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No I didn't look.  I don't tend to click on links marked as NSFW or as porn.

Don't do it again.

you got one itchy @#$% trigger finger!

You really need to fuxing chill the hell out... and prior to warning people you really need to make sure that your doing the correct thing!

I did not post porn... but you warn me as if I did.



its some idiot that dresses up like peter pan.. its hilarious!

Beta / Re: Please help. Xim edge BETA setup.
« on: 09:06 AM - 03/28/14 »
Kiet see here http://xim4.com/community/index.php?topic=31086.0

This didn't work for me MIST.  i had to use the vcredistx86 file that is in the folder with the download once extracted....

once I did that it worked just fine... I even tried other redists from M$ site as well... only the one that came with the DL worked.

wheel up and down its always a 64ms button press. I would like that to be a long press as an option as long as you scroll.

oh,  cool.  is that something required for the two characters the other person mentioned in PvZ?

not the scroll wheel, would like that feature though. Press if continued scrolling.

what?  im lost here....

did you make it work on parallels?

LOL, no but what an idea!

too bad parallels costs $79.99USD - the upside to this is its all free!  and with the oracle VM solution it will run on a mac too! without parallels...

General Discussion / Re: advice on next gaming monitor
« on: 08:18 AM - 03/28/14 »
Hey guys... I'm hijacking this thread because there's already waaay too many threads on monitor advice.

I've been looking for a monitor to use with my PS4 and PC. My only requeriment's that has to be a 27 inch. I'm not sure if I should go with a "cheaper" option, like or go batsh*it and get one of these.
Can I hazz some advice? Thanks!

it would be batshit to get any 3D monitor! as the input lag would be awful...i have been told here...

Quick question, how does xim4e emulate the button press and hold for variants such as mystic flower and future cactus?

not sure exactly what your after, but you can press and hold any button....at any time easily with your finger...

Beta / Re: 360 Issues
« on: 07:04 AM - 03/28/14 »
Yea, same thing with just having the controller plugged up under the latest software for the XIM4E. Just the controller xbox button just keeps turning green then off.

Isn't this normal?  the flashing of the guide button?

XIM 4 Discussions / Re: xim4.com is working!
« on: 06:55 AM - 03/28/14 »
Speaking of apps , once the XIM4 app comes out  , can somebody please transfer it to his PC and send me a link to download on my PC and then transfer it to my phone ? I got rid of all @#$% like Google Play store , updates basically a lot of the apps that come with your phone . I dont like them , I dont want them running in the background , I dont want them at all . I literally have the app that allows you to call people , the app that allows you to text people , a music player , alarm clock , weather , a browser and flappy bird , thats all my phone has on it and that all i use it for .

looks like your going to need to install google play store now that your phone can do more?

clarification.  they are offline IF edge is plugged in prior to the console getting turned on.

IF edge gets turned on after console goes to desktop all is ok.

IF it does happen, an unplug/replug fixes it.

*These VMs are for testing only
*These VMs have a 90 day license
*There isn't any license violation for this usage but there would be if this becomes a permanent solution for any user.

A Vine/Wine installation guide for Mac OS X and for Linux would be a better long term solution but it is agreed that this is a more complex solution.

actually when you install these VMs right on the desktop of the VM M$ makes a statement to take a snapshot of the VM so that when the 90 time frame is over you revert back to the initial snapshot....thus you have a never ending VM!

and to rebut to your three starred points...

*these are free - and we are testing an edge :)
*these are free - and the licence does not matter as it can be snapshotted
*these are free - better than a torrent!

General Discussion / Re: Warface beta starts today!
« on: 11:04 AM - 03/27/14 »
Open beta on 360 started today.  2.9gb DL.  You need to dsearch games on 360 for warface a and then make sure after you type in the letters "warface" you click the first option in the returned list.  And then select (warface beta) gale to download.

Need a good alternative ST until ffull release any ideas are welcomed...

General Discussion / Re: 50 kill streak in PvZ GW
« on: 10:59 AM - 03/27/14 »
You on PC?

Also... Should post your post onto twitch!!! Ftw

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