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I thought obsiv said it would be detectable if it polled at 250? He then clarified the ps4 polls at 200, or am I misunderstanding?
The console polls at 1000hz.
The controller reports at 200mhz.
The XIM polls at 125hz.

So going from the current 125hz to 200hz would be an improvement, but may or may not be noticeable to the user. Forcing the report rate over 200hz on the controller would allow it to be detected, should Sony ever make that decision.
Yea thats what I thought, thanks.

I thought obsiv said it would be detectable if it polled at 250? He then clarified the ps4 polls at 200, or am I misunderstanding?

General Discussion / Re: Native Console Polling
« on: 10:32 AM - 08/22/15 »
I thought obsiv said ps4 polls at 200?

1019 was am accidentally released ST in 2011 that was damaged but played exceptionally well some of us say. We knew it had acceleration but that was about it. Obs recreated it with the ballistics and steady aim.
Roads is the 2.4 thing 100% necessary to make it feel proper or can I use the sense I currently use? I'm anxious to try this curve of destiny.

Beta / Re: XIM4 Firmware 20150816 (Feedback)
« on: 04:13 PM - 08/18/15 »
Has anyone unplugged their xim from xb1 and had their ps4 turn on? I thought I hit something but was nowhere near my controller or ps4 and its happened 4 times now. So weird.

But some of you might be low enough sens players to still be feeling it.

Yeah this could be the case. I play on 12K dpi at 3.5-4.0 range in ADS sensitivity. Which I think is fairly low. Could be why I feel it more than most.
dam man 3.5-4 for ads? whats your hip at? i've been thinking of going super slow to see if I like it more.

Beta / Re: [FEEDBACK] New "true" ADS Toggle feature
« on: 05:35 PM - 08/13/15 »
Hey what buttons do you guys have to cancel out. I have knife, run and reload.

I went back to v2 I feel like I like it better.

I think every one needs to chill abit, the thread is getting abit out of hand atm and its not going to help anything.

I just want to say for the record I have total faith that obs will sort somthing out, at no point have I douted this!

If you have been around long enough u will know this is not the first time somthing has come up and split the community & won't be the last, and attacking each other solves nothing.

If STv2 works fine for you sweet! This will not effect you at all.
What ever fix happens obs won't be backtracking his development.
So plz don't shout at me and the other players who do feel a problem with STv2.

Now as for dpi, I will do a full dpi check tonight on stv2, and see if droping it right down will effect the slowdown at all!
I've been playing last few days with v1 and have noticed a difference but haven't played competitive with v1 yet, just league.

Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't COD the number one Console FPS and most likely the number one game played but XIM users especially new user?
Yea. And why would people turn off aim assist..

I'm going to play an entire day with v1 and see if I can notice anything that you guys are talking about. I have noticed my aim is off a little when I shoot at people from awkward angles and am sometimes mind boggled how I didnt connect.

General Discussion / Re: My journey into Audio Anality!
« on: 07:50 PM - 08/10/15 »
Good decision. HD650s are the bees knees man. The HD800's are very picky with the gear they pair with and can be very bright. If you upgrade your amp and dac for music purposes the 650 scales up nicely and depending on the gear the bass can really thump.

I just tried both and v2 at least for me is better on COD.

General Discussion / Re: My journey into Audio Anality!
« on: 08:13 PM - 08/04/15 »
Depends on your budget, I didnt take the time to see what sounds great with the hd800. I'm an hd650 fanboy. Look into schiit stuff, gungnir or if you want to go ham the Ygg.

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