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Game Support / Re: PUBG: Advanced Setup (Updated 20190801)
« on: 06:38 AM - 09/19/19 »
Hey rml I appreciate everything you do for us, but the curve doesnít work well with this new the update unfortunately, if you could take a look at it would be awesome

Sorry I wonít be gaming until next year, at the earliest. Iím currently floating around on the Pacific.



Great thread, Iím not gaming anymore at least for awhile. However, Iíve been down this road several times in the past. So Iím going to offer you all my personal experience with these settings. You can do what you want with it. But hereís my advice.

The 1st thing that I want to make perfectly clear is that I can tell right away that I donít share the same play style as Gamingnerd. How do I know this? I know this this based on his settings and my own personal experience with Testing Apex for several YEARS!

Now that thatís out there, I want to be clear about something else. Im not here to encourage or discourage anyone from using or not using this setup. At the end of the day, itís the old clicheí ďuse what works for youĒ. Iím only here to offer my opinion and experience with Apex in regards to this topic.

Jesus.. I feel like Iíve come out of retirement for this post lol. (Not far from the truth, tbh).

1st - A few have made comments about what settings are most like Xim4. OBsIV has told us in the past that Apex running at 125hz and Default Sync was identical to Xim4. He then told us that 125hz with Off or Default Sync was the equivalent of Xim4. Then he stated Sync Off running at 125hz is the same as Xim4.  :o

My personal experience is that Apex running at 125hz. With Sync Off is indeed the closest thing Iíve used to get the Xim4 experience. Is it identical? While according to OBs it ďshould beĒ. But as a lot of you are aware. Itís often difficult and very time consuming to test things when weíre playing games on the internet. So thereís that.

2nd - I think most know my take on Aim Assist. Aim Assist is the reason I say Gamingnerd and myself donít share the same setup standards. Thereís a few comments that I think are misleading imo. One was that 250hz had more Aim Assist then 125hz. This Imo is a false statement. My personal experience is this.

- 125hz, Low Sync (30 fps) and 800 DPI is about the MOST Aim Assist you can get without a curve. By most I mean by taking advantage of what the game offers you. You canít get more then whatís built into the look mech.

On the flip side

- 1000hz. Sync Off and 16,000 dpi (or as high as your mouse will go) is about the LEAST Aim Assist you can get without a curve (assuming AA is ON).

Those are the highs and lows of Aim Assist. I say weíre different because I donít like the way Aim Assist feels at lower hz settings, whereas Gaming nerd and some of you do. Thereís nothing wrong with it, it just is what it is, personal preference. My biggest complaint with every Xim over the years was Aim Assist feeling to strong at times. Apex gives you the most versatility to deal with it as you like. Thatís why Iíll always praise Apex as superior.

But other then Aim Assist, there is definitely nothing wrong with the Xim4 experience. I can definitely see why many would like this setup. I personally believe Apex is extremely consistent no matter what hz or Sync youíre using with everything accept micro movements. Higher hz and Sync values will effect micro movements. So it comes down what you treasure more. Micro movements or AA cut through? Without curves all of the settings are very consistent with normal swipes while maneuvering around. You do need to match sensitivity though when changing Sync and polling rates. This can be tricky and there is a base line out there for doing this. But itís not perfect math, very close though.

There are many post about sensitivity settings and idkwtf touched on a piece of it a few post back.

goes like this.
Off > Default (divide sens by 8
Off > Common (divide sens by 16)
Off > Low (divide sens by 32)

1000 > 500 (divide sens by 2)
1000 > 250 (divide sens by 4)
1000 > 125 (divide sens by 8

I have always preferred Sync Off over other Sync values. It is the closest to raw input I could personally get. I have a feeling most of you will probably slowly migrate up the hz scale as higher hz does make movements more responsive. However with that comes jitter, so itís about finding your balance between responsiveness, Aim Assist, Jitter and Micro movements. All this on top of the games net code and your awesome internet connection, Lol.. sounds a bit daunting doesnít it?

No worries though, follow the guide above. Find what Hz and Sync best fit your style and then, if needed, fine tune your setup with Mouse polling rate and DPI. I would recommend matching your mouse polling with Xim, but this is really nit picking things now. The biggest concern is to make sure your mouse is never polling slower then Xim or you will get stutter, not Jitter, Stutter! But matching polling rates does seem to offer a bit of consistency that you will only notice in micro movements and if measuring your mouse pad in CMs.

Great thread,


Game Support / Re: Destiny 1&2: Advanced Setups (20190801)
« on: 07:50 AM - 09/10/19 »
Thanks for the feedback everyone. I'm glad this has helped so many users, on alot of different levels. Destiny has been a great game to showcase the many opportunities there are with XIM Apex and Advanced Settings to improve the overall gaming experience.

It's been a long road with Destiny for myself and this community, therefore I think it's fitting that I share what I'm about to say here, where it pretty much all began.

Alot of things have changed around here over the years. But one thing that has never changed is the level of support you can always find here. Here you will always find Amazing support for an amazing product! But every dog has it's day and I personally just have other things I need to attend to in my life.

No need to string this out, in the end it's very simple. It's time to take a break! I'm not sure if and when I'll be back. I'm only posting this because I know some of you rely on RML setups with alot of new games. I'm sorry to say, that won't be happening for awhile. I feel pretty good about the curves, guides and setups I've left here in the forums for you guys though. There's plenty here to get you through whatever struggles you're having.

Until next time... XIM ON!


I just picked up the G Pro myself a few days ago. 16,000 dpi does feel a little crazy with Sync off. I hope to have more time trialing it later in the week. You may want to try around 12,000 dpi though 1st and then work your way up. It may take some getting used to. I will say Aim Assist felt really good at 16,000 dpi in BO4. But man, it's a little jittery for sure.

Once again though, I'm not sure if you're having Jitter issues (like me) or stutter issues? There's a lot of miss communication around jitter and stutter in the forum.

@#$%... well said Santi, well said.

Youíre right, I apologize.

Also I agree about Anti, heís been trying to sell PS4s around here for years. Almost as bad as that Od1n guy!  ;)

Shenanigans.  :P

Overwatch is worse.  :o

Sorry... leaving now... beer run.  :-*

Edit: in all seriousness, antithesis was trying to help. I understand the frustration behind your request. Iíve been there many times. Thereís just no reason right now for OBsIV to waste the time (which he has none) or resources (which are limited) on this.

Game Support / Re: PUBG Retrain?
« on: 05:50 PM - 09/04/19 »
I canít even survive the circle 50% of the time.


New ST increases your sprint speed when outside the circle ;)

I like it!  :)

No disrespect but Which is worse, Overwatch or Switch?

I simply can not decide.   ???

Game Support / Re: PUBG Retrain?
« on: 05:46 PM - 09/04/19 »
I canít even survive the circle 50% of the time.


Game Support / Re: RML - AAA Ballistic Curves (20190810)
« on: 04:41 PM - 09/04/19 »

I want to try one curve for Apex Legends.
I am using FW 20190719 - which Curve should i use: 20190804 or 20190810?


Honestly, you should stick to linear movement ďno curvesĒ until you get used to Xim. If you find youíre struggling with Aim Assist, then come back and see me.  ;)

The thing most struggle with is dialing in their sensitivity to the curve's. What you have to understand is, the curves let you lower your normal sensitivity slightly. This is by design and allows for slightly MORE initial Aim Assist stick. However, the acceleration steps greatly increases maneuverability within the hit box. So, once sensitivity is dialed in properly, Aim Assist will still help you get on or Close to target, even more so then Vanilla (linear). Yet, greatly increase maneuverability within the hit box, so that you don't ever feel like your cursor is stuck in the mud. 

Game Support / Re: RML - AAA Ballistic Curves (20190810)
« on: 06:35 AM - 09/04/19 »
I'm trying to use these on xim 4 but i don't know much about recreating curves. Do I just got to eyeball it or do I need the exact values? Better yet can someone more experienced make the curve for xim 4 and post the code?

The exact curve is not possible on XIM4. You can make something similar though, I donot have a XIM4 anymore.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: About Sync OFF jittering
« on: 05:52 AM - 09/04/19 »
Jitter or stutter?

Jitter by definition - Slight irregular movement, variation, or unsteadiness.

Stutter by definition - Involuntary disruption or blocking.

So which is it? Does your mouse feel Super Sensitive aka Jitter?


Does your mouse feel unresponsive or has breaks in movements  aka Stutter?

Iím not trying to be sarcastic, thereís a lot of confusion around here between the two. Itís important to distinguish in order to help correct the issue.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Apex-legends cheats with xim?
« on: 07:09 AM - 09/02/19 »
Itís on the internet, so it must be true.


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