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Game Support / Re: Still no 2042 ST?
« on: 09:56 AM - 12/03/21 »
It should be ready tomorrow.


Game Support / Still no 2042 ST?
« on: 02:46 AM - 12/02/21 »
Is there still no ST for Battlefield 2042?

Do we have any ETA? TIA

XIM APEX Discussions / Settings for BF 2042 Beta?
« on: 03:54 AM - 10/06/21 »
Hi guys!

I am using the Battlefield V profile. But whats your in game settings?!:)


XIM APEX Discussions / My Xim Apex turns my Series X on!?
« on: 09:29 AM - 09/30/21 »

When I turn off my Series X. It takes like 5 seconds then the Xim powers up again. (But the xbox is not on) anyone know how I can prevent this? TIA

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: 500 in aim 300 ads?!?
« on: 10:21 AM - 09/20/21 »
Thanks Mist! I actually tried to delete this post (but it did not go away?!) the polling was some how set to lowest value and not 1000!:)

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: CooVelite P5Booter
« on: 11:36 AM - 09/19/21 »
No, it's a PS4 specialty controller. The developers of it contacted me and is building a new version to enable XIM on PS5. It sounds like he is a couple of weeks out to sending me samples for evaluation. I'll let every know the results.

As usual you’re the man Obsiv! Still I gave up on my ps5 two days ago and traded it against a Series X! Shame about all my friends on PS. I play crossplay, but game chat sucks.

ETA on solution for ps5?! Like in the ball park?!?

My hope now stands to Discord on playstation!😂

XIM APEX Discussions / CooVelite P5Booter
« on: 11:25 AM - 09/19/21 »

So would it work just to buy this thing then use Xim Apex to play Vanguard on ps5?


XIM APEX Discussions / 500 in aim 300 ads?!?
« on: 02:44 PM - 09/18/21 »
Hi! So I bought a Series X. And have the same mouse as I had on my ps5. The mouse is 3200 dpi. Still when I play now with my xim apex (cold war) I max out the settings (in game is set at insane) still the aim is kinda slow. And jerky!!!:(

Any ideas?!?

If the headphones work without issue directly on your Xbox controller then it should work without issue through a XIM too.

Thanks mate! And when I am at it. Your new product looks amazing! Nice work, well done!

XIM NEXUS Discussions / When will it be available to buy?
« on: 03:23 AM - 09/18/21 »
If anybody knows?!


As in subject: Does all headphones that work with series x also work with xim apex? You can chat and people hear you etc?

I remember that on playstation only certain headphones worked.

Yes please some budget models, bang for buck models. And ofc that the mic works!:)

Can someone please mention some models?!:)


XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Taking the leap over to Xbox!
« on: 10:46 AM - 09/13/21 »
Thanks mates!

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