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No idea if itll help you or not, but for what i'm using (if you wanna try it) is i followed alanmcgregor's cfg here -->  https://community.xim.tech/index.php?topic=72613.0  to the T and then i applied any changes that RML posted here --> https://community.xim.tech/index.php?topic=71474.0 over top of it. Overwritting any changes from alanmcgregor's cfg. I have 62.00 for both hip and ads and in game i turn off auto-rotation and i set aim-assist to 15 and (for me) its good enuff that i just leave it alone now.

XIM APEX Discussions / Re: Bfv config
« on: 09:31 AM - 03/11/20 »
He was also kind enough to make an Infantry tutorial for BFV as well, which is here --> 
Figured that might be more what you were looking for, seeing as thanks and tanks are two completely different words.  :)

Take note though that i believe the in game settings have been changed since, and you will need to make sure you are using the right ones. They are always posted per game in this thread. https://community.xim.tech/index.php?topic=43775.0#post_X10FD

Game Support / Re: Planned Support List
« on: 08:15 PM - 10/28/19 »
Making sts isnt easy. But if you lock up the hardware and software we are basically depending on only 1 person to knock them out. Release the training software for the community and we wouldnt have this nonsense of having to depend on mist to get sts. Imagine you the user bought some hardware and you need to go begging the one person at the company to add support. You cant be surprised if users get annoyed. Open it up and the sts would get pumped out faster and we wouldnt have this problem  ::)

So i live in a town that can only support one general store (population 200) and the monthly shipment of Pepsi didn't make it, so i guess i should get Pepsi Co to send the recipe over then, so's me and Billy Jim Bo Bob can make our own then ya?

Seriously though, just settle grasshopper's. Mist has been making ST's since the dawn of time and i am quite certain that even if they were to release whatever it is that make's them, ain't nobody gonna do it faster than Mist can and will and does. Take a chill pill. It's coming :)

Thx a bunch for the cfg Otto, I will be giving a bunch of different ones a go today. I'm honestly a bit leery of trying this game, much like I was with pubg. None of my friends list have xim and I keep it on the downlow so as not to get into the tired "is it cheating?" debate lol and with these types of games where there so much inventory management, well it gets pretty busy In my noggin trying to work through it, on top of the tension of being sniped with my nose in a bag, amplified by the added pressure of not taking forever and holding up my team, has definitely made me steer clear of royales but this one just looks way too good to pass up.

How much do you struggle to filter through loot and such and also how hard is it to ping things and enemies?

I also noticed that pubg has a training mode now so im thinking maybe it would make sense if I used that first to get everything sorted and then take that knowledge into legends. Can you tell me if that would work? I mean are the 2 games very similar in terms of inventory management? If I had a setup for pubg would the same setup work for legends or is legends a completely different setup configuration?

Anyhoo thanks for any info you (or anyone else if they feel so inclined) can give me on this. Cheers and thanks again!

Shared Configs / Re: BFV Advanced Config
« on: 01:05 AM - 12/09/18 »
Would love to give this cfg a try as im really struggling in the game to be consistent, but it seems im like one of the only people left that hasnt upgraded from the xim4 on the forums :(   Ive pretty much given up playing BFV at this point and went back to BF1 where i can easily take top spot with nothing but boots on the ground kills, game after game after game. BFV i can have a 3k/d one round and the next round go 10-30 and i wish i was being sarcastic but it really is that inconsistent. Frussstrating!

Here is my settings, works really well to me.

Mouse: 800DPI, 1000Hz

Xim: both Sensitivitys 300

Soldier Aim Sensitivity: 100%
Solider Zoom Sensitivity: 90%

Stick Aiming Acceleration: 0%
Uniform Soldier Aiming: On
Coefficient: 83%
FOV 70

Center Deadzones: 24%
Axial Deadzones: 15%
Max Input Thresholds: 100%

Working really well for me also. Thanks a bunch for posting!

There's a problem with the X/Y ratio if you use the ADS translator with USA for ADS. Use the Hip translator instead.

Gonna try this out tomorrow thx. I'm struggling so hard right now trying to maintain even a 1.2 k/d whereas in BF1 i was a 2.75. Just feels like everyone else has laser like aim while i have crazy recoil. My best weapon is the 1911 pistol. Ive went on 7-8 kill tears with it and soon as i switch to anything else i cant hit diddly. Its driving me nuts

Im wondering if theres any truth to this post? https://forums.battlefield.com/en-us/discussion/163908/changing-the-deadzones-values-will-disable-aim-assist-slowdown

Maybe ive been playing with aim slowdown ON and its been messing me up, if it is indeed true? Ill check it out tomorrow though. Too frustrated to turn it back on to check right now lol. Im good for 2 games a night right now before im having to just walk away.

*EDIT So i looked up the stats of a guy on BF forums that is considered elite, that plays on the console. He has a 3.42 k/d with a 9.86% accuracy, and then theres me with a 1.18 k/d and a 22.24% accuracy. @#$% am i doing wrong exactly lol man it is beyond puzzling to me right now. Easily the most i have ever struggled at a shooter to-date and i started with Original Quake ffs lol Grrrrrr

Some in the community expect a release sooner then that. And can you blame us? I paid for early access to play with a mouse and not with a controller. If there's so much questions about this maybe they should change the service to what people expect;-)

There seems to be a great many people as of late, that are under some allusion that there exists a warehouse somewhere with XIM INC. in big letters at the top of it, where there are hundreds of employees operating 100k machines that spit out new Apex's all day long. The story above these machines houses all of the suit's. This is where those responsible for the ST's reside,and it is very unfortunate that they dont share the same work ethic of their underlings. Maybe if they spent less time counting their many million's and had half of the work ethic of all those that they employ, they might then come out with ST's in a much more timely fashion.

Game Support / Re: Planned Support List
« on: 10:33 PM - 11/18/18 »
Vigor will need to be revisited after Hitman 2 and BFV. Sorry for the delay.

The frustration of waiting for a ST for Vigor is peanuts compared to trying to play BFV right now, so ya no worries lol Was just wondering if maybe you had tried and it still wasnt ready for a ST yet is all. I can wait  ;)

Game Support / Re: Planned Support List
« on: 05:41 PM - 11/18/18 »
Vigor? Any new info?

All valid points, I can't argue against your reasoning. An XB1X will offering improved rendering options.

But we're two years from a new console generation, is it worth the cost for a short-term gain?

Ya i have thought about that. Thing is the Wife enjoys streaming games and i figured i can hand down the Original to her with the Kinect and upgrade myself in the process. When late 2020 rolls around i can then do the same with the X but at this point i will also have the monitor for the 2 since i would have purchased it for the X already.

Its my turn for a toy since our last purchase was a new laptop for her and i have given up with trying to keep up with the constant PC demands for gaming, so because of the Xim i figure its best to just focus on console for now on as its essentially a single all in one purchase.

I guess i will just go for it. Ill get the Xbox X on Black Friday and on Boxing day i will grab a 4k monitor.

Thanks for the input Bro!

Unless you go for a 4K screen, I wouldn't bother with the S or X - they're not going to change the your ability to see an enemy. The difference on the X may be a more consistent framework, which might help, but it won't render enemies any differently on-screen e.g larger or easier to see.

I just figured that the 4K would make edges look sharper, and that would then help me spot enemy movement better within the environment? There's just no way that the very high majority of people out there are looking at what I am looking at. If they were, the forums would be every second thread complaining about it lol. I mean it's brutal to try to see anything at distance for me :( yet it seems everyone and their Gradnma are lighting me up even if im just peeking around a wall where there is no action.

Here's another question. If I try turning up my FOV as it stands now it makes it exponentially worse to see. With an X and a 4k monitor can you crank it up without taking that hit to visibility?

I have been struggling for awhile now on some of the newer games with being able to see the enemy. It was hardest in BF1 until BF5 came around that is. I literally cant see anyone beyond 20 meters if they are stationary. If they are prone from 30 feet out, they may as well be a bush.I have some questions that I need answered so I know which route is the best route for me to go forward with.

I am currently using an Original Kinect version, Xbox paired with a cheap Acer K222HQL 22" monitor that I am running at 1080p but I have no HDR with it.

1: How much better is either the S or X for seeing enemies over my original Xbox? Is it really a noticeable upgrade?

2: How much better for seeing enemies is the X with a 4k monitor, over the S without one? Is it really a noticeable upgrade?

3. If I do get a 4k monitor is going for a 1ms worth the extra investment?

4. Is the LG 27UD58 a good choice? I don't wanna break the bank so are there others in the price range that would be significantly better?

Thanks to any and all that can give me some insight on any of these questions, and please feel free to add in anything of value that you think might help me on he subject. Cheers!

Thx a bunch to whoever came up with the BattleFront2 settings. They are working great for me. Saved me alot of wasted in-game trial time that would have otherwise been spent, struggling to find something decent to use.

General Discussion / Re: Battlefield V Early Access
« on: 02:16 PM - 11/11/18 »
I don't disagree with you, snap-to-target is horrible. It's the reason that I quit BF4 and BF in general for a while. There was a point in BF4 where it was so strong that even if you pre-aimed at a target that was right in front of you perfectly, as soon as you'd ADS your crosshair would snap onto someone that was a 100 yards away. Fortunately they have at the very least improved it since then if not totally gotten rid of it.

It's hard to judge when we don't have a proper ST but a complaint I would make against BFV's aim assist is that the tracking assist is a little too strong.

Ya i didn't last more than maybe 8 hours with BF4. Just brutal how bad it was.

I have also heard that the tracking is pretty strong, but i guess they kinda had too do it that way to soften the blow to those that would not buy the game otherwise, without any auto-rotation. While my preference would have been more of a BC2 mechanic, i really can't complain too much since the rotation at least is gone.

I will know after i have a nap and get some games in to decide if i cancel the preorder or not. Hopefully i like it. The TTK has me a little worried though tbh. I don't like it if it's TOO fast. If i feel it's a who see's who first win's, i am out pretty quick.

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