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General Discussion / Re: Any teamspeak gurus out there?
« on: 05:29 PM - 10/19/15 »
50mg upstream or downstream? I mean, honestly, you could turn it up to max. I doubt you'll hit more than 128 kbps per user talking.  That equates to about 2 mb upstream with 5 guys talking at once. Are you all on push to talk or continuous voice?

Is the quality that bad? I would believe (depending on the voip protocol) that increasing the quality may add a very very small latency due an increase in the amount or size of packets being sent from the server. It probably wouldn't be noticeable.

There is always that one friend though that some how lives on a 1.5mb down dsl connection. He may be impacted if numerous people are speaking at once.

General Discussion / Re: Help me understand ...
« on: 02:32 PM - 10/19/15 »
Not a young buck (33) but I watch Day9 and a few others play through a ton of games. Usually before work I download a bunch of playthroughs to my phone and I'll watch them throughout the day.

I have a 3 yearold and a 6 month old kid. I simply don't have the time to play so I watch the games I don't have time to play.

Now, had streaming been around 15 years ago I'd probably be better off than I am now. I was making very little money at my main job and spending around 60 hours a week playing games, recording my gameplay and uploading it to sites. I had a small following. Had I had streaming services available or started my own (I had the no how to do it on a small personal scale) I probably could of made a small business out of it.

General Discussion / Re: Titanfall + XIM on PC = lulz
« on: 11:04 AM - 12/05/14 »
I have been playing Titanfall on Xbox One and I'm seriously disappointed this game is so low populated.

I have had nothing but fun playing the game.

Hey man, it sucks to hear you are having issues. My Xim3 (older than edge) feels exactly like my Xim4.

I'd strongly recommend if you are having issues to upgrade your firmware to the beta.

Firmware download
Xim Manager Download

If those don't help, I'm sure someone at Xim will gladly help you.

why dont u just use magic wand tool, adjust any artifacts, contract selection by 1px, and create alpha.

Using gimp. Fuzzy select white background. Grow select by 1 pix. Color to Alpha white without ant-aliasing. Reburned edges (as original artist intended). I had to reburn a lot of the shadows as they were definitely contrasting well against a white background but not against an alpha (such as the forum background).

Can you do mine dude? That would be awesome!

I found a good way to alpha channel this one. I had to go through a reburn alot of the shadows as they didn't seem to pop against darker backgrounds like they do against the white.

The Pfhor
Original - New

Oh do me! (Not that way, you sicko!)

I went through quite a few renditions. I had one that had a ton of head movement but being that these images are so small the frames for the animations looked really odd so I scaled it back quite a bit.

Original - New

I like the transparency, but mine is actually supposed to be washed out, since the colors were like that in the anime it's from.  It's basically all pastels and watercolors.

I'll rework it on Monday. I thought i was committing a sin.
Oh do me! (Not that way, you sicko!)
Your next.


(sigh) I have an 85 priest floating in the nether.

It all started today when I ran into abc123's Elmo Avatar and I saw it had a little bit of a white border around the avatar.

I hope no one minds the work I've done. I was just extremely bored and needed a creative outlet. I apologize in advance if anyone dislikes them and will remove them if requested.

I lost the original but here was my finished product.


I then went through the forums looking for more icons to spiff up.

Ding Chavez
Original - New

Original - New

Original - New
(even downloaded the amazing spider man font for that one)

Original - New
(fixed face per yeesh_dale)

Original - New - Animated

Original - New

The Pfhor
Original - New

If anyone is interested. Post your desired icon and if you want text/logo and I'll probably get to it monday/tuesday of next week.

General Discussion / Re: CoD:AW Update Thread
« on: 01:19 PM - 11/21/14 »
Someone mentioned Treyarch going back to the [email protected] franchise..
I've seen maybe one thing on google about a Amazon mishap, is there anymore information on this? (e.g Treyarch going back to [email protected])

I loved [email protected] for the guns. I love the guns from WW1-2 period. Awesome ingenuity at the time considering the guns of the past. I'd pick up a [email protected] sequel in a hard beat.

General Discussion / Re: Soft or hard mouse pads?
« on: 01:16 PM - 11/21/14 »
I use a 1/4" slab of butter. My movement is sooooo smooth. My gameplay is terrible.

General Discussion / Re: How much do you move your arm?
« on: 01:16 PM - 11/21/14 »
I can, and so does that guy in the video.. ;)

I missed that the first time at 1:23 in the video. I dunno, there was one QuakeLive map that was symmetrical and each side had a 2level bunker. I can't find the map in the Quakelive maps but that was a cluster @#$% on high sensitivity.

General Discussion / Re: How much do you move your arm?
« on: 11:20 AM - 11/21/14 »

My arm movements on PC would resemble some thing like this, but on XIM my movement is probably halved.
Not because i want to play like that on XIM, it's more because i have to.

Large fast swipes basically don't register on XIM so i'm forced to play at a higher sensitivity so that i can turn around fast enough.
I find personally that the higher sense you have the harder you make it for yourself in games like COD where people like to get up in your face from time to time.

I'm not saying its a disadvantage playing at high sense, i just personally believe you make it harder for yourself in certain situations.

I want to see you rocket jump with that sensitivity :)

General Discussion / Re: CoD:AW Update Thread
« on: 10:35 AM - 11/21/14 »
Gestapo it sounds like a tactical FPS would suit you really well.  CoD isn't really designed to be a tactical FPS.  It's more of a fast paced arena type FPS.  You should check out Insurgency and the new Clancy game The Division coming up.  Those might be right up your alley.

Tactical FPS games tend to bore me honestly. They usually boil down to a two teams simply not moving and a choke point where people are just lobbing grenades at each other.

The Division looks cool but as soon as someone says ,"Persistent world, MMO, RPG shooter" my brain shuts off. I played COD:AW on Day 0 and returned on day 15. That is how much time I have to dedicate to gaming these days.

COD has always been my guilty pleasure. With the XIM I get my personal advantage and get to play with a community of players who return to the game months after its release.

After I put the disk in its box and in my bag. I didn't feel anger. I felt really really sad, like walking out of the theatre after Star Wars 1-3 kind of sad.

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