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to me that's a personal preference

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: high quality usb cables
« on: 07:14 PM - 01/16/18 »
here i am still using cheap eBay usb cables from years ago that still work ..smh im such a noob

I do love a good forum thread where some are unwilling to concede that others may experience results that differ from their own. It's what makes a thread truly "popcorn-worthy".

As for my experiences with mice and the XIM4:

I used to play a Logitech G400s with 2000 DPI and XIM4 sens 150. Those were MY best settings for COD Infinite Warfare, as it allowed me to make snap turns while employing a "run n gun" gameplay style. However, I felt that the mouse cursor movement was jittery and made it obvious in killcams that I was using a keyboard/mouse.

So I bought a Logitech G403, which resulted in my using a 12000 DPI and XIM4 sens 50. The mouse cursor movement has been silky smooth and NO jitter whatsoever.

So I'm firmly in the camp of "High DPI (12000) and lower XIM4 sens" as being the best for ME.


You are using aim assist tho, so 99% of the stuff we discussing is irrelevant for you. Game will assure you control recoil and stay on enemy hitbox anyway.

Wait, turning off AA when using your XIM is actually a thing? Lmao

wait ..i havent been using AA this whole time .. should i ? hell no lol

how would they know?.......................

i like my 12,000 dpi works for me and that's all that matter  :)

General Discussion / Re: Website Issues
« on: 05:40 PM - 12/20/16 »
somebody posted porn like 2 weeks ago

General Discussion / Re: PS4 HDD upgrade
« on: 02:55 PM - 12/13/16 »
honestly the consoles cant take advantage of a ssd like a pc . ive tried it out on my first before ps4 before i sold it . didn't see a difference

already trying to figure out which st to use  8)

wow im definitely  buying these thanks .

Game Support / Re: Hawken
« on: 03:31 PM - 07/21/16 »
This will be available with Ark and Neverwinter.

no neverwinter for ps4?

Game Support / Re: Hawken
« on: 04:39 PM - 07/17/16 »
The game was and is fun. Old cuz I already played it on pc. But the frame drops make this game awful on consoles. I wish they fixe that so people see that hawken is more fun to play with a stable performance. Sometimes the image just stops.

 you are right i just jumped into a game and wow the frame drop is complete poop. >:(

Some people are just really good at using the controller. If you grew up using a controller then you're probably going to be better using a controller than keyboard and mouse.

I have some friends that are pretty awesome with the controller. As a PC gamer I know that the mouse is better for aiming than a controller on a pc but on a console the best controller players are at no disadvantage to those of us using a Xim.  Other people may disagree but that seems to be my experience.

really good controller player has no disadvantage.  especially with that aim assist

if you were close i would give you my 2 galaxy nexus , nexus s , or a Samsung conquer .  ;D

why did you buy a cheap phone ?  been better off getting one of the cheap tablets instead

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: Seating and Tables
« on: 08:41 AM - 08/07/14 »
i just use a TV dinner tray stand from Walmart .

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