basically, in general, you need a small display to prevent or at least lessen the lag you're getting when gaming. It's abit of common sense, you don't see all these professional players whether it's FPS or any other games playing on 55 inch TVs in a stage.

General Discussion / Re: Modern Warfare Trilogy
« on: 05:13 AM - 05/18/16 »
Possibly, a hint of Activision doing it on next gen consoles in the future?

To update your XIM to the latest, all you need is a computer that Windows, mouse & keyboard, your XIM n abit of brain.

That's the game problem. Not the xim. It's the same on controllers, ELO feels better on automatic guns (AR/SMG) coz of the aim assist. Snipers don't have that so your best option is get used to them guns.

Game Support / Re: Black Ops backward compadibility
« on: 04:49 AM - 05/18/16 »
Time to turn down the high sens & DPIs from the new COD (referring COD:AW & BO3)  ;D

Deutsch / Re: DPI Settings Logitech G502
« on: 04:47 AM - 05/18/16 »
I know this is Dutch but I just wanna share mine out there n hopefully helps you out. With my experience, 4000 DPI & 500 Hz. I've tried 12000, 10000, 6400 & 4000 DPIs. 4000 I'd say feels the smoothest of them all, but it's all personal preferences.

Strange, it doesn't seem to be backwards compatible in the UK yet :(

Tried it last night, n ye didn't work for some reason. At work atm, but will defo give it another go tonight.

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Playstation 4 community?
« on: 04:43 AM - 05/18/16 »
U from US or EU?

Astro mixamp and sibera (any, maybe the 200 - go back old school)

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: BO3 Hip fire shaking
« on: 04:38 AM - 05/18/16 »
We're kinda in the same sensitivity at the minute, dpi wise and xim sensitivity. Before, I was on 4000 DPI and exactly 40 hip. No jitter n it's perfect. Now, Im on 30 and it jitters on my screen n worse on spectator view. With my advice, I'd recommend turning down your DPI on your G500 to around 4000 - 4500. N calculate your xim sens, like 4000 DPI n 45 on your XIM. It feels perfect, n smooth.

That's what everyone is saying, they'll but the new cod legacy edition just to play cod4 remastered n just ditch infinite warfare. Then, on the other side there's BF1. Just time, all about that waiting game now.

Hardware Compatibility / Re: keyboard compatible?
« on: 04:26 AM - 05/18/16 »
It's good to see another Filipino getting into the XIM4 scene, musta tol? ;)

Anyway, I'd say 90% - 95% of keyboards should work fine with the XIM4. Some keyboards like Razer are the ones that have issues with the XIM device so as long as you're not using a razer keyboard you should be fine. If I was you, I'd give your keyboard of choice a shot then if it doesn't work, just return/refund it or possibly exchange it something else. My first keyboard when I had my first XIM (which was the keyboard) was a normal 4 keyboard n words perfectly fine so you should be good bud.

Game Support / Re: PS4 Black Ops 3 Question
« on: 04:17 AM - 05/18/16 »
I am not trying to be a smart @#$% or to be rude, but why does it matter a ton wethers its set to 14 or 8?
I would just like to better understand.  Does it help the mouse out a ton?

Give it a test, n see what it feels like. If you ask me, there's so much limitations to it - sensitivity wise. I tried 9 before like the other guy in this community who plays competitive to prevent people from knowing you use mouse n keyboard but that really depends on preference if you would like the people that come across you or plays with you to know you're using an adapter (XIM) on consoles. If you play for fun like public match n such, then go at 14 sens (max) or if you just give give a single f*ck then keep playing on 14 sens. Then play around your xim sensitivity til you get the feels you like. 14 sens is a must if you ask me, but if you prefer like 8 or whatever you want, that's all up to you. For advice, 14 is what OBsIv have said in the manual n all because to get the full advantage that benefits you to move your sensitivity as fast as it gives you in game - but not like PC, where there's no limit doing 360 n all that.

We're talkin about legacy/legion edition or whatever the name was which kinda like the hardened edition of previous COD or possibly the 120 price range one so that just says it all. It won't be that pricey for just one new COD game. It won't make sense if the new game itself would cost much. Like ryoga posted, there's one proof. News like mirror does prove something even tho it's only rumour.

Just SP? It's the only thing to make COD alive again. Why would they remaster a game which was like the biggest game in video console history 'COD'. Just have a look around, Halo has done it. Don't see it just being a SP tbh.

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